Rock on the Black Sea.

About terminology and history.

The term «rokfishing» (rockfishing) refers to a specific type of coastal sea fishing, which is now widespread in Japan, Australia, New Zealand and England. Fishing takes place from the cliffs and rock ledges, surrounded by deep ocean or sea waters. Tackles are long, up to 4.5 meters, rods, lures used live or artificial. This fishing in something similar to catching in a plumb, but differs from other methods of relaxation with a fishing rod in the hands of the degree of risk. It is no exaggeration be called extreme — for example, according to the Coastal Rescue Australia until July 2009 there were 94 cases of death rokfishinga fans …

Another thing — rockfishing game. It is not fishing from rocks or other slippery shore piles, doused with powerful waves and spinning fishing fish living among the rocks. The founders of fishing considered Japanese, and it has become popular recently.

A few years ago, objects to rockfishing game could be all kinds of small fish, which you can catch in the coastal zone. But every year comes more specialization. So there was a division into light and heavy rock — light and hard rockfishing game. There were terms mebaring, aging … Why do we need to know? Then, as the gear is now available with a narrow specialization.

Leisure at sea with a spinning rod in the hands of more and more attracted by the inhabitants surrounded by seas countries. Not spared a fad and Russia. And if ten years ago, in the Krasnodar region nobody neither sleep nor spirit did not know that in the Black Sea can be perfectly caught on artificial lures with spinning, but now they are used at all, and the most diverse.

Pathfinder sea fishing with lures in the Krasnodar Territory is considered to be well-known Russian angler multiple world champion on fishing spinning Alexei Shanin, Dropshot actively promoting to the masses Oleg Bruschenko from Anapa and catch with Bombardier — his countryman Valeriy Karnozhitsky.

Evidence of the growing popularity of rokfishinga in Russia and became a successful tournament Salty Rocks («Salt Rock»), which was held in September 2012 in the village of Sukkah, on the beach of the Federal Children’s Center «Change». It was attended by 68 participants from 12 cities of Russia and Ukraine, their excitement warmed by more than one hundred thousandth the prize fund. Night Beach, floodlit, dynamic fishing, live commentary driving and screaming fans … This event is remembered by many!

So, if you are interested in this topic, I’ll talk about some rokfishinge "and more, anticipating the questions newcomers prompt to start.

And we must begin, of course, to prepare for fishing.


Spinning. To start with you can use any light (lite) or ultra-light (ultralight) spinning, and when the like, it is necessary to go to specialized gear.

Classic spinning rod for rockfishing game in Russia — the two-part, length 2.1-2.8 m, with the top test 7-8 g, which has a thick and thin Komlo sensitive tip, which is usually pasted into the form. The flexible tip allows a sensitive quality animate bait and determine the bite, and helps fat butt vyvazhivat zabivshuyusya in stone fish.

From the producers of spinning Obtained in class Luxury — UFM and DAIWA, very high quality rod and produce VARIVAS NORIES, low — GRAPHITELEADER (Calzante) and MAJOR CRAFT (Crossstage) and very cheap — PROX.

Vershinku divided into two types: hollow (Tubular, properly labeled T) and solid (Solid, with respective S) — it is necessary to know for the most efficient use of spinning with lures of specific types. Apex T are better suited for fishing lures, a S — for mikrodzhiga.

When fishing from the pier where long-range casting is not required, it is possible to use short «odnochastniki», which in our country is unjustly neglected by most of the fans spinning.

To snap a leash and with a vent splitshotom better to catch a spinning long (2.4-3 m), and for Dropshot — spinning a big test (up to 28 g), it was more comfortable to keep the bait in the right horizon in one place.

I’ve been caught with Dropshot Spinning PONTOON 21 Detonada with 5-21 g of the test and the test with DAIWA Phantom 7-28 of Weighty ogruzka especially necessary with a strong surf wave, when the lungs «Tyrolean Sticks» brings to the surface. However, there is a downside — a thicker «network», which increases the sail rigging.

There are spinning, which can be called universal — they can be ranked MATAGI Ajax to test 13 g and VARIVAS Violente for night Rangers Orange series marked VLL-77F-T (this rod I now use as their main working tool — it allows me to comfortable and easy to catch wobblers, and «Texas» snap-in, and «Karolinska» and Dropshot).

Coils. In my opinion, to the coils for the Black Sea rokfishinga no special requirements (giant trevally have unfortunately not found …). Dimensions of coils — the usual. Products which producers choose? At the discretion of the angler. Personally, I — fan of DAIWA.

You just have to remember that the sea water — rather hostile environment, and it is desirable that the material of the coil it was quite stable. After a series of fishings necessary to carry out maintenance and oiled coil -razbirat

Cords and leashes. Breaking strength cords must meet the tests of fishing line indicated on the form of spinning. In my opinion, it is better to use the «Twist» marked PE. Personal preference — Series Light Games from VARIVAS.

