The results show — Soothing NOT WORTH

In early March, Moscow hosted the annual meeting, which summed up the activities of management of automation and remote control in 2007. The meeting gave a principled assessment of the performance of services, discussed topical issues. The meeting was attended by heads and specialists of the department chiefs, representatives of the Project design and research organizations, developers and manufacturers of devices of railway automation.

The keynote address was made by Head of automation and remote control VM Kaynov. He spoke about the key indicators of operational work in the past year. (Report as presented by VM Kaynova is published in

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Hot Stuff


Если хочешь быть лучше, быть победителем, то целеустремленность-вот что тебе нужно. Сосредоточенность Nokia на технологии мобильных камер приносит плоды, превращая приличную, но ничем особо не выдающуюся Windows Phone 8 в мобильную платформу, которая одним щелчком раскидывает всех конкурентов. А потом делает великолепный снимок их побитых физиономий. Что у него внутри? Объектив Carl Zeiss f 2.2 с оптической стабилизацией изображения сочетается с матрицей 41 Мпикс и технологией PureView. Все это позволяет получать гигантские изображения, которые можно без ущерба обрезать, и это будет выглядеть, как зум-картинки с телеобъектива.

С помощью экранных «колес» задаются

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10 — 20% of heat loss in a room is due to uninsulated floors, with greater loss occurring in larger areas. Carpets are natural insulators due to their low heat conductivity and help reduce energy costs for healing and cooling when there is a temperature differential between the indoor air and that under the floor. Research conducted in New Zealand found that the energy savings, both heating and cooling, were in the range of 8 — 12%. Findings indicated that carpeted floors fell warmer underfoot and did not require the healing that a

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Irrigation regime

KAMENSKY under located on the left bank of the Dnieper terrace near Kamenka-Dnieper, Zaporozhye region, Ukrainian SSR. The total area of ​​the array of more than 20 thousand hectares, including 17 hectares of irrigated land irrigated by the waters of the Kakhovka Sea Kamensky, Ivanovo and the Annunciation irrigation systems.

The array is extended from west to east basin (sub), which gradually decreases from the north and east, south and west. The terrain is flat with developed microrelief.

Soil — sandy and medium loamy ordinary chernozem on loess and bedrock -. Sands. Ground water in most parts of the area

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Lexicographical conference with the Institute of Linguistics

USSR Academy of Sciences (15-16 / IV 1952)

The brilliant work of Stalin’s «Marxism and Problems of Linguistics» deeply and comprehensively revealed the structure of language and the specificity of its grammatical structure and vocabulary of and created a solid methodological basis for lexicography as a science.

Soviet lexicography, until recently, not having a strong methodological basis and are often resolved the major issues of the dictionary works only on the basis of practical experience, not always uniform and can not be generalized, now gets a strong, genuinely scientific foundation for its further

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Not long ago, the idea of hosting your own website from home would have seemed hopelessly optimistic. Ten years back, most of us went online using dial-up—a painfully slow technology that made home-hosting impractical.

It wasn’t only the hardware that put a damper on things, either. The software that underpins a home server was both expensive and tricky to manage.

How things have changed. Always-on connections are widely available and relatively cheap, and you can recycle an old Mac for use as a home server

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Of course, all systems are different from each other, but the one that will be discussed now — rare, indeed unique, as not assembled from standard components. Much of the technology developed individually for a particular room and thought out in the details of the owner’s wishes. The second is exactly the system does not and never will be.

TEXT Victor Gorbatov

The system was conceived a long time. Even at the stage of buying an apartment Alexander Knyazev one he asked in the future to build a home theater system. For a long time the cinema has existed in

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Rare footage

Video art artists Antonina Baever and Dmitry Venkov wins Biennale of Contemporary Art in Moscow.

With a light and risible Antonina Baever its serious and thoughtful co-author Dmitry Venkov, too, begins to smile. «In Russia there is a fear of ephemeral things that can not be put on the windowsill — says twenty-five Muscovite Antonina. — So that art — a thing useless, and even video art … «-» … It giperbespoleznaya thing «- a phrase ends thirty Siberian Dmitry.

Video art does not hang by the fireplace, it almost did not sell at auction, and he does not bring

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Horniman Museum

With its over-sized, over-stuffed walrus, jellyfish with knotted tendrils, and quirky world music gallery, the Horniman Museum and Gardens is held in real fondness by south Londoners.

As well as it being a great place for children, it’s an architectural landmark. So anyone planning to add to that architecture would have to think long and hard.

Its founder Frederick John Horniman was a Victorian tea trader, philanthropist and avid collector, whose mission was to ‘bring the world to Forest Hill’. His eye was particularly caught by wildlife – there’s a large natural history gallery where the walrus resides – and

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The regenerative drive elevators: what, how and why

For several hundred years, we are dealing with different types of elevators. First it was the type of mechanical lifts crane and winch drum, which is driven manually, beasts of burden, water wheels or steam. Traveling system ropes allowed to lift even the heaviest loads.

For repeated use, the inventors learned rapidly equilibrated with the load lifting platform or cab stand to reduce the force required to move the payload up and down the shaft. By the end of the XIX century invented many improvements in terms of safety of lifts and the practical use of electric motors. In spite

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