About the white eye.

About the white eye.

The original appearance of the fish is shown from a very early age: the humpbacked snout, large silver eyes, a large gray scales and fins. Even beginners, which for the first time have to keep the fish in hand, do not confuse it with any other relative of the bream. White-eye (Abramis sapa), or, as it is called in the people, cana (klyaps, klyapets, Glazachev), a frequent visitor to the river and catch donochnikov poplavochnikov throughout the open-water season. Guests are so frequent that some anglers who specialize in catching ide and bream, try, if possible, to avoid encounters with white eye. The large size of this type of fish, however. Catches are usually found specimens weighing 200-300 g, but sometimes there are also such bonuses, the weight of which reaches 500-700 At the same time on light tackle to catch white-eye interested. Fish it is quite athletic, fiercely resisted the bait.

Where does she live.

That thick, it is empty — it is well known to all the expression accurately describes the habitat of this fish. Of all the families of bream, perhaps, one white eye lives exclusively on the course. At the very least, to catch the fish in standing water I do not ever. A view of the fact that the spawning white-eye is carried out on the sandy spits of medium and large rivers, the probability of call this fish in small rivers zero. But where white eye dwells in sufficient quantity and distribution of it in the river is very uneven. The most massive clusters of this type of fish I’ve ever seen on a wide river reaches, where the white-eye hides behind the irregularities of the day (underwater dunes), on the outer flat piled river pits and along the shallow channel brovok, as well as for the sandy river islands, where it stands on the border fast and slow currents. At the same time, white-eye avoids the uneven flow, silted day grass and absolutely not stay along the river abruptly. Very often, especially in the early summer, interspersed with white eye catches roach and silver bream. More specifically, the right to say that it is bream and roach, which are less demanding in the selection of habitat and feeding, sometimes swim in the white-eye area.

By the time of day peak of activity of white-eye falls on the evening twilight and lasts until about midnight. On the morning dawn pecks white-eye, too bad, but the evening fishing I like the evening there is more time to prepare and overfeed place. Yes, and nibble at sunset is on the rise. So the fisherman there is always time to properly tune in to catch. Only immediately after spawning, which takes place in late spring — early summer, white eye can smartly caught all day.


It seems to be catching a really big fish are not as white-eye, apply too thick fishing line should not be. All this is true, but we should not forget about the possible bonuses in the form of bream and ide, for which the main line diameter of 0.14 mm is clearly tonkovat. So its intended for fishing in the course of fishing rods as I put the main fishing line section 0.18 mm lead, respectively, 0,14-0,16 mm.

For equipment using Picker installation called «asymmetrical loop». On the main line to put on two swivel: one for tying the leash, the second — with a fastener for securing cargo. Then out of line forming two loops; one large, 60 centimeters in diameter, and the second smaller one 15 cm, depending on the mood of the fish varies from 20 cm to 1 m length of the leash. To snap, through the segment of line, a smaller diameter than the main line, sinker is attached such as «aircraft», weighing about 10 g It is necessary to come off the hook while just sinker. Because of the small distances of 10-15 meters, the trough for catching white-eye can not be used as bait is not difficult to throw with his hands. But Georgia has much less drag than the same figure at the trough, and thus less drift over inventory. But sometimes instead of the sinker can be put mikrokormushku. This is true when the fish starts to act up. Crawling on the bottom of the bait and eluted food can greatly intensify fish. Type hook, as well as its quantity are selected depending on the bait.

Receptions fishing.

Special techniques of catching white-eye is not, but I would point out two main ways of presentation of the bait fish. The choice will depend on the conditions of fishing. So the first way — it is a common leash, similar to that used when fishing for roach or other fish that prefer to feed in the bottom layers of water.

Once determined the depth of the fishery and the bottom probed for the presence of the hooks and irregularities, exhibiting the descent of the float so that the shepherd boy was a few inches from the bottom. Lightly holding the rod, the movement of equipment, working to ensure that the leash with the bait on the hook to move forward underherdsman. White eye gets very accurately on the bait, and the maximum number of bites will be just above the bottom of the river lying on the balls of groundbait.

For the second type of wiring is only suitable installation of equipment with a sliding sinker. It is the most effective way of catching fish at the bottom of the course. Just as in the first case, we find the bottom, are also looking for the point where the gear becomes the working position. And then increase the length of the descent to 0.5-1 m. The result is a chassis donk, but with a float.

Casting is just above the place where there is a fisherman. Then snap released in free drift. The float starts to pull a sinker and a long leash will carry over in front of the entire system. The method of catching a little rough, but very catchability. I use them when appropriate complementary feeding bream that at catching white-eye on Coquina happens very often.

When fishing with Picker, snap to throw a little deeper (1-1.5 m) and slightly higher against the tide of lying on the bottom of the bait. After splashdown sinkers immediately remove slack fishing line. If you do not, snap land far below lying at the bottom of bait and fishing efficiency will decrease.


I happened to catch a white eye in the shell, worms, dough, steamed peas and corn, but the main lures for catching this fish are the maggot and the guy wheat. Which is more efficient, I can not judge. Maggot is good because it is resistant to the bite. This is especially significant feature in the moments when the fish active and do not have time to frequent overcharging bait. Or when it comes to fishing at dusk or at night. However, the biggest drawback of this lure is that maggots are equally interested in good and big fish, and fines. If next to the bait or spinning hungry bleak-bream Lavrushka, be prepared for the fact that about half of your catch will consist of these fish.

But wheat is good that little thing she is not interested. And a nice catch in the form of a heavy plotvitsy, bream and ide happens with wheat much more frequently than with maggots. However, there are fishing, and even entire seasons when fish on wheat does not react at all. What is the reason, I can not judge. But such surprises are possible with this bait.


There are a number of mandatory requirements for bait for catching white-eye

1. The white-eye — the fish shy and bright bait is incredulous. Best color mix groundbait to catch this fish, I think brown and black.

2. The white-eye is afraid of excessive noise, complementary feeding and the best tactics for catching this fish is a massed start overfeed. This means that the bait for catching this fish should be quite sticky. One portion should be enough for at least half an hour of fishing.

3. The white-eye really like it when the passage of food particles come off the bait, so the bait for this fish is welcomed the presence of the guy millet and dry oatmeal. If the catch of wheat, can be added to a glass bait lure. Generally, you can zakarmlivatsya steamed wheat, roll the clay. But then it should be done at least three hours before the fishing. Typically, this technique I use when I want to catch white-eye in the morning dawn, and then in the evening I throw in place of catching a few such «bombochek.»

But as a basis for taking the bait can be any base mix. Fit even the breadcrumbs. Usually enough for fishing 1 kg base, 1 kg of steamed millet and cup of oatmeal. Adding to the lure of the live component of maggots or bloodworm not required.

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