Against the rules-5

«Family business? Well, I do not!»

MARGARITA Darashkevich

Ten years ago, the parents of Rita opened his own dental clinic. They hoped that a daughter will continue their business. «But I was terrified of the blood,» — says the girl. In order not to upset my mom and dad, she enrolled at the Faculty of International Business and in the future is going to take control of the family business.

After graduation, Rita went to an internship in Australia: «Because of the time difference, I could communicate with friends only through letters. So I opened a new talent and knew what business would like to dedicate his life — to writing. «

The first known printed articles Rita glossy magazines. The parents were surprised, but they were even more shocked when Rita began writing lyrics for famous composers and performers. «I happened to notice a producer group — it is modest. — That’s all. «

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