LEAD shadow

Or a history of combustive-lubricating KINGDOM

«Infernal machinations» in the «paradise»

This story is revealing. Measure officials feeling of impunity, by how obvious are violations of environmental (and other) legislation that residents are willing to do to protect their legitimate interests.

To begin with, how she came immediately. The situation is simple, despite the abundance of documents, the conflict of several parties, the judicial proceedings.

In the village Nazia Leningrad region not so long ago there were just two problems: the reconstruction of the old stock of fuel and lubricants to the size of the tank farm and the construction of a plant for the processing of gas condensate. Both came illegally. Because both projects have not passed the state ecological expertise (SEE).

JSC «Yurfinholding» (gas condensate plant) and ZAO «Nazievskaya Fuel Company» (former warehouse of fuels and lubricants) and had almost begun to finish building without the necessary documents. And only when the locals began to write the complaint, and send them checks required documents began to appear. Eventually all were. And yet — is illegal. Because no official had no right to give them without a positive conclusion of this very SER.

Love V. Nesteruk, Nazii resident, said: «Even went to the construction of» Yurfinholdinga «if people did not veer emissions with newfound oil depot. Not only would notice. We never knew what kind of value — clean air, and here we have it again — and taken away. «

Salt is that the Law on Environmental Protection of the Russian Federation is registered presumption of ecological danger lyu-

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