Federal Space Agency told about the causes of the accident the carrier rocket «Proton-M», which occurred on July 2nd. Responsibility for the blast was again human error — improperly installed three of the six speed sensors. They were attached upside down.

shte at the start of the control system received an invalid command. As a result, mode is enabled " * Emergency flight, and led in the direction of the missile from the launch site. Three of the six sensors gave false information about the emergency operation. Six seconds happened dramatic impact on the steering gears. Dvigatel1 meanwhile continued to operate at full capacity. At the 13th second of the flight of an angular velocity sensor fixed deviation missiles off course. The result: the construction began to deteriorate at the joint launch vehicle with the upper stage.

«According to the analysis

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Russian Festival «Kulikovo Field».

Last year marked 625 years since the Battle of Kulikovo. The guards of the Moscow Grand Prince Dmitry Ivanovich September 8 (21 New Style), 1380 defeated the troops of the Golden Temnik Mamaia, organized a big march on Russia. This major battle was dedicated to the Russian festival of children risunka.19 September, the eve of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin, the day of the battle, in the International Children’s Art Gallery in Moscow, opened the final exhibition of the festival. The room — more than a hundred of the best drawings. And they came from all over Russia to

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How to become a workshop tutor.

Guiding budding photographers on their path to better images is no easy task. We talk to three expert tutors to see what it takes…

They say that those who can’t do, teach. Well, in the world of photography that sentiment falls flat. Here, those who teach must not only be able to do, but must also have a heightened awareness of the technical aspects of what they’re doing. Nothing requires greater knowledge of a subject than passing that knowledge on to an eager group of invested learners armed with equipment, a desire to see results and an arsenal of questions.

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How to Be A Teenage MILLIONAIRE

Do you want to be wildly rich? Do you want pop stars as friends? And all before you’re 20? Then you need Jamal Edwards’s rules on how to get ahead. By Georgina Blackwell

Jamal Edwards is sitting opposite me in a Kermit-green tracksuit. Behind him is his collection of more than 100 baseball caps. Yes, 100. Am I in an episode of MTV Cribs? No, I’m in a rather nice flat in Kew with the 22-year-old CEO, entrepreneur and founder of online broadcasting channel SB.TV. He is worth £8m, he wrote the book on what it’s like to be a

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Russian artist at home Andersen.

Work in Denmark at the invitation of Her Majesty Queen Margrethe II Dmitry Žilina went from a country where the profession of the artist over the last seven or eight years has lost its former social recognition, prestige began, outside the range of concerns of high state institutions. Although once, remembered by many artists not without a nostalgic warmth, these «care» pestered much free creator. But there were exhibitions, contracts, titles, awards, creative journey, large orders, systematic purchases. Now, if you’re lucky if someone help myself pretty tired with running, then you can, for example, to go to work on

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Ronald and Reginald Kray

Come to London and get to the East End — the former nest of corruption and crime, this reprobate monastery, hail the dead as richly expressed once chroniclers of everyday life. Here you will be happy to carry out the streets where prostitutes cut the Jack the Ripper. Or show a neat pub «blind beggar» at the Whitechapel Road. In this pub the March 9, 1966 peacefully drank himself Georgie Cornell. And there appeared in the doorway sinister figure Ronnie Kray. And Georgie him: «What kind of people!» And Ronnie it did not say anything, just pulled out his «lugger»

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Rokfishing during the holidays.

Holidays — a welcome rest time by pressing cases -Most of us who have the virus in the blood of fishing, trying to hold on a fishing trip. Each time this desire something interferes: cottage, repair, household chores. His wife and children are asked to bring their their views. What about fishing? Is all lost? Not at all. Collect the bags and go with his family to the sea. There and fishing.

«Telescope» better leave the house.

In various countries and at the resorts I’ve observed a similar picture: the fishermen with extinguished gaze, thrown into the sea t what

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Roman Golubev: «Everyone has his own way»

Talent these guys not to take away, they are not the first to conquer the hearts of the people. They never sing a soundtrack and have a very unusual name «1400». Their songs have become popular even without advertising. All details about their work and the band lead singer told us very romantic and humble guy Roman Golubev.

Roma, tell me about your childhood?

My childhood was quite difficult, but very interesting, full of constant traveling: Volgograd

— Kharkiv — Volgograd. Who would be there that I did not say, but it is clearly different from the childhood of the

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How to add film sprockets

Nothing says film photography quite like exposing a roll of 35mm, sprocket holes and all. Learn how to recreate the effect digitally

JORDAN BUTTERS: Film emulation is big business in modern digital photography. Despite the resolution, crispness and clarity that modern cameras are able to obtain, part of us still yearns for the analogue look and feel that you only get from shooting film. This technique allows you to obtain a realistic-looking 35mm sprocket film effect using the power of Photoshop.

Sprocket holes are the row of perforations along the top and bottom of a strip of 35mm film —

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How planets form.

Discover how our home, along with our Solar System neighbours and every other planet in the universe, was born from a chaotic cloud of dust and gas.

In a sense, planetary birth is a side effect of a larger birth: the formation of a star. Stars form from nebulas, massive clouds of gas and dust dominated by hydrogen and helium. Now and then, a disturbance in a nebula concentrates an area of gas and dust into a denser knot of material. If the knot is big enough and dense enough, it will exert enough gravitational pull to collapse in on

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