Fall TV shipments to the US market

Fall TV shipments to the US market

According to the agency IHS, results of the first quarter of 2013 are disappointing: Shipments to the US market dropped by 11% compared to the same period last year. Now, this figure does not know we were more than twenty years. Not that close — lives collide and scatter over the sides. There were «you» — he worked with all the «you», without pathos. And somehow quietly, without pathos, did the trick.

I saw and heard how it worked great concerts and the smallest anplakty. Absolutely no difference. With full involvement. According to the maximum.

Among sound engineers spread one feature: a performer, «lay out» on the recording or live performance, asking all kind: «How?» To which the sound responds extremely slowly, they say, so much of this had seen listened — no longer interesting. Oleg Stupka always interesting. For each there is a good word and good advice.

At the concert, when listening to the recording we enjoy nuances, laid down implementing, without hesitation, how it is recorded, processed and mixed, whose hands lay on the remote, who is better and before all understood and correctly interpreted the vision, passion and improvisation musicians … Be the center of attention — it’s not for him.

I have just learned that Oleg — Honored Worker of Culture of Ukraine. He made recordings and concerts are held by artists like M. Caballe, W. Graziani, Valery Gergiev, E. Miroshnichenko, A.Solovjanenko, D. Hnatiuk, A. Mokrenko and many others.

If you take a domestic popular music, it is largely thanks to him we heard N. Yaremchuk, V. Zinkevych, T. Povaliy, Alexander Ponomarev, AP Zibrova V. Bilonozhko, Bobul I., L. Sandulesa, Gaitana, K. Buzhinskuyu , VIA «Kobza», «fir», «Ruta», «Vodograi» and many others.

The list of those who are abroad, but continued to work with Oleg Stupka, no less representative: I. Kobzon, L. Valley, V. Leontiev, A. Asadulin, O. Barykin, Kuzmin, B. Vujacic, V. Malezhik, S. Penkin, VIA «Pesnyary» …

And all this — not including work on radio and television, participate in almost all major music events as we do, and abroad. In addition, — the president of the Union of sound producers of Ukraine and, still, «you» and refuse to board beginners colleagues everywhere manages and supports a huge number of contacts, to some extent are cementing our entire music community …

Oleg Stupka, Sound, died 06.10.2013 year, he was 61 years old.

Thank you for the music.

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