Psychologist: question-answer

My marriage collapsed suddenly husband left me without any explanation. A month later, I learned that he was living with another woman. He is not asking for a divorce, but not going back. I’m very confused, I do not know what I do now. Friends advised me to let go of the situation, but I do not see that in this case it means — to let go?

With Olga, Moscow

Dear Olga! You are in a difficult situation. The familiar world collapsed, you’re confused, it’s hard to believe that all this really happened to you … This is what

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Henry VII the warlord

In pursuing dreams of victory in France, Henry threw England into decades of war and the chaos of a Europe in conflict

Henry VIII was born dreaming of war. When he took the throne in April 1509, with his bride Catherine of Aragon at his side, Henry knew exactly what kind of king he wanted to be. His would be a glorious reign that would restore England to the magnificence it deserved. His father, Henry VII, had become unpopular by levying punishing taxes to restore the country’s finances, but the new king had no intention of focusing on matters as

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Straight recorder

Today’s novelty — model Lexand LR-4800 — is equipped with 5-megapixel camera-term support for recording video in Full HD 1080p (1920 x 1080 pixels, 30 f / s).

Recording can be carried out either continuously or in fragments 1, 3, 5, 10 minutes (cyclic operation). The new file starts at the same moment, which ended the previous — «gaps» between them absent. For reference: in many registers between fragments lost 1-5 seconds.

In Lexand LR-4800 provides photo mode (up to 12 megapixels), a microphone for audio recording, built-in speaker, motion sensor and G-Sensor. After the last operation (as a

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Simply write what you know.

Dmitry Silla — «Design» author. He wrote three successful «stalker» of the novel, has inspired its own post-apocalyptic series «(the Kremlin in 2222», is now being prepared for publication is another of his project. All the novels sill are selling well and have a stable circle of fans who celebrate a special authority «combat» episodes of his books. Probably affects experience Dmitri, a former paratrooper and a bodyguard, the creator of a special system of self-defense.

«From classics — to fiction»

What fantasy do you like personally? What will advise to people who dream of becoming a writer?


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Debt forgiveness. Trends arbitration practice make the deal possible for companies


The subtleties of the transaction

How important is the retribution for the forgiveness of debt How to prove that the debt forgiveness — no donation

The Civil Code provides a number of ways by which the parties may terminate the mutual obligations. One of them is the forgiveness of debt. This institution could be widely distributed in property turnover, but the companies are afraid to resort to it. The courts and the tax authorities in most cases qualify debt forgiveness as a variety of gift and acknowledge void. To use this institution in its business practices, the

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Да и что мы знали о Финляндии вообще? Что там живет буржуйский Дед Мороз, что лайки-хаски воют на северное сияние, что финская лыжница — это не женщина, а песня, что водка Finlandia хороша, но дорога к обеду, поэтому финны массово пересекают русскую границу, чтобы дешево напиться и забыться в полярную ночь. Такие особенности национальной неохоты выходить в Хельсинки. И вдруг врата ада распахнулись, и путешествие в преисподнюю Скандинавии свершилось. Она оказалась одним из самых неожиданных, интересных и доступных направлений для неугомонного украинского туриста, не приемлющего турецкие курорты и борьбу за топчан под солнцем на засаленных пляжах Крыма.


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Read — to understand — then sign

A stock broker more than forty years went to work early in the morning, somewhere around 5:00. His office took the top two floors of a high-rise building in the city center. He insisted that no special hurry, he had plenty of time, but, being fidgety, he admitted that was a quick step. He crossed the lobby, decorated with polished marble, and entered the elevator, standing with open doors.

Marvin Jacobs — a lawyer appearing before the Court of First Instance, and an independent mediator / arbitrator in San Francisco, a committee member of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers

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Henry Fox Talbot

Over 100 years ago, Henry Fox Talbot invented the film negative. We try to rediscover the life of this inventor.

Sometime in October 1833, while enjoying his honeymoon on the shores of Italy’s Lake Como, William Henry Fox Talbot struggled to sketch the beauty of the landscape he saw, using the camera lucida. “I found that the faithless pencil only left traces on the paper, melancholy to behold,” he wrote describing the moment in his famous publication Pencil of Nature in 1844.

Recollection of Another Failure

The incident made Talbot recall another failure he had with a different drawing instrument,

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How to upgrade to SharePoint 2013 on-site

In one of his articles written after the conference, Microsoft TechEd 2013 North America, I mentioned that we have entered a new world of services, Microsoft «free versions.» This is evident from the annual update cycle of Windows 8, Windows Server, Visual Studio, SQL Server and all other products. One of the main conditions for peace «no version» — a seamless upgrade process to be able to move, for example, SharePoint 2010, SharePoint 2013 or to between versions of Office 365.

Improvements in the process of an upgrade to SharePoint

«Technical» the update process with the transition from SharePoint 2010,

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Helsingborg Arena: многоцелевой шедевр

Шведский город Хельсингборг получил от фонда Генри Данкера (Henry Dunker) настоящий рождественский подарок.

Им стал новейший многоцелевой спортивно-развлекательный комплекс Helsingborg Arena. Разумеется, объект укомплектован по последнему слову аудио- и видеотехники, функционирующей под контролем единой интегрированной системы управления, благодаря которой обеспечивается синхронность работы всего аудиовизуального оборудования.

Датский бизнесмен Генри Данкер в основном жил и работал в шведском Хельсингборге. Перед смертью он завещал большую часть нажитых капиталов фонду Генри и Герды Данкер (Henry and Gerda Dunker Foundation), который с 1962 года финансировал реализацию многочисленных культурных программ в городе, где предприниматель, поймав улыбку фортуны, заработал своё немаленькое состояние.

Одним из подобных проектов стал

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