How many springs feeds the Volga.

The author of these lines asked to write about the children’s drawings on the theme of Pushkin prepares to publish a children’s jubilee Pushkin Encyclopedia. The author refused. The initiators of the future publication of statistics like how many and which do and do exhibitions, as shown on the drawings or that show … But the figures whether the case! And who, how these figures can be collected?

A year ago, took place in Moscow two expositions: the young Muscovites and the whole of Russia. On the Republican exhibited in Moscow it was about a hundred pages, and the children were sent from all over Russia for more than seven hundred thousand. That is, most of the figures are only waiting for the show. On the Russian exhibition, held at the Central Children’s Library, perfectly presented children heartland: from Izhevsk, from the villages and towns of the Sverdlovsk, Smolensk and other areas. Perhaps there in the field, could also be held and exhibitions about Pushkin. In the village of New Vc-man more than twenty years, there is a school of Pushkin Museum. Does not seem to do without it and exhibitions …

On the day of the death of Pushkin, February 10 Moscow G.Shaposhnikov actor and I had a meeting with students of two schools in the Podolsk district. George F. read Pushkin’s poems, I showed lithographs from his cycle and Pushkin told orabote over him. In one of the schools for our arrival in the hall was a spur of the moment an exhibition of watercolors and gouaches mladsheklassnikov on themes of fairy tales of Pushkin.

The Central Children’s Library, in Moscow, there is room Pushkinskaya. In it for the anniversary of Alexander joyful efforts of the children and their teachers are preparing an interesting «Collected Works», several large volumes of «gift» format. In one volume — «Ruslan and Lyudmila», another — «The Tale of the Dead Princess and the Seven Knights», hereinafter — the «Gypsies». Children draw illustrations that are then glued to the book block with decorating binding, title page, screensavers, and other bookish elements. The work on the volume ends with an exhibition of illustrations created right there in the room Pushkinskaya.

Once in the editor’s office of «Young Artist» I saw on his desk a stack of illustrations to Pushkin’s fairy tales, made with markers and colored pencils.

— Vitaly — I asked — what is it?

— Yes, that brought the show director of linguistic school. Just. He painted in the school.

And, then, and in the linguistic school oozes key feature of interest in the works of Pushkin. The child still does not know much. Travellers bells had not rattle under the arc of a galloping horse (no arc, a horse rider on horseback) and hang from the horse’s muzzle. The author does not know that in ancient times the action tale could not have a parachute, which descends from heaven, his character. But he already knows Pushkin, Pushkin it interesting.

Who and how to keep records of all the exhibitions on Pushkin? And how many drawings done with emotion and enthusiasm, for various reasons, did not appear at the shows, and perhaps never will be? Today, of course, there is a huge iconic children’s spontaneous Pushkiniana, define the limits of which we can not afford. Exhibition of children’s drawings of Pushkin, which are known to the author of these lines, or someone else, only the island of visible peaks of submarine ridges and ridges. According to him speculate about continuously pulsating love to light the world of Pushkin, his presence in our everyday.

For a long time I worked on paintings, lithographs and drawings of Pushkin cycle with a sense of loneliness. In the summer, going from Moscow by train through Istria, Chekhov Nakhabino, with some sadness thinking that’s the place where my Pushkin, perhaps, Nico-mu is not needed. Now some fashionable poppy pray to idols. And another very much, life is hard. Not to Pushkin. But Moscow museum «Overcoming» the Nikolai Ostrovsky, located in the house on Tverskaya Zinaida Volkonskaya, decided to celebrate the 850th anniversary of the Moscow exhibition of my work on Pushkin. It is planned for four weeks. But then, at the request of the audience, was extended for another two weeks. In the guest book entries were:

«Hearing about the exhibition on the radio came to the meeting with our Pushkin … The inhabitants of Istria» -Full version signature. «Having read in the newspaper about the exhibition, decided by all means to get acquainted with new works of Pushkin. We are from Nakhabino. » Can such records when faint feeling of loneliness! Among the visitors were a lot of children, teenagers and college-age youth. Pushkin’s name attracts many. «Hello, tribe young, unknown!»

Even while working on this stuff called me: the Moscow children’s art studio «Rainbow» finishes preparations for the opening of the exhibition of the Studio of Pushkin.

And another call — a few days — the opening of the 2nd All-Russian exhibition at the Pushkin theme, Pushkin, prepared by employees of the Moscow Children’s Art Gallery. Pushkiniana continues.

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