Bird Yoga

As owls manage to turn my head, without turning your neck?

«Experts in personal injury caused by damage of the arteries of the neck and head, wondering why the forests are still not littered with the corpses of owls, who died of a brain haemorrhage?» — Says neuroradiology Philip Gaya Medical Center at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore (USA). These birds are able to turn his head 270 degrees. Theoretically such rotation should lead to a pinched the main neck artery supplying blood to the brain. But, as the researchers found, this protects the owls are a number of anatomical features.

The diameter of the vertebral hole, through which one of the main arteries supplying blood to the brain, owls ten times greater than in humans. Therefore, it is not pinched during strong head rotation. Blood vessels under the jaw bone is very elastic. Stretching, they accumulate enough blood to nourish the brain and eyes. In addition, the owls found anastomosis of the vertebral arteries — multiple bridges between the vessels, helping to redirect blood flow and nonstop feed blood to the brain, even when the ceiling of several important arteries.

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