At the time, I decided to manufacture a set of furniture for the garden plot, which is — which is very yayazhnpsh should be durable, stylish and well suited for our needs.

Interesting fact: the simplicity of manufacture of the product and its durability depends on the quality performance of connections — in this case, connections vpoldereva and spikes. Style pieces of furniture set small touches such as decorations in the form of diamonds, sawed in the top and in the upper bar of the bench. The same diamonds adorn the bridge tables and benches. And finally, to attract attention, the upper slat benches sawn stepped form.

In addition, individual elements can be set to give a new functionality. For example, the bench can be easily turned into a rocking chair or a chair, but this — in the next issue of the magazine.


The frame of cedar

At the heart of the bench frame — two side and two intermediate sub-assembly, connected by two bridges. With this solution, all the nuances of the process consist in combining these components.

To understand what I mean, you look at the side subassembly. The rear and front leg stud selected slots support seat. In support drank rebate to get Spike vpoldereva connection with the back leg and the front leg, it just fits into the groove. This support does not cover the seats full width of the groove as the front and back legs, leaving room for the jumpers connecting subassembly into the frame.

Each of the compounds collected on the polyurethane adhesive and reinforced stainless steel screws — two important components of the weather protection.

In the manufacture of sub-assemblies should be remembered that they — the mirror, as is fairly easy to get confused and had a groove or a thorn on the wrong side of a component. Therefore, special attention should be paid here markup and monitor progress as its implementation.

On a board thickness of 50 mm mark out the contours of the rear legs, front legs and seat. Drank details choose them grooves and folds.

The intermediate subassembly

These sub-assemblies consist of a seat support and backrest. Operation is the same as in the manufacture of sub-assemblies of the side parts. The only difference is that in the area of ​​support backs fold drank groove back jumper.


Front bridge has a fold at the edges and grooves in the central portion for connection with the side and intermediate subassemblies. The rear jumper just saw off the desired length and inserted into the slots in the rear legs. Intermediate subassemblies rest on the upper side of the rear bridge.

Installation brackets

After assembly of the frame bench, start assembling strips and armrests. But that collected bench looked better, with some bars will have to tinker. In particular this applies to one of the bars of the back, which should be fit to the armrests, which are cut to the same quarter in place of their connections with the rear legs. And one bar is necessary to adjust the seat to the front legs.

To install all items with minimal effort, it is advisable to observe a certain order of assembly: Set the armrests, backrest mounted alternately straps and fastening straps to complete the operation of the seat.

Replace the two armrests, you are ready to install. All trims the seat and back are cut from pine planed boards thickness 27 mm. Depending on the location of the splines on the bench, they have different length, width, and even shape.

First comes the bottom bracket of the backrest. It is adjacent to the seat supports and screws attached to the backrest. Holes for screws are drilled in advance so that their heads were buried and drowned cedar plugs.

Secure the bottom bar, add sample strips, evenly distributing them between the bottom bar and armrests. Then customize the bar on the armrests. This is a typical plank, which are made on the edges of the sample for the support on the arms. By attaching another typical bar, set the upper limit.

By bringing back, go to the slats of the seat. This sample strips, one of which has a sample of the front legs. In addition, the front strap to the shortened, that it can stand between the legs, and its corners are rounded for beauty.

The elements of decoration

To complete the production of the bench, it is necessary to make a few more details. Firstly, the support brackets armrests, then — cork, which I mentioned earlier, and finally, the diamonds on the front of the jumper.


Cone plugs into holes tighter cylindrical. They can be cut in a home workshop with a special cork drill. To this end, cutting boards make non-through cuts cork drill, and then saw off the lower part of the board Luchkova or bandsaw.


In this bench are two decorative elements in the form of a rhombus: cut-outs in the rails countertops and stickers on the front crosspiece. How to make a diamond-shaped (eg, square) slot with clear clean walls. Finally, you can lightly touch up the sharp edges of fine needle files.

Diamonds stickers are cut from the workpiece thickness 6 mm and glued with polyurethane glue.

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