Rock against snobs, Anglomania.

In the 90s, few Russian rockers trying to sing in English: the old call, and the new generation who have risen in the wake of the soundtrack of «Brother-2», always erected in the cult of his lyrical experiences. But after a few years, and the case went forgotten native tongue boys with Oasis in players with expensive guitars that provoked endless battle for the purity of speech in a musical environment.

«It all started in the fall of 2011. Then it became clear that now is a new decade. Padla Bear had no place in ten of its mission was complete zero, reminding everyone that sing in Russian, you can not just hip-hop or govnorok. The mission was accomplished, and I was able to return to the garage rock in Russian, «- says one of the group members Padla Bear Outfit Arseny Morozov. The associates, he called his bandmate Fuzzy Pets Nikita Krikunova and went to the new swimming called Sonic Death.

Those who heard the record groups represented on the network, understand that St. Petersburg is not just a team is named after the live album Sonic Youth in 1984. Americans have always been a role model for musical anarchists armed with guitars frustrated. Variety catalog Sonic Death obligation in determining the style of music used by a dozen categories, but they are all united by a common concept: deliberate simplicity and performance plus gusts arrange psychedelic madness. «This is the story of rock, it appears to us. Garage punk, hard, psychedelic kraut, progressive, ballads, shoegaze. A group Padla Bear Outfit was the vanguard of the Slavophile experiments «, — says Arseny.

In the Russian independent music split — as opposed to «DJs and designers,» sitting in expensive bars, intensified original musical daunshifgery playing uncompromising music in dilapidated basements whiskey-Cola for $ 100. In both cases, the form is more important than the content, but the St. Petersburg group, perhaps, the first who seriously work with lo-fi from the time of «Civil Defense». «For me, at the end of zero lo-fi was a revelation, basically it was a garage, folk and avant-garde. Somehow, the poor quality of the recording to me then seemed particularly beautiful, and yes, indeed, I saw this all still some ideological overtones … In short, the artists that sound like ass, I returned to the belief that music is still It can be an art. «

Musical traditions Sonic Death persistently overshadow and mostly occupied by incessant rock ‘n’ roll happening — with bars, fights, alcohol and other excesses romantic attributes in the spirit of «nothing to lose». «It’s not a no, whether the project! What is this all because of the word and how it may relate to the art of music? We’re not engineers, to make calculations, and architects to draw blueprints. Our whole goal — is Sonic Death », — concludes ominously drummer Daniel.

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