Guide to the blues by Dan Aykroyd

The star of the film The Blues Brothers Dan Aykroyd is actually a lover and connoisseur of blues. You submitted them compiled a guide to the best samples of this genre.

Since then, he put on his iconic black hat, suit and sunglasses Elwood Blues in the blockbuster John Landis The Blues Brothers 1980, Dan Aykroyd became forever associated with the blues. This situation could be very painful, not so long ago if there had been an actor, dedicated and well-grounded in matters of blues fan of this genre. After talking with Dan during his recent visit to the UK, we have asked the actor to make a personal top 10 blues records. But he refused and chose … … Eleven

Howlin ‘Wolf Evil

«Vy Can not get into the blues deeper than Chester Burnett. I saw him many times when he was still a child, in the Canadian Ottawa. Evil perfectly demonstrates the capabilities of his voice. It is mysterious, fascinating track, and it is my favorite blues record. Despite the fact that he was a very impressive, rough exterior, he was always very kind to us children when we have the opportunity to go backstage to talk to him. I think he did so because we were younger generation of his fans, on which it depended karera».

Jimi Hendrix Experience Red House

«Hendriks Was actually bluesman and developing the mine as he did, he managed to create a track that has a classic blues structure, but the developing so as soon as Hendrix, with his guitar skills could do. Red House — a magnificent example of his work and a tribute to blues music, Hendrix skipped through his fingers. Keeping tremendous respect for the blues form, his guitar has always been innovative and sounded like no one drugogo».

John Lee Hooker The Healer

«Prekrasnaya, A great guitar and a great collaboration with Carlos Santana, where John’s voice perfectly involved in lulling, romantic, just a great song. It was written towards the end of his career, and he continued to play, even when you are already in the eighties. I remember going to his concert at the House of Blues in Anaheim, and it just blew the roof off your energy. It was great to have him in the movie The Blues Brothers. I would like to make it out there more, we even quarreled about this with John Landis. He appeared in a scene in the Maxwell Street — before we go into a restaurant, where play John Lee Hooker and Big Walter Horton.

Junior Wells with Buddy Guy Messin ‘With The Kid

«Excellent cooperation, excellent actors, a wonderful harmonica, Junior at his best — it’s an amazing blues song staccato, does not quite fit into the traditional structure of the twelve-string guitar, and has a more progressive structure, it is a musical breakthrough, something more than just a song — and it’s fantastic. «

Wynonie Harris Sittin ‘On It All The Time

«This is a great song about a woman who is so fascinated by itself, does not want to share with anyone, and its beauty, after all, is too old, that anyone could pay attention to it. I love Winona Harris, the great actor jump-swing, beautiful blues artist. He was able to realize that it is not just music, but it is best to humor the artist connects with the audience. «

Paul Butterfield Blues Band Born In Chicago

«It’s really tragic Chicago song about how hard it is to lose friends. When I sing it, I think of John (Belushi). I am doing it with The Blues Brothers All Stars Shoyv Band, along with Xe (Jim Belushi), the brother of Jake Blues, and we sing this song very often. There is a verse: «Another friend of mine died when he was 33 goda», so it really is important to me when I sing it. One thing about Johnny — he was a man with oblozhki».

Rolling Stones Little Red Rooster

«It’s just that they — and their best, slow, easy, sexy style, where Mick nails you to your own voice, and Keith adds the amazing vibrations, which are only capable of Stones. It was the fruitful studio session, when they arrived at Chess Records, to see where do you do all great albums, and Muddy Waters came to help them with the equipment. When I was 16, I went on the show Muddy Waters in Le Hibou (club in Ottawa). Drummer SP Leary did not come out on stage for an encore, so Maddie called out, «Hey, is there drummers in the audience?». And I said, «Yes!» And jumped up on the stage. I actually played drums for Muddy Uotersa».

Albert King Born Under A Bad Sign

«Luchshee Era of label Stax-Volt. You can say that he was an artist, combining in his work blues and R’n’B, but that does not stop this song to be one of the best ever written blues stuff. Big old Albert King, left-handed guitarist, smoking a pipe, armed with a gun, Albert King was well-equipped to deliver this kind of music. «

Freddie King Going Down

«Velikolepnaya, Remembers all too reminiscent, mysterious, sad and tragic song with grandiose guitar and beautiful lyrics. The Blues found a lot of tragedy, but also a lot of humor. For example, the following lines in All She Wants What Do Is Rock: «My baby does not like airplanes, she did not like expensive clothes and trains. All that she wants — to stay home and dance with Daddy all noch’».

Eric Clapton Reconsider Baby

«Kazhetsya, The first thing that entered Lowell Fulson, but I love kleptonovskuyu version. This thing of his From The Cradle, it is simply beautiful. All that Clapton did in its early years, shows him as a great artist and this blyuzmena».

Solomon Burke Everybody Needs Somebody To Love

«Eto Too, probably, to a greater extent R’n’B, rather than the blues, but it’s definitely sustained in the blues tradition. And how beautiful it was a blues artist! The Blues Brothers, we did a cover of this song, as it did Rolling Stones, but the version of Solomon Burke — slow, with rumbling and feeling of luxurious wealth of his golosa».

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