Journey to the World of sand. 800 thousand liters (s) is under the future

"Time Machine"

With a classic should be handled with care. Gently. Borrowing the name to indicate the source. Try not to misinterpret the story much. And most importantly: in any case not to put the author’s main characters. Because otherwise may withdraw occasion grandmother ogreet Dostoevsky lazy and will hand over to the police station, Terry Pratchett gobbled Chest Jules Verne sverzitsya from his balloon on the first day of travel, and the child HG Wells would be in the distant future.

How things work

Company «Field» in addition to gratitude for the excellent localization is to say a special thank you for withholding the name of the main character of the well-read Russian player, who from such arbitrary treatment of a classic can, perhaps, a stroke enough. In fact, George Wales — it is like did not HG Wells, although originally the main character acts is Herbert George Wells. However, one question still arises: if the game The New Adventures of the Time Machine Cryo positioned as a continuation of the book, then why the hell are unhappy Wells has to reinvent the damn car? No way, the loss of memory. Not surprisingly, the famous science fiction writer brought in so distant and strange future.

In this world, the world of sand, nothing is permanent. Temporal vortices whizzing around the planet, does not destroy in its path, carrying only a human memory and turning children into adults and children — in the frail elderly. With age, changes consciousness, and the only protection against such excesses — be Shekandars, servant of Cronus. Or everywhere carry a magic relic called «Nautilus», which turned up on time so our hapless, lost his precious machine time traveler.

Death in this world, guys. There degarmonizatsiya entailing disappearance of destroying the human body; waiting for the next wave of the soul and is reborn in a new shell. Children called effahidami, adults — adhamidami and forever complaining of back pain, but very, very respected the elderly — vissahidami. There is no night, there is only ever the scorching sun that turned the planet into a vast wilderness. There is no magic, there chronomancy; no mana, there Jad Garrel.

Guessing on the clock

Funny thing, this chronomancy. Based on the manipulation of temporary streams, apparently it does, it is no different from the usual magic. Jad Garrel consumed using spells, but it can be replenished. If you want to practice on live targets, then it is not necessary to arrange the terror in the peaceful village — at your service warning (in some places), but often insidious and almost always disliked Shekandars lemurs, prisoners of temporality Realms.

From these creatures straholyudnoy appearance but mockery, exhortations and wise counsel, you can get new spells simply by touching one of the magical prism. Or spell on the barter adorable lemurs hourglass. Spells, to honor the authors of the order of 18 pieces for every taste: degarmonizatsiya, invisibility, freezing, treatment … By the way, the clock can be used to increase your own Jad Garrûl points, so that the choice of the player is simple: the power or the number. On the passage affects not radical, but still affected.

In addition chronomancy, which, of course, is not only and not so much for the peace and educational purposes, available Jadgar: good and spectacular military weapon in the form of a horseshoe, emitting bright energy flows degarmoniziruyuschie every living thing in its path, even if not the first time. Theoretically, you can kill almost everyone I meet. While, for example, three-legged triodonty revived almost immediately and at the same place. That is in front of them, so to speak, a sword is not particularly pomashesh.

Puppet show

Tellingly, the inhabitants of the world «Time Machine» carefully mimic the frantic activity and beating fountain of life. Find a person, quietly standing in one place, it is extremely difficult, and if he still found, then only three options: a) he is a guard; b) he is a priest; c) he has died in spite of the great Chronos. However, any attentive observer this apparent time will not disappoint: the movement of people subject to the World of sand, rather the law of Brownian motion, rather than the laws of logic. For this very reason, to catch the individual characters can be very difficult, and often attempt to speak to them takes more time than the «pursuit»: our young Wales catches prey, opens his mouth for the question, and she (he) vigorous steps carried away, not even sweep eyebrow. Hurry … They are always somewhere in a hurry.

