In the future, would it be possible to cross a planets orbit to reach it quicker?

Richard Badger

Planning spacecraft flight paths takes a lot of refinement. Due to the expense of spaceflight, the trick is to find the most efficient flight path. This reduces the fuel needed and therefore the cost to launch the mission.

We know the shortest and quickest way from one point to another is a straight line. Sadly, this process breaks down in space. This is because the two points are often moving and the transfer vehicle already has a motion based on the orbital speed of the planet or object it leaves from. To counter this, when planning orbital manoeuvres

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Illustrious SPECIAL

Choose the best treatments for the face glow, hair and body skin Taranenko Mary asked their colleagues from the editorial board to test and evaluate the results

"White" Room does not have any choice: it was decided to test procedures for the lights. Initially it was assumed that it would be the rituals for the face, but it turned out that the experts beauty centers are ready to make our hair shine and ,. and body. This diversity pleased colleagues who snapped up in a matter of minutes the proposed options. I went to the procedure of «Flash of Beauty»

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The best storage is the type that you didn’t even know was there. A system of sliding doors on rails, the Close system is specifically designed to close the units of Poliform walk-in closets.


Hafele’s Elite pull-out storage system is an organisation solution to any messy wardrobe because it can flexibly be adapted to fit different wardrobes. Thanks to an extensive range of trays, hampers and racks that effortlessly fit into the system, everything has a place.


The elegant Vodder tallboy was designed in 1959 and features Arne Vodder’s trademark

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During the operation under the influence of external climatic and mechanical factors, as well as the internal processes of degradation of radio-electronic equipment (REE) can sequentially move from serviceable to malfunction, but usable state, and then inoperable, but functioning. So, when the fault is insignificant, that is, does not prevent the use of the equipment for its intended purpose (color damage, minor dents), it remains operational. When one or more of its parameters are beyond the permissible values, the instrument becomes inoperable. Thus it can continue to function. However, to use it for other purposes can not be. The non-functioning


The system of self-salvation in a seismically hazardous areas


Earthquakes above resulted in significant damage to the elevator, and in the majority of these reports contain information on disasters stuck in the elevator passengers. Accordingly, the protective measures taken to improve the performance of the elevator in case of earthquakes and other natural disasters. However, even after the introduction of a number of improvements in the design and control system of new and existing systems, elevators still get damage during earthquakes.

In this article, drawing comparisons elevators in terms of their strength and safety in case of high seismic activity, the authors give a description of the manual

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In partnership with nature.

The Indian Institutes of Management (IIMs) were created by the Indian Government with the aim of identifying the brightest intellectual talent available in the student community of India and training it in the best management techniques available in the world, to ultimately create a pool of elite managers to lead the various sections of the Indian economy. IIMs play a leadership role in the nations managerial manpower development and carry out research in emerging areas. These Institutes are recognized as premier management institutions, comparable to the best in the world for teaching, research and interaction with industries.

IIM Udaipur, the

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Synchronous rectifier electronic key.

Typically, voltage rectifiers perform diode voltage drop which depends on the material and the type diode and lies within 0.5 … 1.5 V. If the load current of tens of amperes, the rectifier components scattered and lost a lot of power. To minimize power dissipation, controlled rectifiers used. Often they operate the field effect transistor, the voltage drop at which the open state is not more than tens of millivolts. If the gates of transistors supplied control signals from the rectified voltage, such is called synchronous controlled rectifier. There are various options for synchronous rectifiers.

The article deals with bipolar

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In Love with a Big Screen



Forget Full HD 1080p. the Sony VPL-VWIOOOES is set to revolutionize the meaning of home theater by bringing true cinema experience into the home. The new VPL-VWIOOOES is the world’s first 4K 3D home theater projector, taking digital entertainment beyond HD with native 4K (that’s 4096 x 2160p) imaging for both 2D and 3D content. This super high definition 3xSXRD projector features Sony’s newly developed 4K SXRD panels, an ultra brightness rating of 2,000 ANSI lumens, and an incredible 1.000,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio, ensuring exceptionally vibrant and rich

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An elevator system with several cubicles


Masami Sakit — an independent consultant and inventor, specializing in transportation systems. 11 He owns U.S. patents and Japanese Patent 3 pertaining to the elevator systems with several cabins, rotary motors and controllers traffic control signals. He has a Ph.D. from the University of California at Berkeley in transport engineering. Before becoming an independent consultant, he led the company Sakit Sakita Corp., specialized in software development for traffic control signals. Work in the company SRI International, De Leuw, Cat- her and Co. and the regional transport department of the State of Colorado.

This article discusses the new elevator system

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SYNDROME svinushki

Every year is the beginning of mushroom season fans quiet hunting and their relatives accepted debate: take it or not, and if you took — eat or not eat. Spring morels are a subject of discussion, summer and autumn — svinushki. In the web over the last serious passions boil. Some say: take, take, and will take, and if someone is etched, so they did not know how to cook. Others argue: look, the whole of Europe considers svinushki poisonous mushrooms. Still others, having read forums regret that scored a bucket of mushrooms and now will have to be disposed.

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