Pepper to Mittlaydera and Morozov

Pepper to Mittlaydera and Morozov

During the 10 years to grow vegetables on a method Mittlaydera. I have more than 100 meters of narrow ridges. Switched to this method is not for the sake of high yields, and because of the significant reduction in the physical costs and time in the processing of the soil and care for plants. But they at least increase the productivity of vegetables, especially peppers.

I believe that this culture is not given enough attention. Most gardeners pepper reaches biological maturity. So it was about and I have to Mittlaydera implementation methodology. Now I take the crop only in biological ripeness. The size of the fruit increased by 1.5-2 times, reaching lengths of 25 cm, which can be seen in the picture with a ruler.

Especially significant was the increase in the yield of pepper in the last 2 years since I became a substitute for fertilizer number 2 Mittlay-tear on the ashes with the addition of nitrogenous fertilizers. Chemical analysis of the fertilizer number 2 and ash from the combustion of firewood hardwood and softwood showed that if the ash to make a 2-fold greater than the mixture of number 2, and add a nitrogenous fertilizer in the same amount as in admixture number 2, we obtain a complete analogue fertilizing Mittlayderu mixture. Since the ash contains a lot of calcium (CaO), the use of pre-fertilization number 1 is not required. When making a 3-5 fold amount of CaO ash fertilizers is commensurate with the amount of fertilizer disposable number 1, with repeated introduction of CaO together with ash favorably affects the maintenance of acid-base balance of the soil and improves its structure. Replacement of fertilizer mixtures number 1 and number 2 with ashes with the addition of nitrogen and a positive impact on other vegetables (cabbage, potatoes, etc.), Which, in my opinion, was a determining factor in increasing productivity. Advantages of ash-based fertilizers are the following:

• phosphorus and potassium are in a more readily available form for absorption by plants than in the purchase of mineral fertilizers;

• ash contains a balanced composition of micronutrients;

• no chlorine, which negatively affects the number of cultures;

• completely eliminated the purchase of fertilizers, except nitrogen;

• greatly simplifies the preparation of a fertilizer mixture.

In 2012, I received the highest yield of pepper. The maximum weight of the fruit was about 400 bushes of 55 has been collected more than 300 pieces of large fruit, but it was not the limit, as the hot weather in some parts of the flower bushes and even the ovaries were dropped. Varieties differ in ripening time, which allowed the harvest from July to mid-October.

Other — related components and excipients.

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