When fishing at sea, among the sharp rocks, it is recommended to use a leash from fluorokarbona. This material has a high abrasion resistance and less frays on the sharp rocks. On the number of bites leash no effect, but the cliffs bait when fishing without a leash happen much more frequently.

Thickness fluorokarbona for crankbaits and mikrodzhiga — 0,2-0,24 mm for Dropshot — 0.3-0.4 mm. I personally prefer fluorokarbon Famell from YAMATOYO.

Lures. At sea, used primarily Krenken length of 35-50 mm with a large blade, marked with the letter or MDR DR. Wiring is carried out in the vicinity of the bottom, with occasional scratching of scapula thereon.

Coloring matters. The main food supply inhabitants of reefs and grottos -kraby and shrimp, and these are due to color preferences predators. Works best dark colors — brown, dark red, dark blue.

You do not need to create a special collection for wobblers «rock» enough 3-4 models. In the Krasnodar Territory are the most popular PONTOON 21 Nur-noze MDR, DAIWA Bass Hunter and ACKALL Cherry 48.

Be prepared to be hooked. If the trouble occurred, stand 1015 m to the side and try to release the bait. In half the cases it is possible to unhook the baits. Did not work? Then you decide — to bring tribute to Neptune or swim.

Silicone bait. They suit all types, but better than other working artificial shrimp, crabs and other «krakozyabrochki» length of 1 to 3 inches (2,54-7,62 cm) of dark colors — brown, dark blue, dark marsh. Brilliant specks are welcome.

Very good results show «edible» silicone bait marked with UV — it means that when they are added to the production of paint, glow in ultraviolet light. Do not confuse them with glow in the dark «rubber» of the use of a large wing which is not seen. Our «rock phishers» emphasize the products of companies YUM, RELAX, BERKLEY, ECOGEAR.

I prefer silicone ECOGEAR Bug Ants and Rock Clow length of 2-3 inches (5,08-7,62 cm), MARUKYU Mini Tank 1 inch (2.54 cm), Power Isomy length of 8 and 10 cm, and the bait from the series Ecogearaqua — Aqua Stright and Aqua Shirasu.

Day fine catch bait series BERKLEY GULP and MARUKYU Power Isomy. From «silikonok» BERKLEY recommended to cut a thin strip of a thickness not exceeding 0.5 cm and a length of 2.5 cm. Power Isomy such a procedure is not required.

Jig. You can use conventional lead micro-jig-head weighing 1-3 g hook №6, and can be more expensive, made a firm specializing in sea fishing, — ECOGEAR and HAYABUSA. However, it should be noted that the head of the ECOGEAR due to its shape rarely fall into the «deaf» hooks, but they are 5 times more than usual. Practice shows that the losses are inversely proportional to price. But with the heads we save expensive silicone lures, not to mention the time it has to spend on dressing leashes.

Some anglers use a peculiar variant of split-shot, catching the usual gruzilo- «pellet» on flyuorokarbonovy leash hook just before or even on the shank of the hook, in front of his ring.

Hooks. When fishing with drop shotom can use special hooks, but fit and hooks for a split-shot, and the usual round «ofsetniki.»

The main thing — to tie the hook «back» down, otherwise there will be idle bite. For «Texas» snap and tap the leash, a circular «ofsetniki» or the usual hooks with a long forearm №68.

Georgia. For a drop-shot rigs and to make better use of diverting leash «Tyrolean sticks» that stand vertically in the water — it is at times reduces the possibility of hooks. «Tyrolean stick» can be made independently with the help of heat shrink tubing, swivel and lead sinker.

Attractants. Catching on «edible» rubber soaked in the «soup» of attractant, I noticed that the longer are using the lure, the less active nibble at it, but if you lower it again for 2-3 seconds in the «soup», biting resumed. He repeated the experiment several times — and all with the same result. From this it can be concluded that odor is important.

Time and place.

We find place for fishing by their appearance. Well, when there are large rocks on the shore (especially if they are sitting crabs), the bottom is rocky, preferably with large boulders, which form caves and grottoes, natural shelter employees benthic fishes. You can eve fishing snorkeling and check if there is a fish. If you can look at the sea from steep cliffs — perfect: top better visible irregularities of the seabed and the presence of algae — another natural hiding places for fish.

Determine the place, choose the time. It is not necessary to hurry and get up with the sun — you can spend the day with his family, and in the evening to go to the sea, toward the red from the hot southern sun vacationers. It is best to come to the shore to the 20-21 hour. Before sunset successfully caught fish such as carp, Roulin, goby. They have a relatively small mouth, which defines requirements for the tackle and lures — their length should not exceed 1-2 inches. Used small hooks №№8-10.

