Two new items that the French prepared for the Frankfurt Motor Show, represent the two poles. Aggressive black and red 308-R concept appeals to the forces of chaos and destruction, and the white hybrid hatchback 208 calls for good and order.

In medieval Spain, the black cloak with blood-red lining usually worn executioners of the Inquisition. If the authors of «Peugeot-308-R» wanted to achieve exactly this effect, they succeeded: the evil LEDs pupils performed the sacred fury. And let not deceive you appearance almost 308 civil-th — is a real werewolf who just pretends to be a saint. Under the hood of his 270 forces, and many body parts — doors, bonnet, bumpers, sills and wing — are made of carbon fiber. Sport suspension forced the car to drop to the ground, leaning on the hefty 19-inch wheels.

A true righteous looks quite different. On a white body «Peugeot 208 hybrid

FE »eye rests; Moreover, in contrast to the greedy to the speed of 308-R, this is the most that neither is a «vegan» 108-horsepower hybrid propulsion system will enable FE overcome hundreds of kilometers, content with just 2.1 liters of petrol. By today’s standards, the prototype weighs a mere trifle — 775 kg. Its body is partially made of composite materials, and even the suspension components are made of fiberglass. Hatchback got a smooth underbody, rear diffuser and the subtle rear view camera mugs instead of side mirrors.

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