The circumstances in which the participants were able to Black Sabbath to record their new album, 13, could kill a group of smaller scale.

The name of the new album Black Sabbath 13 causes Ozzy Osbourne concern. While working on the drive (and this is the first album that Ozzy recorded with Sabbath in the last 35 years), Tony Iommi had to fight with the potentially fatal disease, and drummer Bill Ward left the team due to disagreements because of disagreements over the contract, which According to Ward, just «nelzya podpisat».

Paraphrasing a bluesy song, if not for bad luck, Black Sabbath would never lucky. And for the Osborne name of the new album, at best, it can be called a deeply ironic. In the worst case, it is tempting fate. «YA Superstitious — says Ozzy. — So I do not feel excited about that album is called 13. Every time the band members get together, there is some kind of garbage. Someone (usually me) falls from ladders and nearly killed by death. Always something going wrong. Therefore, when Tony was diagnosed, I thought, «So, what next?" So wait, that will explode a bomb or an earthquake. «

Ozzy laughs when he says it is on the phone from his Los Angeles home. Only a few days later, it becomes clear why he is in Los Angeles, not in London (as expected) with Iommi and bassist

Geezer Butler.

It becomes aware of the crisis in relations between Ozzy and his wife Sharon. According to some reports, they are living apart since Ozzy again began to drink and take drugs with narcotic effect. On his Facebook page Ozzie acknowledged that his behavior was «bezumnym». In turn, Sharon will tell the American talk show that Ozzy appeared «v temnote» impenetrable, but refute the rumors about their final break.

Ozzy does not mention the troubles in his personal life. It focuses on the new album and the efforts that had to make in order to burn it. «The Black Sabbath nothing happens easily — he says. — It always has been. «

It took a long time to release a new album Sabbath. It has been 16 years since the first «reintegrate» the tour groups and Ozzy. Until 2005, they continued to tour sporadically, despite the fact that Bill Ward had to spend some time to recover from a heart attack in 1998. But while, in terms of live performances, the band flourished with record new music the situation was much more complicated. The musicians recorded two new songs — Psycho Man and Selling My Soul, have been added to the 1998 live album Reunion. But both songs were a little prominent, and attempt to record in 2001 a new album with producer Rick Rubin was abandoned when Osborne decided to record a solo album Down That Earth.

After a tour in 2005 it seemed that the joint work of Ozzy and Sabbath continued to have no longer can. Ozzy returned to his solo career, and Iommi and Butler reunited with Ronnie James Dio (vocals, who replaced Ozzy in Black Sabbath in 1979) and Vinny Appice (drummer who came to the place of Bill Ward in 1980). This group, called Heaven & Hell, in 2009 he released the album The Devil You Know and was planning to write another one. But 16mA 2010 Ronnie James Dio died of stomach cancer. And the next day after the funeral Ozzy Dio called Tony Iommi.

Iommi guessed what would follow the proposal. «Ozzie told me that he misses the group — says Tony. — He asked if I wanted to work together again. » But Iommi and Butler had the condition. «My Wanted to go on tour again, — says Butler. — But we did not want to hit the road without a new materiala».

And finally, the new Black Sabbath album was released. However, this did not happen as planned. Without Bill Ward that the group can not be considered completely original. However, in the drummer from Rage Against The Machine Brad Wilk musicians were able to find a decent replacement, and with producer Rick Rubin they managed to record an album, comparable to the classical works of the 70s — albums that determined heavy metal.

In particular, as this album (for Black Sabbath and in particular Tony Iommi) is a victory over the most terrible bedoy.« When the doctor said I had cancer, I thought, «Well, that’s my song sung»

— Says Iommi. — I went to bed and thought: «I wake up tomorrow?" You begin to indulge in the most gloomy reflections. But in the end, you realize that life goes on. And most importantly, what you need to do — is to fight for nee».

