Favourite colours and styles change often as our kids grow from toddlers to teens. Children want to infuse their own personalities into their bedrooms. And they should; after all, it is their space. Fortunately, there are many ways to do this harmoniously with the rest of a home without succumbing to Elmo overload.

Giving kids room to grow in their bedrooms begins with choosing the right furniture when they are newborns. Jordana Jacobson, Owner of Cravings Maternity & Baby Boutique and Cravings KIDS Lifestyle Boutique, recommends choosing convertible furniture that can be adaptable as children mature.

Convertible Furniture

Convertible cribs can be switched to a toddler bed and then to a double bed as a child grows.This alternative is convenient for a few reasons — financial (one time cost spread out over many years), green (don’t have to sell or haul that crib to the dump), and growth development. As many kids consider their beds to be a safe haven, allowing the crib to be converted to a toddler bed, and then full sized bed frame can comfortably aid your child in moving through the ‘big steps’ of life.

Dressers and desks are other convertible staples that can first be used as change tables by simply adding a padded changing pad to the top. After the short diaper stage — which often seems to last forever to a parent — the change pad is removed, instantly converting from a nursery to a toddler room. For those who have more than one child sharing a room this is a great option to maximize the use of surfaces within the children’s room.

Jacobson notes that these versatile furniture pieces are intended to last, and so both the cost and quality is often higher than mass-produced pieces, but long-lasting, classic furniture is well-worth the investment when designing a room to grow with your child.

Adding Personality

Now that you have the bones of the room in key pieces of furniture, there are easy and inexpensive ways to embrace your child’s personality in their bedrooms — start with colour. It is often simplest to keep at least the majority of the walls and furniture colours neutral. Grey is currently the most used neutral for kids’ bedrooms, following the trend found throughout today’s homes.

According to Jordana, most popular for children’s bedrooms continues to be blues and greens for boys, pinks and purples for girls. What is new however, are fun, bold prints like polka dots, stripes and chevron.

Colour and pattern can be added to a feature wall, or be included in the bedroom’s accessories, which makes them easily and economically swapped as a child’s taste changes.

Toss pillows, bedding, lamps, rugs and wall art are all easy ways to update a child’s bedroom. Allowing a child to help select some of these items as they age is a way to create a bedroom that feels like their personal space. Accessorizing with favorite characters of the moment can be a smart way to add personality and appease your children without theme- overload.

Installing some key hardware items such as shelves helps create order within a space. Allowing your kids to add their personal prized possessions to these areas (which will inevitably switch from dolls and super heroes to autographed celebrity photos and sports trophies as they age) this gives them a way to display their favourite things, but also creates parameters around the maximum pieces allowed to eliminate hording tendencies. Once the shelves are full, it is time to go through them to move some items to storage or donate them.

Same premise can be used with a hanging magnetic or push pin bulletin board. It is a stylish way to offer a space to proudly show off school photos, certificates of achievement and their latest crushes, which can easily be changed as their tastes do, and save your walls from gashes and holes.

Top 5 Simple & Inexpensive Ways to Update a Child’s Bedroom

1. Walls — While keeping walls a neutral colour is the easiest way to switch colour schemes, painting a wall the colour of your child’s choice can give a bedroom a fresh look. Popular right now is wallpapering one wall in a bold pattern or print. 2. Bedding — Sheets and duvet covers in a bold colour or print is a simple way to change up the look in a bedroom, and going withTransformers or Dora that are time specific trends in your child’s world gives them excitement in their space.

3. Pillows — Toss cushions can add some colour and personality. Your pre-teen loves One Direction? Rather than plastering an entire wall with magazine photos, frame and hang their favourite poster and then use accessories like toss cushions to bring a bit more of their favourite boy band into their bedroom.

4. Curtains and Pulls — Similar to bedding, purchasing curtains in a colour or pattern that ties into the rest of the bedroom is an inexpensive way to update the look of the entire room.

5. Art — Wall decals are found in abundance all around the city from boutique stores like Cravings, to big box retailers and even Dollarama. Inspirational words for a baby’s bedroom walls to fun patterns and even interactive race car tracks for active little auto enthusiasts, decals are easily removable and can instantly transform the look and feel of a child’s bedroom.

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