On the old streets of Prague

Prague — one of the most fabulous European capitals.

It is called the city of a hundred spiers, the capital of the Czech kings, the golden city … On the narrow streets of the central areas of mixed various styles — Gothic, Modernist, Rococo, Renaissance, Cubism and others.

In the old part of the house all have dual numbering. On blue plate Set the official address of the house (his number under the street), and red label — a historic address to the house number within the entire area.

The walls, painted with graffiti, which in historic districts are colored strongly, returning the original architectural appearance.

And that’s where graffiti today precisely resolved, so it’s on the wall member of the legendary group «The Beatles» John Lennon. Wall is a special place for Beatles fans, as well as a youth symbol of the struggle for freedom. There are always new inscriptions, drawings, poems over the previous slogans and calls for freedom, love and peace. And if before the authorities constantly repainted the wall, fighting a rebellion Czech students, but today all statements, pictures and excerpts from the songs are on the wall with the permission of the Order of the Knights of the Maltese Cross, which it belongs. Find Lennon wall can be close to the Charles Bridge on Velikomonastyrskoy Square in the Mala Strana district.

Prague authorities care about preserving the historical landscape of the city. Rigorous multi-colored houses with red roofs — that first appears when you hear about the Czech capital. It does not fit into the correct architecture of a famous Dancing House. Like all non-standard, the building initially caused the inhabitants of a lot of criticism, but today it is one of the main attractions of Prague. Dancing House refers to the 90-th years of XX century. and symbolizes the famous Hollywood couple dance. Locals call the building the names of the dancers — «Ginger and Fred», and even «home drunk» and «glass.»

The building houses offices of international companies and a French restaurant «La Perle de Prague» with panoramic city views. And there is a building in Prague 2 at the corner of Resslova and the river Vltava.

View of the capital from a height can also, from the observation tower on the hill Petrin, or pick one of the three lookouts in Zizkov TV tower. Zizkov television tower is the highest structure in the Czech Republic (its height is about 216 meters) and is included in the World Federation of Great Towers. Perhaps the only place in Prague, where the tower is not visible — a place inside it!

Czechs still can not decide — whether it spoils the construction of urban architecture, or vice versa, is a work of art. But posters immodestly say that every single visitor to Prague, fell in love with this «horrible building».

Well, in some ways they are right.

Externally, the tower resembles a rocket with diced-platforms — on the first level is a restaurant and cafe, and the second overlooks the entire city. The recently opened restaurant of the smallest, and besides, six-star hotel «Opegoot» consisting of only one luxury room. In addition, the tower combines meteorological station with a cellular tower and is connected to the television station by an underground passage.

Night lighting tower done in traditional colors of the Czech flag: white-red-blue and unusual addition to this controversial designs are sculptures of crawling men weighing 100 kg each (the composition of David Black «Infants») Exactly the same sculpture can be seen near the Museum of Modern Art on Kampa island under the Charles Bridge.

Height «babies» 2 meters, but instead face them barcode.

The cost of entry to the observation deck of the tower 150 CZK (just under 6 euros), but if you plan to visit a restaurant, the entrance is free.

Another attraction and a symbol of the capital — Prague Astronomical Clock or Orloj, located in the tower of the town hall in the Old Town Square (Stare Mesto, Prague 1). It is a medieval astronomical clock. They indicate years, months, days, hours (normal time and the old European local time), the time of sunrise and sunset and the moon, as well as the position of the signs of the zodiac. Such is the kind of planetarium, telling about the current state of the universe.

Every hour you can see a small idea — figures on both sides of hours and is the epitome of human vices, are beginning to move, and above the dial opens the door, and one after another, there are 12 apostles. At the end of the cock crows and audible chimes.

This year marks 603 years chime.

Not far from Old Town Square in the street of Paris is the most unusual theater — Black Theatre «Image». Actors dressed in black clothes and playing on black background, becoming invisible. A spectator in this endless dark back of the stage sees only what he wants to show. All the magic of the play is the game of shadows and light, mime, acrobatics, dance, «floating» in the air puppets and the complete absence of words Each movement actors honed to a millimeter, so that the audience did not find tricks that allow you to create the optical illusion. The price of the ticket for an unforgettable «black» performance -480 crowns (just over 18 euros).

As with any capital city, Prague countless museums. Status of the best European belongs to the National Technical Museum Kostelní street. It was created in the early XX century, when the Czech Republic was one of the most technologically advanced countries in Europe.

The museum has five exhibitions (astronomy, architecture, photography, printing, transport), and more than a million artifacts, though the area of ​​the halls at the same time allows you to set only 40 thousand of them. Vintage bicycles, government vehicles, locomotives, airplanes, cameras XIX century and even the whole studio — all of this is located on several floors, and visitors are around, going down or going up.

Entrance to the museum is 170 kroons (6.5 euros).

And, of course, without any Prague Charles Bridge! This is one of the oldest bridges in Europe, and a favorite place of Prague residents at the meeting. It was built 50 years from 1357, on the orders of Charles IV, and today is perhaps the main product of medieval art. It can be seen in many movies such as «Mission: Impossible,» «xXx,» «Van Helsing.» The bridge 520 meters long and completely pedestrian. There is always a lot of street musicians, artists and souvenir sellers. Once in Prague, be sure to make a wish on Charles Bridge. You can simply touch one of the many sculptures, but the most correct way — as the locals do. Locate the cross rubbed the bridge and under him on the pavement — a gold stud. Place your left hand on the cross, put his right foot on a nail, look at the river and make a wish. Guessing need only an abstract desire, such as good weather for the weekend.

Strolling through Prague, you can look into other interesting places. For example, the official residence of the President of the Czech Republic — Prague Castle, which was founded in the 9th century. Or, in the heart of the city — Wenceslas Square with the National Museum. You can climb the Powder Tower, where once started Royal Road … And you can forget about the old sights and simply enjoy the peacocks in Val dshteynskom garden, ride on the historic wooden tram, go for a walk along the river Vltava on one of the local boats, or organize your own route through Prague, the city of learning, on the other, a little-known side.

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