Fresh blood CANNIBAL CORPSE: MAIN — serious about the business!

Each genre is bound to have a group that is trying to outdo diligently all his colleagues in the genre. In the case of the death-metal is. undoubtedly, Cannibal Corpse. It would seem that where much cooler? Next Carcass nowhere. And here and there — Cannibal Corpse managed to bloat the coolest death metal. Get at least the name of the dead -simple these guys are no longer enough. Another thing cannibal corpse …

Cannibal Corpse different from their other colleagues in the death legion more acute thirst for blood and more inventive graphic grotesque. Remember, one of the oldest said the classic phrase — «do not judge a book by its cover"? So, to some extent, this also applies to Cannibal Corpse. Only in the opposite sense. Cover pales in comparison with the content of the new album «Butchered At Birth". The cover shows two stupidly grinning zombies that kitchen knives cut up the corpse of a female, pulled out the dead children, and hung by hooks hanging nearby. It does not appear the first suspicions — everything was in order with these guys head? By the way, the drawing was made by the famous American comic book author named Vincent Locke.

Further, on the insert is two stories freezing soul (one of the Middle Ages, the other of modernity) of how two idiots narulivali their neighbors and dined the product thus obtained.

Naturally, such nonsense could not pass unnoticed. Large stores in Germany, the UK and the US have refused to sell the album. And in addition to all the Canadian customs official confiscated a copy of the album «Butchered At Birth"Sent New York a headquarter Metal Blade station CFOX. Sounds good?

As a result, the US intervened censorship and an acceptable compromise was found — now the album is sold wrapped in an impenetrable layer of white paper. Chris Barnes, vocalist and lyricist, says that we should not so much go for the album cover.

«There is no reason to prohibit this cover. In fact it is simply nonsense. Ordinary artwork. It will not hurt anyone."

Chris clearly faking it. It is enough to read the texts, and everything will be clear. Do not believe? Find liner and note the number text «Innards Decay". All at once it becomes clear. As for Chris, he just grins and continues his relaxed tone:

«When you read our lyrics, you get a visual idea of ​​what the song says. In every thing a lot of different pieces and fragments and, if you gather them all together, then you can understand how my brain works. When fans read the lyrics, they get a complete picture of our album. I read a lot of material about the killers who committed a series of crimes and has transformed this material into the lyrics."

If you have doubts about the wisdom of Chris Burns. they are well founded. But its main purpose the man still made. The group noted.

In general, Cannibal Corpse was formed in 1987 and on their account already have one piece of vinyl, named in the same spirit — «Eaten Back To Life". Ho’s second album is much higher level. Still, after work on it a star producer Scott Bums. And thanks to his technique, nightmarish lyrics and dizzying pace merged into one plague death-metal-album.

Chris also continues to smirk.

«We see our mission in the future conglomeration of grotesque. Such an approach we like. Judge for yourself, because no one runs into a second-rate horror movies and does not require them to be similar to the "Terminator II". This is a completely different way of life. If people like scary things, then there is nothing we can do about it. Real violence is really disgusting, well, we just jiving …"

Well banter quite successful death metal guys from Cannibal Corpse — proof of this successful European tour. And there is a real chance that soon to the twists of the quintet will listen and America.

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