Became a legend

Ivan Harlamovich Mickle

«.Vodil Group of 6-18 IL-2 to perform complex and demanding command assignments, each time, despite intense opposition to enemy fighters, repeatedly getting into bad weather, with low cloud cover (100 — 200 meters) poor visibility (800 — 1000 meters) made his way to the intended target, perfectly executed combat missions, dealt a powerful enemy assault strikes and no losses each time returned to their base. All tasks are performed on the set objectives and without a single loss of orientation. «

This is an excerpt from the document Wartime titled «Short specification of the personal combat exploits Guard lieutenant IH Mickle. » The document was signed on April 20, 1944 the commander of the 141 th Guards Attack Aviation Regiment Guard major AP Kompaniec.

By the time of the signing IH Mickle was already an experienced pilot of attack aircraft. Its also the first flight on a combat mission, he made July 5, 1943 This date marks the beginning of a grand Battle of Kursk, which was developed not only on land but also in the air. As part of the 667 th Attack Aviation Regiment of the 292 th Attack Air Division of the 5th Air Army Lieutenant JC Mickle on its Il-2 ground-attack of the enemy. From bomb explosions on the ground in the sweltering July sky rose smoke and dust. In such circumstances, Ivan Kharlampovich lost its lead. Left alone, he was attached to one of the planes. However, looking at the compass, I was horrified to find that flying to the West, that is was attached to enemy aircraft. Quickly turning, he declined to strafing. As outbreaks identified gaps the front line and sat down on the first seen from the air airfield. In his regiment he returned only the next day. Expected separation of oversight, but, knowing the condition of the young pilot was not blamed. But in the future did not disregard any error, suggesting holding of reckless behavior by teaching aptly hitting the target. And the results were not long in coming. From flight to flight Mickle perfected his flying and tactical skill.

Excellent steering technique, lightning reaction, ability, as they say, shooting at random, not just rescued IH Mickle in combat. So, August 4th, 1943 17 IL-2 under the command of Captain GT Beauty flew to attack the enemy troops moving along the road Bolhovets — and Krasnaya Polyana Belgorod — Belgorod. In the target area Soviet attack aircraft were attacked by five enemy fighters Me-109. Despite the attack fighters and heavy fire antiaircraft artillery, senior pilot IH Mickle destroyed two cars and shot with a load of up to 20 soldiers and officers.

Soon IH Mickle entrusted to drive the battle group crews. The comrades in the regiment joked:

— Ivan was born under a lucky star. Whatever flight — no holes.

Looks like jinxed. August 18, 1943 a group of 18 IL-2 attacked the enemy in the area of ​​Rust-ECV, Baba, Yakovlevka. There they were attacked by 30 fighter FW-190 and ME-109. The first pass was a plane IH Mickle, make six stormtroopers. To help arrived comrades, reflecting enemy attacks. Soon, however, the enemy Bf-109 was able to hit the car of Ivan Kharlampovich, breaking the plane and spars. But that did not calm down enemy fighter. He jumped in front bottom left, making a left turn for the re-entry. Mickle, just noticing the maneuver the enemy, turned sharply to the left with a small belittling and distance 5070 meters attacking Me-109, which caught fire and crashed into the ground. After that Ivan Kharlampovich again joined the battle and repulsed several enemy attacks.

THEIR. Mickle had to perform various combat missions: to drive the group to attack the airfields and the accumulation of military equipment of the enemy, flying on reconnaissance in the most difficult weather conditions, «hunt» in the rear of the enemy, «ironing» the cutting edge in front of the advance of our troops on the ground. And always he successfully perform combat tasks. Especially Ivan Kharlampovich loved flying at low altitude. One day he was assigned to the head of the six attack aircraft to strike at concentrations of enemy cavalry. Ability to lead a formidable attack almost to the ground in handy brave pilots. Destruction of the enemy have not only direct hit missiles, bombs and bullets, but the roar of engines, the very kind of attack aircraft, bearing the low-level flight. Six months after arriving at the front in the fighting characteristics of Ivan Mickle it noted: «Excellent scout, resolute in battles, showing courage, bravery and heroism. From the fight every time out the winner. «