Geezer Butler said that 13 would be a suitable ending creativity Black Sabbath. «Esli Is our last album — fine, — he says. — We have completed that for which came to this earth. «

July 17 Butler turns 64 years old, and he says he gladly would retire after the current world tour. Having ’44 Rock ‘n’ roll, he prefers to live quietly, spending most of his life at home in Los Angeles with his wife Gloria (who is also his manager), six dogs and seven cats. «YA Rarely go far — he says. — I kept apart. «

Disease Iommi made a deep impression on the Geezer and Ozzy. It united them. But even though it is working in Black Sabbath, they contacted rarely.

They have always lived close to each other. The main house Ozzie is also in Los Angeles. While Butler’s second home is located just a mile from the residence Iommi in a prestigious area of ​​Birmingham. «No We rarely relax together and communicate, — says Butler. — Each of us has his own zhizn».

And Butler’s new album Black Sabbath — the culmination of their lives. «Eto Perfect end — he says. — We are proud of this album. I think that’s enough. He sums up my beautiful zhizni».

After all that has happened over the past few years, you believed that you can finally write this album?

Geezer Butler: Sometimes it seems that we have a some kind of curse. That is why we gave our first album name 13. Bill had a heart attack, then Tony got cancer and died Ronnie. We had to go through a lot.

What went wrong in 2001, when the first time you tried to record an album together?

We went to Monmouth. We are always there recorded. We had six or seven songs. But Ozzie was not particularly interested in the work. He worked on his solo album, so that almost was not with us.

We did not have a specific direction. We were joined by Rick Rubin, who has always wanted to be a producer of the Sabbath. But when we played him the songs, we realized that they were not good enough. So we left the idea to record an album.

Did you think after the last tour, Black Sabbath and Ozzy in 2005, this is the end?

I admit such a possibility. But I always hoped that we will be able to record the last album Sabbath.

What was different this time?

Ozzy was really interested in. And Rubin managed to achieve the best results from it. Ozzy somehow adapt himself to sing above its range. Rubin made him sound like Ozzy’s first album Black Sabbath, Ozzy and not his solo discs.

What other instructions given to you Ruby?

He said: «No need to do a typical heavy metal album, and forget about Metallica and other heavy metal music, which has appeared since then.» In the beginning, he gathered us together and turned our first album Sabbath. He said you were «Takimi. It’s not quite metal is music based on blues, but decorated riffami» evil. He wanted us to work in this way.

And so it happened?

Well, there just have evil [laughs]. Is there one song, so here it is — the real blues. He was born of a jam. We warmed up before work and played 18 minutes, but Rick is recorded. We call this track Blues Jam [laughs again]. The problem was that Rick included it again and again. It drove me crazy. I hated it. But an album, he has been reduced to seven minutes.

Bill Ward is no longer in Black Sabbath. About what happened, run a variety of rumors. So he got off the train or pushed off the steps?

Well, we find ourselves guilty. But honestly, I do not think Bill is now able to stand the whole set. He had a couple of heart attacks. He is a strong guy, but you never know what might happen.

Since then, Bill left the band, you communicate with him?

We invited him to play us a few songs during the festival Download [in June 2012], but it took all wrong. Or his manager took all wrong. He considered it an insult.

You have recorded a new album with drummer Brad Wilk instead of Bill. Is it true that you also consider the former Cream member Ginger Baker?

Good thing we did not choose the Ginger Baker … after a documentary …

«Beregites Mr. Beykera». The good name.

He beat a guy who filmed this documentary! The guy says, «YA want to interview everyone who you rabotal». Ginger Baker takes his cane and … bang! He says «Ne you dare talk to anyone anymore. This is my film». And the guy bleeding. So crazy!

The same crazy like Ozzy?

It’s a different kind of madness.

You’re the chief lyricist Sabbath. How many texts written for the new album Ozzy?

