I almost lost an arm over kidney surgery!

All slip-up leads to horrendous limb-mangling episode!

But that fate befell 23-year-old Michael Corrigan from Fife, following a calamitous chemical cock-up.

“I was in hospital to have an operation on one of my kidneys,” he explains, “and there was a mistake made with the drip. They pumped too many drugs into my arm and it swelled up to an enormous size. They basically had to make this wound on my arm just to ease the pressure.

If they hadn’t done that,

I would have lost it.”

The resulting gaping gash on his forearm had to be left for two full, agonising days in order for the limb to right itself — and that wasn’t all.

“Yeah, there was another similar-sized wound on the other side of my arm too,” he laughs, “but this was the more unpleasant of the two. But at least I still have the use of my hand, although not for a few more weeks.”

When those few weeks are up, Michael’s hand will have to get accustomed to being used again. We’d recommend an exercise involving the raising of beer glasses to mouth height — he’s earned it!

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