Eighteen months ago, a tiny American firmochki Cyberflix released toy Titanic: Adventure Out of Time

The Americans did not share our enthusiasm. Igrushechki was modestly laid it published an edition of 100 thousand copies, and then forgotten, and successfully sold, they say, "on fat" company «Sierra», where traces of her lost almost the whole year.

And Cameron released his "Titanic. » A bunch of «Oscars» fabulous profits. In the wake of the worldwide hysteria the set-goopytnaya «Sierra» Do not miss your chance. With white boxes with an iceberg, looking in the window, quickly wiped the dust, and «Titanic» came out — a half years after rye Denia — the second edition, this time to take immediately the seventh (!) Place in the list of US toy bestsellers. This is it, the magic power of advertising!

Larry saves "Sierra"

In May this year the company plans to make us happy Sierra rather strange project. Al Lowe — the author of the series about the adventures of Larry — working on the game Leisure Suit Larry’s Casino

At first glance, it is a continuation of the adventures of the famous hero. Now available Larry whole casino in Las Vegas — from the halls of slot machines, roulette, bars, restaurants, shops and even a chapel for weddings.

Of course, the game begins with the universe in a new «presidential» apartment on the thirteenth floor of the palace of entertainment, you see them in the picture. Everything as always: the elevator do not let our hero, the porter is busy, up to this hole will have to be dragged the poor man walking up the stairs, bent under the weight of luggage …

However, it seems that decided to get rich here especially nimble "Sierra «periodically baluyuschayasya collections gambling like Hoyle Poker, Hoyle Casino and Hoyle Classic Card Games. With the direct participation of Larry, we offer to play poker, blackjack, roulette, craps (with this game we are familiar with, «Larry 7»), and try to get lucky in the hall of slot machines. If we add the promised «party games», it is quite possible we’ll get another serrovsky pleasure collection, which will be standard content to a certain extent brightens jokes protagonist.

New «Larry» seems to be to keep up with the progress. Drawn by hand interiors replace them oteksturennye and rendered counterparts, and our hero will have at its disposal a kind of variation on the theme P01 — «Kiberlarri 2000» — the ability, however, like most computer analogy, just talk to the player mucks and release nasty jokes when that require assistance. Larry himself, as seen from a small intro to the game, stay in the same cartoonish character, how we remember an aging womanizer in the last, the seventh series of his adventures.

From space to the dungeon

Presto Studios, creator of Journeyman Project 3: Legacy of Time, has embarked on a new project. Of course, this will again be the quest. Story Beneath (this is the working title of the game) would resemble something in the style of Indiana Jones movies.

The game takes place in 1906, when a young man named Jack Wells decides to go in search of mysteriously vanished archaeological expedition of his father. Excavations father led our hero is not somewhere, say, in the long-familiar Quester jungle of tropical Africa, and alien snowy Arctic. But not for long we will have to enjoy the pre-stizheniyami Arctic archeology: the most interesting discovery of his father Jack lies deep underground, where he found a mysterious underground city who will attend to us.

Besides the usual games Presto puzzles and communicate with characters in Be-neath, it seems to be a fair amount of arcade elements. In any case, the action will unfold on 12 levels (!) Three underground Lo- keyshenov in labyrinths and whose father’s lost expedition archeologist. So train your fingers, fans of quests: the new game you have pretty run, jump and climb on the ropes!

Tetris seems to rest …

What do you think, how much money can get domestic igrodelatel for successful project? And if it is a puzzle, and even a little?

You’ll never guess! The team from Kaliningrad KD Labs, the same one that ends the development is now one of the most anticipated domestic (and not only) games under the name «Van Hera» has received from the Japanese for good dyadey- its new igrushechku Brainy Ball, created less than a week , as much as $ 200,000!

Since 1996, Japan held a competition of computer mini-games Enix. First prize — the most $ 200,000, the second — $ 100,000, and so on with sous-decreasing substantially zero. The year before, the first prize of a semi-chili Chileans, and the second went to our kenigsbergtsam. Encouraged by the victory, K-Dlab’bi last year puzzled Japanese super active new product of his brain — and extremely well! At this time (as it turned out just a week ago), they

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