Of the 16 songs that we recorded, Ozzie wrote four. But the authorship of many of the names belonged to him. For example, the name of the God Is Dead? Ozzie came up. I wanted to call this song American Jihad. And Ozzie and says «Dzhihad? Yes, we would be killed if we say that! «But the song says just that. It is a religious fanatic who seeks to prove that God is not dead. He read the works of philosophers, communists and others, where it is said that God is dead, and now he wants to prove that they were wrong. To be honest, I thought it more likely that they will kill us because of the name of God Is Dead ?, what American Jihad, because the name of God Is Dead? you insult everyone.

Do autobiographical songs in this album?

There was one, but it is no longer in the album. She talks about family problems. But it’s too personal.

But not to the extent private, to become part of the song Black Sabbath?

Just in case anyone does not know what it is about me. As an example, in the case of Paranoid. It is because of me, but thought that it was written by Ozzy.

So you really sewed his woman because she was not able to help you cope with your mind? Good reason.

Well yes. So it was at the time.

You mentioned God Is Dead ?, but was not whether the death of the subject that you try to avoid in the songs of this album, taking into account the state of Tony?

Yes. But when he wrote lyrics Ozzy, all revolve around death and dying. I had to change them a bit.

As Tony’s disease affected you personally?

After the shock of what happened to Ronnie such stories all the more remind you of your own mortality. You understand that you and not so much time left. But when Tony pretended to have forgotten about the disease, and continued working on the album, I was very inspired. I’m not sure that I could behave well.

Ronnie lost, you must have feared the worst for Tony.

This is true. When Ronnie began to complain of pain in the abdomen, we thought that maybe the case in gas or food poisoning. Nobody expected that within six months it will be gone. So when Tony said that he had cancer, I thought that it happens to everyone. Fortunately, Tony was able to diagnose cancer in the first stage, while Ronnie was already on the fourth stage inoperable.

As you are all able to maintain a positive attitude in such difficult circumstances?

We tried to remain optimistic for him, and for themselves. Do you understand that life does not last forever. Such is the order of things. Eventually, you will die.

Ozzie admitted he hypochondriac. And you?

I’m the exact opposite. I’m afraid of doctors, dentists, hospitals, and other things.

Ronnie died, Tony deadly disease, Bill suffered several heart attacks and Ozzy nearly died in 2003 when crashed his ATV. And there happened to you situations that could lead to a sad end?

Yes, 70th. I was in a terrible car accident on his Jensen Interceptor. I took some sedative, then I went to the pub and drank eight pints. On the way home I overtook some very slowly riding vehicle. I flew into a turn and lost control of the car. It literally took off and landed on the roof. Fortunately, I was not fastened, so when the car fell, hurled me into the back seat. The roof of the driver’s seat cut in half. So, if I was strapped, I would have died. Well, while I was young.

Do you have ever feel that someone up there watching you and protects you?

I believe in fate. By the time when we began to work again with Ronnie, I have not talked to him for 18 years. And suddenly we are already working as part of Heaven & Hell. That was awesome. The same thing is with the Sabbath. Kak if someone leads us. I always wanted to write another album composed Sabbath. And we did it.

When participants Sabbath recorded their last album with Ozzy, they called it the Never Say Die !, but this demonstrative call no one cheated. Outside it was in 1978, and the band Black Sabbath was in free fall. In the 70s it was one of the most «prodavaemyh» groups, but naivety combined with extravagance led four of its members almost to bankruptcy. Years of constant touring and addictions have caused physical and emotional exhaustion. It seemed, from a creative point of view, they can not present anything new, and their personal relations were bad as ever. In 1977, Ozzy left the Sabbath, and the group tried to find a replacement in the person of Dave Walker, but later Ozzie persuaded to return.

And then I came Never Say Die !. In the UK, the album was ranked 12 th place, and in America — 69 th. During the ensuing tour in support of the album, a young and hungry for fame and success support band Van Halen continually exceeded Sabbath on quality performances. In 1979, Ozzy was fired. And tell him to dismiss befell Bill

Uzrda closest friend Ozzy team.