And this whole mass of people is suitable only for one thing: to obtain jobs. Alas, there is no talk of souls and the soul-searching that warmed the soul so adored in The Longest Journey, «Time Machine» does not provide. Communication is reduced to a series of purely information issues and therefore the responses to them. Wales comprehends the unit of the world with a single purpose — to return home, gradually realizing someone to blame for all the outrages perpetrated. But almost no one ever talks about himself. No people in anything doubters think about higher matters, or who have fallen into despair / depression / joy / boredom. Maximum manifestation of emotions — things like, «Go away, effahid» or «I’m sorry, I’m a terrible hurry.» All these little people suddenly find themselves soulless budget minded actors extras, with a rate of $ 5 per hour.

And rush through the square, sand and buildings from one to another incompetent akterishki solely for their own needs eventually boring. Not once, not much, and not to all. But space in the «Time Machine» huge; chic, incredibly beautiful and incredibly detailed backdrops engage the eyes and for a time distracted from the sad thoughts: «Why all this? Where do I run? «, Letting the soul of a thin ray of admiration … But two o’clock incessant bustle make a staunch opponent of the extras who want cheap. These people either begin to hate, or despise, or simply treat them as empty space. Did they deserve more?

The right choice

But for all that, «The Time Machine» — pure adventure and action-elements present in the game, do not affect the genre affiliation in any way. Action is more formal, a sort of tribute to the plot: time to shoot, then we will reap the trigger. Especially look depressingly banal and sometimes just plain stupid riddles, of which of excitement caused a musical maze (for a person with a hearing, however, very easy).

«Time Machine» is trying, and not without success, to take his other feature — nonlinear transmission. The simplest and naiperveyshy example — the attempt to pick up the ointment «from the back» from the vigilant old women-traders. You can drag to the temple’s sacrificial altar bowl and make a half-hour jog with endless exchanges, leading eventually to the desired result. However, there is another way: kastuem invisibility, grab ointment and Happy Feet. Think for yourself which is more important — the time lost or squandered Jad Garrel. It is one and not the last choice. Nicely.

By the way, the developers have made one serious blunder scene, manifested almost in the beginning of the game, but, oddly enough, then the head and did not look up.

In short, the objectives were as follows: find a compass that will point the way to the Temple Shekandars and get out of town, take away the guards Tripodons. In the story, apparently, everything was planned as follows: Wales asks one of the guards permission to ride the «three-legged horse,» one begins to him to be angry, and then opened fire from Gade Geral, falls, struck down by a well-aimed shot to the player, and longer anyone not interfere can. Then Wales is the compass, saddles Tripodons and hit the road.

In fact, it turned out differently. When I looked to the guards, the compass was already in front of me. Relevant triggers worked, and one guard (good) had gone. «Bad» in no hurry to attack, so we had to get involved in the first fight. And what do you think? After his death on Tripodons was simply impossible to get. The game is over, you can start from the very beginning. Journey forum on the official website of the «Time Machine» has shown that the problem facing not one person, and some struggled with her decision four days. It turns out, I was lucky.

In sequence

In general, the «Time Machine» leaves a good impression. Basically — because of cute and stylish graphic design, which is best described as follows: «Imagine that in the Dark Earth remained polygonal characters and charming backdrops of a bitmap turned into bitmaps spherical a la» Atlantis-2. » The effect is somewhat unusual, but certainly attractive.

Good storyline and thematic music on ONB flawlessly create and maintain the atmosphere of the game, and a variety of bells and whistles like a large set of spells and possibilities to «cheat» the game is not allowed to fade away interest broke out. Ah, if it were not for this stupid scenario glitch, not primitive puzzles, and not «dead» characters … After all, we all know that Cryo, albeit as a publisher, maybe more (yes, I’m talking about «Faust «).

But two consecutive masterpiece … In a not everyone is able to …

«Time Machine»

Web site of the game: Developer: Cryo

Developer website: publishers: «Field», «1C»

The publisher’s website (respectively):,

Graphics: 4.5 Sound: 4

Music: 4.5 Management: 4

Difficulty: High Plot: 4.5

Interesting: 4

System requirements: Windows 95/98, Pentium II 233 (rec. Pentium II 350), 32 MB RAM (rivers. 64 MB), 4x CD-ROM, rivers. AGP-graphics card.

Additional Information: 420 MB of hard disk space.

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