Rokfishing during the holidays.

Holidays — a welcome rest time by pressing cases -Most of us who have the virus in the blood of fishing, trying to hold on a fishing trip. Each time this desire something interferes: cottage, repair, household chores. His wife and children are asked to bring their their views. What about fishing? Is all lost? Not at all. Collect the bags and go with his family to the sea. There and fishing.

«Telescope» better leave the house.

In various countries and at the resorts I’ve observed a similar picture: the fishermen with extinguished gaze, thrown into the sea t what they used to throw into rivers, lakes and ponds. Their families relax — sunbathing on the beach, reading, sunbathing, and indulge in the pleasures of a resort. But the heads of the families can not cope with it and try to implement the «stolen" release fishing opportunities. From the suitcases take out the coveted telescopic fishing rod or buy a simple tackle local trade collapsed. Most often, these venture does not bring results. Sea requires a special approach. When you combine this resort and productive fishing easy.

For fishing in the «resort» style is better tuned to catch medium-sized coastal fishes style rockfishing game. It brings maximum results, allows you to catch the fish completely different, regardless of the place, is not demanding to specific gear. Also, do not need a lot of equipment. which takes place in the luggage. Rockfishing Light Game — this is a whole new trend in the marine coastal fishing with light tackle. A lot of what we use in freshwater fishing, fishing done in this style. Because of the variety rokfishevyh rods, a huge number of «rubber», jig heads, hooks, lures, woods, strings, fluorokarbona, equipment it is possible to collect the necessary and sufficient set of fishing for «just anywhere» — a sort of holiday set that will not allow you to miss leisure «of mattress’ rest time. At first, perhaps, we should not go into the names of fish, specific marine fishing techniques. To catch the fun, our literacy is sufficient. And if you already «hooked», then you will discover another world. Sea fishing is multifaceted and interesting.


There are two options: take a single tube with a full rod or rods to use compact class «tr&I led. «

Under option with extension need to be prepared for the fact that many carriers it will be held as a separate full-fledged place. It is important to know in order to properly plan out the rest of the luggage and not be faced with unexpected and unpleasant procedure of payment of additional space. Usually unable to link the cargo so that the tube hit the free baggage allowance. It is presented at check-in along with all the luggage and rent a special section for oversized luggage. I recommend to ask for registration sticker glued on the tube "Fragile". Perhaps an indication that it is a fragile thing, rescue tube from vandalism and rough handling during loading and unloading. The variant with a compact rod is also quite acceptable. Now on the market there are models in the travel-performance, including for sea fishing. Some of them are made in telescopic form factor, but we are interested in more options with plug-in connection. They are packed in durable, soft bags and suitcases to provide transportation; Some models have a small and rigid tube, which can be carried in hand luggage. This possibility is better to ask the representatives of airlines, not all admit it. So, what to bring? If you have a «mikrodzhigovoe» rod, it is fine. And conventional rod light class is also useful. Height rods will affect the type of bait used.

But fundamentally fit any rod light class. Consciously not name and length of the test, as these parameters may be quite different. An exemplary model of generalist would tubular length of 7 feet 6 inches (2.3 m) to 8 feet (2.4 m), you can work with lures from 2 to 8, the rod This comfortable-to-use and easy jig and wobblers and with pilkerami and a flanged mounting. A couple of years I go in rod JS Company Bixod Mebaru 762UL — wagon, which is suitable for a variety of fishing techniques.


It takes light model in size from 1500 to 2500 on the classification of Daiwa. The coil should perform basic functions inherent in any coil. The optimal size can be considered a model 2004 or 2506, depending on the rod and thickness of the cord that works well with cords of small diameter and has a finely adjustable clutch. Suitability coil for use in salt water — a thing rather conventional. Holidays at sea bear any reel, only need to protect it from getting into the sand, do not drown in salt water, and if there is a desire to make it a mini-vacation after.