Soon, however, Ozzy managed to get even with his former band. By the mid-80s, he was a major star, while the Sabbath and Tony Iommi (the only remaining at that time original members) were in decline. «My Were in a state of war — today said Ozzie. — They were at a disadvantage, because it is difficult to compete with uspehom».

But all the 18 years following his dismissal, Ozzy never ceased to sing Paranoid. And in his heart he always felt that he had not finished the business with Black Sabbath. He was reunited with Iommi, Butler and Ward for performances in 1985 at Live Aid, and then — in 1992 for a concert in Costa Mesa. And since 1997, when the band resumed touring on a semi-regular basis, Ozzy wanted to record with Black Sabbath one more album.

«In my heart I always wanted to finish everything as it should be — he says. — All quarreling, all reconciled. I am glad that we made and recorded a great album. I’m just happy that we were able to create it, even without Bill. «

When you remember 1979 and the dismissal of the Sabbath, you still feel hurt?

Ozzy Osbourne: Well, I never thought, «Poor me, unhappy! How dare they fire me? «I myself was to blame. All the time I was stoned and lost interest in the work. It’s true. Group I was no longer interested. I kept whining and cut the crap one, then the other.

Does not it seem strange to you that you are again in Black Sabbath?

I found it hard to cope with only one: after my departure from the group, I was my own master, and now need to once again become a singer in a band called Black Sabbath.

Who is in charge in the Sabbath?

Tony has always been a leader. Without his riffs we would never had a chance. He’s still the boss. He comes up with riffs, and we beat them.

And who runs the financial issues?

I do not know. I’m not the manager of all the event. My wife Sharon — my manager. Tony and Eizera — their managers. And none of the managers do not agree with the others, because everyone wants the best for his artist.

When Bill Ward left many fans blamed the Sharon. It was said that it was a very understated fee.

Here’s the thing: the work of the drummer in the band — is physically the most difficult. And when the bill came before us, he seemed old. I do not think he had the strength to play for an hour on stage. If I had a heart attack, like Bill, I would have said, «Damn, I need to lose ves». I train, and by the way, a lot. So do not expect that someone did not do a damn, come and say: «Vse porovnu» and all agree. That’s bullshit! Honestly, I do not know what went wrong with the contract, but I think it had to be something like that. Other reasons were not. We have not attacked him, saying, «Bill — only drummer … «. I did not say, «Oh, if the Bill is not, I’ll get more deneg». Me, hell, do not need more money.

Is Bill Ward is not as significant for Black Sabbath, as John Bonham — for Led Zeppelin, and Keith Moon — for The Who?

I would be lying if I said that he was glad that Bill did not record this album with us. This album Sabbath, but to a certain extent. But it would be nice if the above it participated Bill. However, if Bill was with us, I honestly do not believe that we could have so much to gain. It was time either to shit or get off the push.

What do you mean?

Are we going to burn this fucking album, or are we still going to sit on their fucking ass? It was time to stop suffer garbage and get to work. This year I will be 65 years. Tony, 65, Geezer will soon be 64. We all understand that if we delay further, we just die! Tony is already almost did not give tips.

You always said that Bill — your best friend in Black Sabbath.

I love him. We were crazy couple. Tony and Geezer always went alone, because I do not want to be far away from us. We are always something to get up. Bill — my close friend and he will always have a place in my heart.

So, the door is still open for him?

If he gather his thoughts. I’m not going to criticize the Bill, but its absence — is not our fault. Somehow gather us all together — the most difficult task in the world.

You could now talk with Bill?

Yes, but I think it is still too early. I do not want to mess things up. Let’s release this album, to go on tour, and we’ll see what happens.

It took a long time to record this album.

This was not our first attempt we tried about five times to record an album. But the final result is simply amazing. I am the most severe critic himself, but this album — a work of art when I got my copy of my wife was in Europe. I called her and said «Sheron, I can not believe what I just heard. It’s incredible! «And she replied: «YA the first time I’ve heard you talking to. Once you say that it is good, then it is really good! «

How do you feel about the producer Rick Rubin?

