Revolution on the surface.

It has long been customary artificial lures imitate fish prey items, but over the years people have not only improved the bait, but also to adapt them to different ways of hunting interest of his species. Picking methods and techniques catching fish feeding during the day, in the water column as well as on the surface. He invented catchability bait to tempt predators, as well as those species that only occasionally hunted for small living organisms. In many places of the world the number of those wishing to catch a trophy predator has become so large that the natural water bodies are no longer able to satisfy the ambitions of fishermen, therefore, should pay attention to other types of fish that can reduce the growing excitement.

15 years ago, the main species, which "hunted" were spinning pike and perch. This is due to a large population of these predators and obsolete gear that were used at that time and made it impossible to catch a sports capricious and timid. With the advent of the European market of soft plastic lures, anglers have learned to successfully catch the walleye, but no one at that time still did not think about targeted fishing spinning chub, ide and chub.

In recent years, there is a tendency to minimize the baits, which opens up completely new opportunities for the angler. The turning point was the appearance on the market of all sorts of silicone imitations feed the fish — larvae, insects, various crustaceans, small fish and amphibians. In other words, all that may be in the stomach of the fish. Manufacturers have created model lures crankbaits, almost perfectly imitating insects caught in the water. We find not only shapes and colors, but also the game of bait, which proved to be extremely successful. Thus, an opportunity to admire beautiful pictures surface attacks ceased to be the prerogative of the fly fisherman and become accessible to everyone spinning.

Naturally, catching pike, perch or sea fish on large poverhnostniki known for a long time and is not something new. But what if you can not travel around the world and in local waters pike population is not so great? Could it be exciting fishing chub, ide, chub and dace? I assure you that the type of bait that I will present below, can inspire fishing, even if its production would be very small fish that inhabit the surrounding waters. It will not be the story of the most successful method or bait that works anytime, in any conditions. The above-mentioned species of fish can be caught, and using traditional baits. So what is the secret? In my opinion, this is one of the most spectacular and emotional ways of fishing, which I would characterize as follows.


I have deliberately used the word «hunting», because it is not usual and often nonsensical method «throws and exhausting.» In this case, we have to track down the fish, so to speak, to sneak up on her, and serves light bait in the very place of its location. The reward that will bite! Sometimes it is easy absorption of bait, and sometimes large crater on the surface of the water, and after a moment — a geyser of spray in combination with a flying fish out of water. And all this before the eyes of the angler!

There are certain times of the year when we are interested in fish almost completely change their eating habits and become very choosy. Once in the water the first fall insects, fish immediately begins to feed on the surface. In early spring, relatively cold and cloudy water causes it to seek prey at depth. Often, however, even the first hot days of May intensify fish so that by starting his feast on the surface, it stops it only with the first autumn frosts. Undoubtedly, late spring and summer is the period when the swarming insects gaining full force. Many fish are almost completely transferred to the new diet, the main components of which are the sorts of flies, beetles, bees and other insects. This time is usually characterized by low water levels in our reservoirs. Low levels can sometimes get where you will not get high water. Furthermore, it facilitates detection of fish pack. Our potential prey, except during spawning, rather reluctantly leaves his parking lot, so if lucky enough to find it — will delight fishing until the end of the fishing season!

I would like to acquaint you with lures vvide insects. I believe that the invention of tiny lures that mimic the behavior of various species of beetles, ants, grasshoppers, or even operating system will give you the opportunity to discover a whole new world with unforgettable sensations and fishing adventures. For years they have been the prerogative of single craftsmen, in the quiet of their workshops to improve the forms and unique game of bait. The latter are not only perfectly imitate natural forage fish, but also perfectly replenish the arsenal of classic crankbaits, which can not always be fishing on shallow water. The smallest 2.5-centimeter insect bait-catching capacity in an incredibly small rivers and streams. In all sorts of fishing web pages you can find photos of products of anonymous artisans, and an example of serial production can serve as bait Polish manufacturer — Hanter.

