Sacred Relic

Sword of Godfrey of Bouillon is stored in the temple of the Holy Sepulchre, in its Catholic chapel is most holy.

They say it is an unusual weapon. According to legend, in the handle of the sword hidden relics of the saints, and therefore it is endowed with extraordinary power.

Forged from Damascus steel hands of an unknown artist, he still shines cold brilliance. Maybe because it was hardened by a special medieval recipes — in the blood of virgins. There was at that time in Europe, like, very wild way to manufacture cold steel blacksmith handed red-hot sword to his apprentice, who stabs him in the chest of a young maiden. Ostuzhennoy in the blood, such weapons possessed terrible power. Not without reason in the East is still run stories about the magic power of the sword of the Duke of Bouillon. Once some Arab Gottfried asked him to demonstrate his martial art and a maha beheaded a camel, which he specially brought for this purpose.

But Gottfried sword was not only weapons, but also a symbol of the cross. Stuck in the ground, it turned into a field altar, around which it was possible to conduct any Christian rites. No wonder Christ once said: «Do not I have brought peace, but a sword.» Maybe he meant the sword of Godfrey? No wonder that this artifact so carefully kept in the Holy Land.

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