Rick had his own vision. Sometimes I thought: «On has no idea that delaet». Sometimes he made me for five hours in the studio to work on one song. But even if he told me to sing standing on one leg, I would still do it because I wanted to write a good album.

What was the vision of Rubin for this album?

We started out as a jazz-blues band, and Rick wanted to, we turned to the blues component of our first album. But I would mention this CD somewhere between Vol.4 and Sabbath Bloody Sabbath. It has something of the mood of the era. It’s funny, but one guy told me «YA heard some of the tracks, they are similar to the music of Black Sabbath». And I said, «YA would be very angry if they like the music of Deep Purple! ».

While working on the album, Tony took chemotherapy sessions.

Sometimes he appeared in the studio a few days after chemotherapy, and it seemed that he was about to faint. He had not slept for two days because of this damn therapy did not want to sleep. He was deathly pale and very weak. The treatment is worse than the disease. Chemotherapy recalls the case when you have a splitting head pain, you go to the doctor, and he hits you in the groin. After such a night club will not go.

You already had to be a witness to this in 2002, when Sharon was fighting colon cancer.

I thought she was going to die. I do not know anyone who would have survived after he was diagnosed with cancer. As far as I knew, the patient plus cancer equals death. But my wife — a very strong woman, and Tony — an incredibly strong guy. If I was diagnosed with cancer, I’d be dead by the evening of the same day. But Tony just went into the studio and play. I wondered: «How is he the hell does that?». I do not know. But he is my hero.

Geezer says Tony illness made him feel stronger than his own mortality. You felt it too?

In December, I will be 65. My father died 64 years. If I skopychus, then so be it. But I do not get drunk. I drink occasionally, sometimes smoke a bong (now, however, very rare), but I do not go to bed, feeling that my heart skips a beat because I went too far with heroin or cocaine. I do not go to bed, wondering if I wake up tomorrow or not. To some extent I was lucky that I have the job for which it does not matter that I’m crazy. But most of all I was lucky that I did not die. When a couple of years ago, Gary Moore has died, I was amazed. As far as I know, he behaved far not as bad as I do. I’m really pretty podgadil himself.

Now you’re at odds with yourself?

Well, 100 percent at odds with itself, I will not ever, but on a scale of zero to ten, I think I am now in the eight and a half. I met people who would go with a halo. I’m just a man. I’m not from heaven. I’m not out of hell. And I’m certainly not from Heaven & Hell! [laughs]. I’m Ozzy!

I am me.

What do you do when left alone?

Probably you will not believe, but I like to be quiet.

Anyone who watched «Semeyku Osbornov», could hardly believe it.

I’m damn glad that this stage of my career was over. Today, Sharon has become a TV presenter. And she’s gorgeous. But she always said to me: «You come to today’s transfer, is not it?» And I say to her:

«Net! I hate to work on TV! «I started to play music not for the fact that the weather forecast!

Do you think «Semeyka Osbornov» hurt your reputation a musician?

How should I know? I have never seen any damn series. I hate to look at myself on TV. Just I hate.

As Ozzy Osbourne is to be done?

It’s nothing. I can honestly say that if I dropped dead right now, I would die a happy man. And if we do nothing, we write together, I can say that I was lucky because I was able to fix the harm caused.

After it was over, Tony, would, of course, highly ironic, if you fell down dead right now.

Tony — a real Iron Man! He probably outlive us all. And when he does die, it will still have to shoot to make sure that he really is dead! God protect him!

Tony Iommi never give in to difficulties. It Iommi never throwing team for all its long and complicated history. 44 years have passed since the foundation of the team, Iommi was the only constant member who led the group forward in good times and in bad. And he is still the driving force behind Black Sabbath, despite the fact that now he had to face the most difficult challenge of his life.

