Called to account! Crazy Ivan is sent on a world tour.

Game: Red Alert 2

Web site of the game: games / ccuniverse / redalert2 /

Developer: Westwood

Developer website:

Publisher: Electronic Arts

Publisher website:

Release Date: End of 2000

Rejoice same pseudo great power, is used in everyday speech idiotic word «Americans»! Rise from the ashes, mossy readers of the newspaper «Tomorrow»! Sharpen fighting balalaika and tilt bucket for courage vodka. Westwood announces the continuation of Red Alert. Kane does not seem to be.

Crazy Ivan. Quote: «It’s not yet known if Ivan actually has a malfunctioning brain or if he’s just constantly drunk on vodka».

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A specter is haunting

An interesting phenomenon: fans of Age of Wonders, which, contrary to expectations, it was quite countless, do not want to hear about the similarity of the object of his adoration with HoMM. No, they say, no-guys-not-similar. And what on earth is it like? And even at all Master of Magic, are responsible. I do not know you, the fans, something completely strayed from the hands of …

If not for this modest way of life …

This, of course, live classics: Listen to the music, as if came to us from the transfer of «Visiting a fairy tale» of

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YOUR COLLECTION FOR SCHUMACHER: Combines feminine floral chinoiserie and fretwork paired with snakeskin and ’60s geometries.


LA: JF Chen is number one for antique and vintage furnishings. New York: Score hard-to-find porcelain at Bardith. Creel and Gow is a no-brainer for unbelievable minerals, fossils and taxidermy. Palm Beach: House of Lavande’s vintage jewelry is to-die-for. Lori Jayne Monogramming & More mean “more” when they say it. Who doesn’t love Circa Who for antiques?


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EWJ3D: коротко о сюжете, главном герое и некоторых досадных мелочах.

Да, впервые взглянуть на мир сквозь два небольших овала (один с зеленым зрачком) и увидеть больничный потолок и туповатую морду щенка Питера, крутящегося вокруг со стетоскопом, — значит, поверить, что это сделали в Shiny. Шел себе червяк, никого не трогал, играл на гармошке. И вот результат. Коматозник Джим заперт в собственном сознании. О, сознание у него еще то… очень даже то. Earthworm Jim 3D строили с размахом Тут есть и Страх, и Память, и Счастье, и Фантазия. В благоустроенной части мозга Джима исправно работает скоростной лифт. Как это выглядит? Гм~

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METHODS improve productivity

In the collective and state farms of the East Kazakhstan region it concentrated half of all bee colonies of the Republic. This contributes to an abundant food supply.

Along with the increase in the collection of honey and productivity increases as a result of enlargement beekeepers beekeeping farms, mass adoption of wintering bees in the wild, breeding, use multiple effect of beekeeping and new service organization apiaries.

Currently, in the creation of two of the largest in the Soviet Union specialized state — «Cheremshansky» having 15 thousand bee colonies, and «Putintsevsky» — more than 20 thousand families. State and

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METHODS photographing birds in nature

PHOTOGRAPHY every living object in the natural environment it requires special techniques, the correct choice of which is more significant than the use of a particular optics. Especially you have to be resourceful when shooting cautious animals, such as birds. Birds are known to be very mobile and at the slightest fright easily travel long distances, so when photographing birds must first of all be the least noticeable.

Methods for photographing birds in nature, used by naturalists, can be divided into three groups: A shot from a distance, using photogun; nastorazhivanie camera at the intended place of occurrence of

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Gun Digest & THE EARLY DAYS of Automatic Pistols

In the final years of the Great Depression, just before the start of World War II, only two U. S. manufacturers produced what were then known as «automatic» pistols. Foreign autoloaders were made, but relatively few were used in America. The revolver, designed and brought into common use in America, remained the most popular type of handgun.

During World War II, the American public understood the value of proficiency and knowledge related to firearms. After that devastating war was over, there was a great interest in firearms of all types, but in particular in semi-automatic pistols. Servicemen during the war

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Night vision devices TO TTV

Using the device TVN educational-methodical possibilities kinotrenazhera TTB greatly expanded. To set the night vision device in the cockpit kinotrenazhera the driver of the T-72, it is necessary to implement a number of improvements. Above TNPO-shaft unit 170 in the simulator housing roof mounted visor and two holes drilled diameter 16 + 1 mm (Fig. 1) at a distance from the tool axis 148 + ‘1 mm. Then, in the repair shop manufactured kit for mounting the unit TVN, which includes (Fig. 2) roller 1, 2 two forks, two brackets 3 and 4. These two axle dimensions should be

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Receiving your attorney

In the old application forms for innovations contained a section «Agreement on the distribution of remuneration between co-workers.» And in the new forms approved by the CSB in 1976 ,, this section is missing. Now proponents write an agreement where someone like. Is there anything common or similar free form? L. Sinyaeva Moscow.

Yes, it may be free form. The agreement on the distribution of royalties can be arbitrary. Note, however, that such an agreement is not necessary when considering the proposals, and after the start of use, provided recognition of its rationalization.

I’m with a group of friends

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GULF NEWS 02 1991


AS US FORCES continue to pour into the region, the Pentagon released a breakdown of US hardware deployed in combat-ready units as at December 13. In addition to the land forces, which now include 750 main battle tanks and large numbers of other armoured vehicles together with considerable heavy artillery, the air element is quoted as now comprising the following: 90 air superiority fighters (USN F-14A/F-14A+ Tomcats and USAF F-15C Eagles), 335 strike/ground-attack aircraft (USAF A-1 OA/OA-1 OA Thunderbolt, F-111F, and F-117A; USN A-6E Intruder and USMC AV-8B Harrier II), 220 dual-role aircraft (USAF GD F-16C and F-15E Eagle:

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