Often potential «sea otpuskniki- ask the question whether we should» opresnyat- reel after fishing? I stopped doing it since my coils do not. But nothing prevents the coil lightly rinse under gently running fresh water after fishing, wipe it if necessary to drip oil into the movie lesoukladyvatelya.

Cord and leashes.

The cord is wound on a spool, should combine several qualities: to be thin and the sails in the wind, to be resistant to abrasion and is easy to carry nodes fluorokarbonom be a minimum length of 100 m. I choose to rokfishinga specialized cables, consisting of four strands Thin polyethylene fibers vosmizhilnye cords are less resistant to abrasion and require more attention to the operating conditions. Optimum power cord is the indicator to 6 lb tensile load just over 2 kg. This cord is well with the rod having a test to 8, with the use of a little more powerful rod string may be breaking load up to 8 lb (3.6 kg).

Increasing the diameter of the cord does not make sense, because the trophies will not be particularly large. The lengths of the main cord into a 100-120 m should be enough if the hook would frisky fish, living in mid-water, and the bite happens emissions. Well, if you fry will be bigger and more powerful, it will not save a slight increase in test cord. Described gear is not designed to meet such a fighter. If you hear squealing after hooking a fish, and clutch is carried away into the distance, and a fishing rod «off», you should take it as inevitable. Try to keep the gear and do not lose the whole cord, do not give fish to reel it in full. Lamented the thin fishing line is not necessary — a slight increase in its power will not help. It’s just not your fish.

In Lara cord definitely need fluorokarbonovy shock leader. The length and its thickness depend on fishing conditions. If you are traveling to an unfamiliar place, it is necessary to take a couple of coils fluorokarbona; very convenient to use small unwinding of 15-30 m. Breaking strength to choose such that on one reel match the power cord, and on the other — has 30-50% more powerful. The first line will be used in a comfortable environment for fishing and sand beaches: a thicker — the rocks on the reefs in the harbor at catching bottom fish.

To connect the bait and leash required fasteners. No swivels. Only a small neat clasp. Very nice small and powerful, like «fly fishing» fasteners from Daiwa rokfishevoy series.


Conventionally, all of the potential spoils should be divided into two groups: the fish that live in the interior and on the surface of the water, and «bottom». This will help to consciously pick a bait for fishing in different conditions. Let’s start with bait for catching bottom fish.

Jig technique and easy jig work well at sea. If you enjoy fishing on mikrodzhig, you will be able to adapt quickly to sea fishing. Most fans of micro and light jig used in fresh water models rods, reels and lures cords designed for fishing in the sea. So nothing prevents use them for their intended purpose.

A small set of demountable heads of various masses and a few packs of hooks for mounting with weights will help to choose a universal kit, from which on the spot, you can build a jig tooling required weight. Collapsible «Cheburashka» should be fine, if there is no desire to seek for sale for special cargoes such as fishing rokfishevoy Ocean Ruler Minichiku or Gamakatsu Cocoon Head.

He gruzil- prevent several «bullets» of different masses to create light «Texas» snap. If you get to prepare for the trip, is found in the sale of special rokfishevye jig head. To catch the bottom will need a couple of models, for example, Ocean Ruler Crazyg HD or Tict BullHead, weighing 1,8-3,5 A pair of heads with offset hook does not hurt when fishing in strong field. Models with small hooks rokfishinga have Decoy in a series of Violence. One may ask why such a head, when you can catch on the hinge assembly, or «Texas»? As a first approximation, yes. But the animation of some cancers (or shrimp), fitted on podgruzhenny «ofsetnik» without any joints, it turns completely different. The slightest movement of the entire system is immediately reflected on the game lures. Sometimes it’s important.

The bottom fishing marine predators should be considered especially animation: fish respond well to sharp speed wiring. Sometimes the only way to attract the attention of underwater inhabitants. It should be more experimenting with the nature and speed of wiring — it might be better than constant change lures.