It always has been. «S Outset — he says — Ozzy, Geezer and Bill looked at me and said, «Let’s do so,» or «Let’s play some sort.» And so it happened. «

Now, as before, the music begins with the Sabbath Iommi. «Vse Begins with riffa», — he says. The new album consists mainly of music that Iommi wrote for many years: a dozen riffs and some quite finished songs. In addition, he wrote several new songs while working in the studio of Rick Rubin in Malibu.

The result was the album, worthy of one of the most legendary bands. The power of God Is Dead? and The End O f The Beginning, epic Age O f Reason and melancholic beauty Zeitgeist hear echoes of the best creations of Black Sabbath. And the power of new creation Sabbath affects the more than clearly you understand the circumstances in which it was recorded.

«It was difficult — admits Iommi. — But I am so supportive of everything — my wife, friends, family and fans. It helped me to not break. The worst part of the disease — is sit and think all the time about it. So the work on the album (communication with the musicians, their jokes) became for me a good medicine. «

How do you know that you have cancer?

Tony Iommi: It was in 2011, when I began to feel very tired. I was in New York for the presentation of my book [his autobiography: «Iron Man: My Journey through Heaven and Hell with Black Sabbath»]. I worked a lot, but I had to run to the bathroom every five minutes. And then there was a lump in his groin. I went to the doctor. He said that perhaps an infection and prescribed me antibiotics. I had to go to Los Angeles to start writing music with the guys, and the doctor told me: «If a few days a lump does not disappear, go to another doctor in Los Angeles.»

Are you worried?

Yes, I focus a particularly did not pay. But after a few days in Los Angeles, I began to feel pain in his groin. Ozzie kept saying: «You do not look so good. You have to go to the doctor. » So I did. And the doctor discovered that I have a problem with the prostate. He said that the need to carry out the operation, to reduce it. But I said, ‘No, I do at home in England. » I returned home, I had an operation. And after the doctor said: «With your prostate all right now. But this lump — a lymphoma. » I did not know what it is. He said, «It’s cancer.» I was shocked.

You immediately began treatment?

More I had nothing to do. At first I was told that the lymphoma was the first step, but before Christmas I got a call and was told that in fact I have been the third stage, there are only about four. For me it was the hardest moment.

You decided that you all over?

Oh, my God, of course. I really decided. After what happened to Ronnie when your friend died, you think: «Nu behold, there came my chered». Initiation of chemotherapy, but I thought «Ladno, I only need to go through this and I’ll zhit». I just thought: «This is going to happen.» On the other end you do not even think.

What are the current predictions of doctors?

Every six weeks, I’m going through treatment. Let’s see what will happen next. When I finished chemotherapy and radiotherapy, I asked my doctor: «Teper with me all right? «He replied: «Net. This is an ongoing process. There is only a 30 percent chance that the cancer will go away. But we can treat ego». I need to continue to hold. If the crisis will happen again, I would have to go through chemotherapy and radiation.

Chemotherapy took seriously?

It was very difficult. It really takes you all the power. You’re very tired, you’re sick, you’re depressed. There are all sorts of odd sensations. My hands and feet were taken away. This feeling crazy.

How did you manage to record a new album Sabbath in such conditions?

When we wrote the song, the guys came to me in England, and we have worked in my home studio. Sometimes after a treatment session, I could not work for several days, but they treat this with understanding. The worst was a burning sensation in the fingers and feeling as if someone were beating me on the humerus. My fingers are numb. Do not the most appropriate thing for the guitarist [laughs].

But you have coped with everything and finished the album.

We did it. And we are very proud of. The main thing is that this time, Ozzy was very interested in the work. When we worked with him before (even during the tour), he could say: today is not pridu» «YA. So already. But on this album, he really put his heart and soul, and gave some great ideas.

It took you a long time to finish this album, as well as took the recording process, once you were in the studio with Rick Rubin?