Successful action IH Mickle were appreciated by the command. His luck was legendary, and the name itself — Ivan Mickle — soon became legendary. In premium sheet, signed January 12, 1944 Lieutenant Colonel KD Rymshinym, said: «Comrade. Mickle for the period of stay at the front of World War II has made 87 successful combat missions in the Il-2. For excellent performance of 20 sorties awarded «World War II» I degree and 23 successful sorties Order «Red Star». After the second government award made 44 successful sorties. During the period of combat operation destroyed 112 trucks with infantry and cargo of 27 tanks, 8 anti-aircraft and artillery battery, bunker 6, 11 w. d. wagons blew up 1 large ammunition depot, 2 warehouses with combustible and has shot up to 500 soldiers and officers. He participated in 22 air battles with enemy fighters. Shot down 1 fighter Me-109 in person and 5 enemy fighters in a group fight, destroyed on the ground 1 S-87 … to fly in any weather …

For excellent performance of 87 combat missions in the Il-2 was shot down Me-109 in person and five enemy fighters in a group fight, destroyed on the ground S-87, other than of attack in the Belgorod, Kharkov, Krasnogradsky, Poltava, Kirovograd areas, displaying courage and heroism worthy of the highest governmental award — awarded the title «Hero of the Soviet Union.»

July 1, 1944 decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR Lieutenant JC Mickle was awarded the title «Hero of the Soviet Union.» By this time the 667 th Attack Aviation Regiment was called had 141 Guards. He is part of the 9 th Guards Assault Air Division 2nd Air Force participated in the Lvov-Sandomierz operation carried out from 13 July to 29 August 1944. We refer only to the memory of Marshal Aviation SA Krasovsky, a former commander of the army. «Masters of assault attack VI Andrianov, TY Begeldinov, SE Volodin, GU Chernetsov THEIR Mickle and MP Odintsov, — he wrote — three or four times a day, led the group «sludge» and crushed the enemy north and south Koltovaya. Tankers warmly thanked the pilots for their help. » Indeed, the commander of the 3rd Guards Tank Army General PS Rybalko said in those days: «Stormtroopers Guards 1st Guards Ground Attack Air Corps for the period of cooperation with the troops of the 3rd Guards Tank Army on the battlefield worked perfectly.»

Autumn of 1944, a senior lieutenant IH Mickle led the squadron. By their own, have already become legendary quality, «all-weather» and luck, he added one more: one of the first in the regiment began to fly combat missions at night. And not just to fly, but also to use new tactics. Initially, the squadron operates flights on a five-minute time slot at a height of 600-800 meters. But the enemy has adapted quickly to such tactics. As soon grasped the spotlight beam attack, anti-aircraft guns opened fire fairly accurate. THEIR. Mickle, seeking to avoid losses, proposed to reduce the time interval between aircraft and to fly only a couple. This allowed the slave to hit the spotlight when his plane beam hits the lead. As a result of combat losses have decreased, and the effectiveness of night bombing has increased substantially.

During the Berlin strategic offensive IH Mickle was tasked to attack the enemy troops, is located in one of Berlin’s parks. The object was safely covered by anti-aircraft artillery. Mickle, having received this information from the headquarters of the regiment, a specialized group for the suppression of air defense systems. Then held a meeting with the crews stormtroopers fighter pilots cover, which were worked out in detail the order and direction of approach to the target. After reaching the target area enemy machines was not found. Downstairs, next to the park, there were only a few houses and two large barn. Mickle Squadron deployed aircraft cannons and hit one of the barns. And then came alive enemy anti-aircraft guns and tanks crawled out of the barns and raced toward the park. However, the storm troopers were able to suppress the anti-aircraft artillery and inflict significant damage to the enemy tank group. For successful performance of combat missions Kharlampovich Ivan was awarded the Order of Alexander Nevsky. And on June 27, 1945 at the legendary pilot chest shone a second «Gold Star».

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