For bottom fishing need a little silicone crayfish, shrimp and passive bait jig-heads of different shapes and colors. The most versatile bait — worms simulation; they are biting very different fish. In addition, they may be almost any erections, whether fishing with jig heads or swivel snap.

they can be used as a lure or replanting to catch them with a mini bombard. These are the baits Berkly Gulp SandWorm and Marukyu Pow-erlsome.

If you plan to use a standard rod worth taking a few easy «Tyrolean sticks.» This «stick» in a snap Dropshot will significantly reduce the number of hooks and breaks. It is appropriate to use light to bombard the leash and impaled with a piece of silicone worm.

Hooks will need very different: single № 6-8-10 — for mounting a head, offset № 2-4-6 — for fishing crustaceans snap Texas and drop-shot; for fishing worms need a small offset hooks — № 8-10-12. are there in the series Owner Slim Offset and Decoy Mini hook.

For fishing in the water column required jig head like Tict DartJigHead or Decoy RocketPlus. In conjunction with the rod-shaped lures such head when posting sharp tossed in the water rushing from side to side, actively attracting fish.

Also jig is reserved pilkerami. It is enough to have some weight with them, the 3-5-7 can be made uniform wiring at the water surface, in the thickness of jigging, twitching and fish near the bottom. They are very long-range, and help out with the wind. When selecting pilkerov need to pay attention to the markings. For fishing at sea need casting jig, ie pilkery vzabros for fishing, not vertical.

To add a set of «iron» in several Spoons weight of 2-4 g is enough to couple models of the «silver» color scheme. They come in handy when fishing in the calm of small pelagic fish. On the hook can plant a small piece of silicone worm.

From crankbaits should take a couple of models, such as the Lucky Craft Clutch DR and stick Wander from the same company or stick Daiwa GekkaBijin Lazy. Small minnow length of 40-55 mm can also be useful, they are only a couple of pieces. Sticks required for catching pelagic fish during the fight on the water surface and in the search of fish in its thicker and deep Krenken -for evening fishing in shallow waters and wiring at the bottom.


In addition to the gear needed even small pliers, scissors, and fishing line cord, small waist bag for lures and lime-grip, which is sometimes necessary. Many even small fish have serious teeth, they can cause injury. Some fish are poisonous and do not spoil your holiday familiarity with local doctors. Be careful when fixing the fish, removing the hook, photographing the trophy. Injections spines and teeth are very painful and unsafe.

For the evening and night fishing can take headlamp flashlight, a lot of space in the bag, he will not take.

Recreational fishing.

As fresh water, the sea has its «hot» spots. If you are fishing from the beach, as a rule, fish concentrated near the breakwater. Maybe during the day on the beach you can not catch, it is worth clarifying workers. And in the evening or the morning you can negotiate with them. At night, the fish often coming to the shore in search of crabs and other food. I receive a lot of fish on the sandy beach, the hotel early in the morning.

For strip of beach belonging to the hotel, sometimes there are stones, rocks or something like that. It’s definitely worth stopping to catch in the afternoon and evening.

Where tiny river flows into the sea, it is also an interesting place. Perhaps the day at the confluence of river fish will not, but in the early morning, before sunrise, at sunset or a place worth checking out.

If there is a jetty for boats and scooters, fishing on the surrounding area. A port city — the best you can come up with. The surrounding area is certainly worth a catch. It is only necessary to know whether it is not prohibited.

Look for any abnormalities coastal relief. Breakwaters, rocks, piers, rocks and ports will be your reference points.

A few words about the excitement on the water. Catch in the calm, of course, it is convenient, but the fish likes to «live» the sea with little excitement. In the coastal area is washed away a lot of food, and fish are active. Do not be afraid of the waves, catching her is not so difficult. We must get used to catch the rhythm of the waves. If serious excitement. It should look for cover behind a breakwater and pier. You can almost always find a comfortable fishing area. I hope this small educational program will combine business with pleasure. and your vacation will give you new adventures. Not just on the beach.

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