Approximately eight weeks. Not for long. A few things we did very quickly. For example, he once wrote me an email: «Nam would not prevent another Planet Caravan». It was a Friday night. Over the weekend I wrote the song on Monday went to the studio and played it to Ozzy, and on Tuesday we recorded it. It’s just an acoustic guitar, bass and voice of Ozzy. It is called the Zeitgeist. And it so happened that this is one of the best songs in the album.

Is it true that if Ronnie died, this album would not be?

We were planning to record another album with Ronnie. In this there is no doubt. Death Ronnie may have become familiar to Ozzy and he contacted us. In fact, Sharon called us the next day after the funeral of Ronnie and said that Ozzie wants to talk. I talked to him the first time in several years.

You always hope that you will be able to record another album with Ozzy?

I never rule out the possibility. I have always believed that this could happen.

But now we talk about Black Sabbath without Bill Ward. You have time to write something with Bill before he left?

No. But the decision not to participate in the work took Bill. He did the same thing when we teamed up with Ronnie as part of Heaven & Hell. Bill was going to become a member of the group, but he changed his mind. The funny thing is that he was going to apologize to Ronnie because he had not seen him since I left the Sabbath in 1980. And again he did the same thing! Bill so unpredictable. It just takes and takes. So he did this time. We have tried three times to work with Bill. But someday you have to give up.

Although Bill with you there, do you feel that is closer to Ozzy and Geezer after all that has happened over the last two years?

Yes, we’re very close. They have shown themselves perfectly. Anyway, we always remained friends over the years.

Well, Ozzie thinks not. He said that in the 80s you were in a state of war.

Well, then, that only npoiskhodilo no … yes it was painful. But we never hated each other

Do you still regret that Ozzy fired in 1979?

It was a difficult decision. And not one if Ozzy had a problem. I myself took a lot of things, sedatives, and God knows what else. None of us was perfect. So complete collapse was only a matter of time.

How would you describe your current relationship with Ozzy and Geezer? We as a family. We can not agree with each other, but we continue to see. Our relationship has always been so. Whatever problems we encountered no, it’s never been in a personal relationship. All the problems arose because of the business, but we are still close.

In April, the Sabbath went on a tour of Australia and New Zealand, in December, scheduled concerts in the UK. You try to work slowly?

We have ctpoit plans with great care, because I do not know how I will feel. Our performance at the Download and Lollapalooza last year really helped me. I began to feel great. But during the whole tour, I can not stay up late.

It is very uncomfortable, but it is necessary, otherwise you can «burn». Now I live differently than before. When friends invite me to dinner, I have to go first. If I went zhizn still, it would be more likely that the disease will return.

Have you become a greater appreciation for what is in your life?

Absolutely. You look at life quite differently. And the importance gain the most simple things. You have to take a different life, not as much as before.

The same can be said of Black Sabbath?

Oh, we all perceive the group to another. Now we do all right. We get along so well. Not at all like what was in the past, when we were all sitting on drugs.

Well, we can say that now you are on other drugs.

Ha ha ha, sure. Tea and bloody chemotherapy.

The future of Black Sabbath will be determined by the health of Tony Iommi. Tony sees the situation with cautious optimism. «Seychas, — He says — I feel normalno». He looks better than you would expect. True, a little thin, and he had to wear a wig to cover the hair loss caused by chemotherapy. When he reflects on what has happened over the last two years, when he says that helped him survive in the darkest moments of his life, Iommi said that the importance of the work on a new album Sabbath can not be overstated. «Eto So help me — he concludes. — I needed something to focus and work on the album could not be accounted kstati».

Black Sabbath will continue touring and Iommi — their treatment. But Ozzy Osbourne is one thing perfectly clear: if 13 will be the last album of Sabbath, the group will conclude its story on a high note, and musicians will regret nothing.

«I do not know if we can record another album — says Ozzy. — We are unlikely to survive another two of the same year. But we do not need it. By creating this album, we have completed the cycle. «

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