Home matters

THERE ARE DÉCOR MAGAZINES, CATALOGUES, and design websites to check out when looking for furnishings for your home. But sometimes, upon finding the right piece, it’s either too expensive, or it just doesn’t at your space.

Business partners, real estate agents, and good friends Rusky Carlos and Mike Lim found themselves stuck in the same rut when they were building their respective homes. “We encountered very similar problems, which was trying to look for the right piece and style of furniture that we wanted and the price that’s appropriate for our status,” confesses Rusky. “Our tastes turned out to be too expensive. We realized that there was a discrepancy between the stuff that we liked and the budget that we set.” Driven by the passion for all things nice, they seized the opportunity and filled the gap by opening the Home Matters showroom of customized furniture in March 2013.

Home Matters teaches customers not to settle for furniture that isn’t perfect in terms of size or color. In this store, each piece is tailor-made to the client’s exact liking. And contrary to assumptions, customized furniture often proves to be more reasonably priced compared with branded ones, since there’s no need to pay for an elusive name or its prestige. Whether you know exactly what you want or are clueless about how to put pieces together, you can simply walk in and consult with Home Matters’ knowledgeable staff of interior designers or with any of the over 65 designers in its pool.

Stepping into the showroom, you’ll notice a tug-of-war between the old and new—vintage pieces like the Underwood typewriter (P9,000) alongside modern items like the Barley dining table (P34,800). And while many may find all that confusing, the eclectic mix actually proves that the store is versatile. The designers of Home Matters are capable of creating furniture in various styles inspired by different eras. It’s not surprising, then, that this new home store attracts a wide range of clientele. If the showroom is but a taste of what Home Matters can offer, then customers can be assured that the only limitation to dressing their homes is their imagination.

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