In 2013, the company Salmo has launched a new product called Salmo Lil’Bug. This new lure is available in two sizes — 2.5 and 3 cm, and in several colors, imitating the May beetle and ladybird. Tests in the field only confirmed its catchability. There is one rule that should be guided by choosing the color of the bait. We must remember that the fish will inspect and attack it from below. In other words, it will examine on a sky background. Depending on the time of the day, as well as weather conditions thus tried to match the color of the abdomen, so that he contrasted with the background sky. Color can also facilitate folding our choice. The concentration of view on the swaying point that perfectly blends with the environment, is simply painful. Do not be afraid of bright colors. Fish does not see a bright back, and we will greatly facilitate this process of catching. Salmo Lil’Bug united family of the least «classics» of the company, such as Tiny and Hornet.

Perhaps you are interested in, whether it is possible, in principle, to throw a little light and bait, the weight of the largest of which does not exceed 5 grams? To do this you must purchase an appropriate rod that will allow to «shoot» the little one for a considerable distance. In his «bugs» Salmo company has built long-casting system such as wire shaft. Inside the body axis moves cargo, which allows small bait casting fly at a considerable distance.

I have an ulterior motive cited the example of classic crankbaits. I realize that not every manufacturer has an assortment of imitation of real insects. But with a small change in the angle of the blade can be improved to a small floating wobbler so that he «drew» the surface. For this it is necessary to bend pliers blade so that it formed a right angle relative to the longitudinal axis of the lure. It is only necessary to make sure that the blade was bent smoothly. Otherwise, during a posting bait will fall on its side, it can be corrected by tilting the nose ring bait in the direction opposite to the deviation.

Few people know that the nose ring slightly tilting up or down, we can make the bait more aggression in the game (down) or weaken the number and power fluctuations (up). If, despite this, our bait, would still be under the water surface, it remains to either raise the rod up or bend the blade is even more to the angle exceeds 90 degrees. With this configuration, the power of the oncoming water flow will push the bait to the surface. To increase the stability of the modified to lure her zatsepistost recommend to remove the back tee, and the number of abdominal replace more.

It is necessary to say a few words about the equipment and bait technique sweeps when biting. Lures, insects often come with a T-piece, which can sometimes seem disproportionate. It is not the fault of the manufacturer. Long experience shows that when a typical attack from the surface of the larger size the tee is much more effective.

Somehow I managed to watch a flock of small chub, which stood in the shelter under the high bank. I handed him a small bug and watched as they were interested in. From time to time one of the fish swam … and at the last moment refused to attack. I do not know what scared her, but on the surface remained almost the same footprint as the classical bite. After several unsuccessful cuttings, I noticed that very carefully approached only fish to the bait, and even a little tee for a split second turned out to be not near the mouth of the fish. The first trophy I managed to catch only a tee changing to a larger two sizes. And such situations are repeated several times. Of course, the tee has a greater and greater «kill zone». It is foolish to assume that the fish will not be able to swallow, if you look at the mouth of a large chub, asp or ide, we can see that it is so high that can easily entirely «suck» even much larger bait.

In addition to the type of body of water on which we have gathered to catch, there are a few key rules to keep in mind when fishing with small surface lures. Light bait casting distance limit. Therefore, we need as close as possible to get close to our production potential, which is fed and in the surface layers. The difficulty lies in the fact that, especially in terms of clean water, we become prominent element of the landscape. Many anglers lose any chance of catching a trophy at the stage of landfall. Schools of small fish less shy, but adults and experienced trophies that are our goal, do not forgive mistakes.

Too noisy traffic, the sound of the rolling stones, jump off the cliff to the shore can scare away the fish for a few hours. Therefore, we must always remember that, as much as possible to remain invisible to the fish. You must use all sorts of opportunities for shelter and camouflage. Coastal bushes, tall grass, tree trunks allow us to merge with the landscape. Approaching potential parking fish must be as low as possible to bend to the ground, avoid bright colors in clothes, move slowly and do not go into the water if it is not needed. Wave raised our movement in the water and bottom sludge may arouse the suspicion of fish and thus cause the termination of Jora. Effective predator attack right before our eyes fully compensate all the work invested in the stalk to the desired trophy. The surface of this type of bait can be applied in reservoirs of different types. Let’s start with the great plains of the river.

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