At sunset activated largemouth marine life.

On the coast, there is a concept — roll forward, it means that in smooth waves rolled ashore. This is usually the second or third day after the storm. At night, when reel often scorpionfish, and croaker caught at 1-2 meters from the shore, almost in the foam formed by the waves breaking on the shore.

Animation baits and rigs.

Lures. After casting doing some long jerks with a sharp rotation of the coil for recessed bait, then conduct it by touching the bottom of the blade. The ideal wiring is considered to be one in which the wobbler goes as close to the bottom, and the number of scratching of the bottom of the lowest. It is better to work out in the daytime, on a flat pebble bottom. I’m sure you will quickly realize what was happening, and learn the technique of wiring.

Drop shot. After touching the bottom of the sinker Retractor free «Twist» and Stretch it so as not to move the ship with the place, and the tip of the spinning while slightly bent. Resilient movements of different amplitudes and intensities, depending on the activity of fish animate twister, causing it to fill in various depths of water. Periodically, you can make a pause of 2-3 seconds. The amplitude of the motion of the tip of the spinning-from 1 to 50 cm. After «processing» area at the bottom of the site is slowly making 1-2 turns coil, dragging the sinker on the bottom. There are no «steps»!

Micro-jig, «Texas» and «Caroline» snap. Technique catching close. Basic wiring — the tip of the flexing spinning with bait on the bottom of the drawing and its periodic transfer to the bottom layer. Sometimes, especially in the daytime, it is helpful to use a very aggressive animation: the sharp tip of the spinning intense spurts amplitude of about half a meter, and even more (3-4 spurt), pause 1-2 seconds. Strike! And unknown until the fish struggling on the hook …

Black Sea trophies.

Now is the time to get acquainted with potential trophies. They are in the Black Sea — about a hundred species. I will dwell on the most commonly harvested rock ‘phishing, the most powerful, beautiful and «sport» — that is, those which compete -istinnoe pleasure.

SCORPIO (Scorpaena porcus), it is also the Marine ruff — owner of a huge mouth and sharp, mildly poisonous spines. It is the most common trophy spinning, found everywhere. The bite usually powerful — a sharp blow. When vyvazhivanii resists bending spinning in an arc, but does not make any sudden movements.

Black Sea croaker (Sciaena umbra) is more common than its white counterpart, which is listed in the Red Book and which should definitely go.

Slab — a worthy rival. Frankly, most of the «rokfisherov» come to the beach in the hope of catching this fish is. The bite looks like a powerful series of short runs, followed by a powerful spurt in depth. If a fish weighing more than 1 kg, to be sure — get a strong impression, and friction will please you with its shrieking. It also happens that this squealing ends with reserve «Braids» on the spool.

Stone perch (Serranus scriba) — perhaps the most beautiful and, unfortunately, a rare inhabitant of the Black Sea. Catch it — a great success. When biting behaves just like its freshwater counterpart.

Redfin or laskir (Diplodus annularis), biting briskly, confidently. His mouth is full of flat teeth. Resists powerful, constantly making sharp, methodical jerks in depth.

Zelenuha (Symphodus tinea), or Roulin. It’s a beautiful fish, caught in the afternoon, only to lure small. The bite is sharp, with a jerk to the side. When playing vigorously and strongly resists.

Smarida (Spicara smaris). It is interesting because it is not easy to catch on artificial lures, as this fish feeds mainly on worms and other invertebrates. Not surprisingly, most of it comes to «worms» Power Isome.

Grass goby, or green goby (Gobius ophiocepbalus) refers to the least mobile fish typically spawn, feed and overwinter in the same thickets, often eostery. Its food consists of crustaceans, small fish, shellfish. Feed preferences are changing depending on the season. Like other gobies, it is a common subject of recreational fishing.

About security.

On the Black Sea fishing to catching some fish should be treated with great caution. In particular this applies to the sea dragon. He comes across very often, but if you bite, it is necessary to get rid of it, observing all safety precautions. He has a long, narrow body, something he looks like a bull. If you prick poisonous spines of its first dorsal fin sharp pain will increase and half an hour to reach the maximum. Injection site becomes red, swollen, there is a headache, sweating, fever, impaired breathing, pain is felt in the heart. To conclude it can be very sad, so the victim must be taken immediately to the clinic.

With skorpenoy should be treated with caution. But her thorns although considered poisonous, suffering from them more than from the bite or sting of a bee.

If you prick there are unpleasant burning sensation and numbness passing hour. However, to experience the thrill of this, touch the tips of the fins scorpion. It is better to take in hand and shoot the hook, holding the thumb of the lower jaw.

Now you are warned, and thus armed. And hopefully interested. Next time, meeting at the Black Sea, look in the luggage room for spinning — and get an unforgettable experience of sea fishing!

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