Scenarios on the Day March 8

Visiting Spring Red

Festival for children of preschool age

The music in the room includes children and freely positioned to face the audience.

Moderator: Hello, children! Hello, dear guests! Congratulations on the spring holiday is remarkable for 8 March.

Dear mothers and grandmothers, be healthy, happy and loved! Today is a holiday not only mothers and grandmothers, but also girls. The girls wore beautiful dresses on their heads beautiful bows; Eyes shining, smiles on their faces. Let’s congratulate our dear women poetry.

Children read poems. Then the marks «a song for my mother» at the option of the teacher, for example, «We sang a song» to the music of Rustamov. After singing the song the children sit on the chairs.

Leading. You hear the music? This tale begins. But to get into the story, you need to take the train and get off at the station fabulous. You are ready? Then go ahead!

Kids sitting on chairs, singing «Song of Friends» (the words of Mikhalkov, music M.Starokadomskogo) and portrayed as if traveling by train — moving the elbow handles and legs rap. It sounds a stop signal.

Leading. What is the name of our station? That’s a sign. It says: «Spring Station.» What does it mean?

The music is playing. Spring appears.

Spring. Hello children! You recognize me? I — Spring-red, carry the warmth and joy, the ground — grass, trees — leaves. With me is always my bird. Do you hear them? (Sound track of bird voices.) But my favorite merry brook. (Shows the clear blue scarf, makes his move.) He babbles and plays. Do you want to dance with him?

Children. Yes!

Performed dance with blue ribbons. During the dance Spring may prompt children movement.

Description Dance

Cherished spring sun, the winter snow has melted and ran out for a walk voiced live stream.

{Children run around the circle.)

Rides in a hole from the hill, flowing from the hill on the hill. {Children raised and lowered ribbons, making spring.) Skips groove encircles the large stones. {Children whirl.)

And ahead in front of him — long light given. {Children run around the circle.)

I met him a birds — birds nevelichka.

{Children perform appropriate movement and swirling ribbons.) Brook dancing on the stones, the birds flapping their wings.

{Children waving ribbons from side to side.) Children stops, turns to the audience.

Spring. My spring brook he likes to sing songs. Let’s sing along with him. Sing the song brook at the option of the teacher.

Spring. As you are well sung, well done! Now, my Spring Creek is calling your dolls for a walk. Where are they?

Leading. Here Spring-red, look. Here are our dolls. Ready to go for a walk, dress for the weather. What do they wear? (Consider dolls with children, calls garments. Then he calls the names of the girls who will lead the puppet «walk»?)

The girls perform a dance with dolls.

Spring. How good dancing girls! How fun it was a doll! Now suppose that after the girls blossom flowers on meadow. But that miracle had happened this spring, I need assistants.

Leading. Spring-red, our boys are ready to help you.

The game «Collect flower»

Choose three boys. They line up at a distance of two feet from each other.

Nearly every boy put round middle, flower color of thick cardboard. All midway different color.

Spring scatters the music at the free space of the hall multicolored petals — six petals of the same color as the midway.

Then, at a signal leading viewers to consider the three on three and clap their hands. After the cotton boys rush to collect the petals of the same color as the flower middle, their future, and spread them around the midway.

Everyone who completed the work, rewarded with applause.

Leading. How to become beautiful!

Spring. Flowers bloom for girls to grandmothers and mothers. Look at them — and want to smile.

You can hear the plaintive meowing like a lament.

Leading. Who is so upset — when all around beauty?

It appears kitty (older child). In cat paw tangled cords.

Leading. What happened, pussycat, why are you plachepp Cat. Meow! I am punished! Meow! How do I feel ashamed! Spring. Well, do not cry. Tell me, what have you done Pussycat. And you will not drive me? Leading. Not drive kitty kids? Children. No!

Cat. And I strongly do not scold you? Leading. Let’s not blame the cat? Children. No!

Leading. We will not blame you. You already heavily punished. Well, tell me! What happened?

Cat. My master called Tolia was preparing my mother a gift. Himself baked cookies for her. Each oil cream. Oh, how delicious cream! (Licks?) And fold the pastry in a bag. And tie the bag is very beautiful ribbon. From it smelled so, so the smell! (Licks?) I thought only to smell. (Shows how packet sniffing, wrinkling nose, draws in air.) Well, maybe just one lick. (Shows tongue licking cookie.) I tugged at the very, very beautiful ribbon. And confused my foot in it. (Meowing plaintively.)

Leading. Yes, you mischief.

Cat. You promised to forgive me.

Spring. We forgive you — for the sake of celebration. (Rented from cat with ribbon tabs.) Drive. Simple — and lodged them. What cat likes boys? (Replies children.) Let’s pour milk for her and sing a song.

The children sing the song «Pussy came to children» (the words of N. Frenkel, music A.Aleksandrova). After singing the song the children pulled the handle to pussy, making a bowl, and pussy suited to each child and «drinking milk» (from the manual MY Kartushin «Entertainment for the kids.» M .: TC «Sphere», 2008).

Cat. Thank you, guys, for a tasty jelly. So I ate that even wanted to play with joy. You play with me? Children. Yes!

Children playing with a cat in a mobile game on the choice of music director.

Leading. Oh, what fun we played! Guys, did you like to play cat? Children. Yes!

Kitty (master). And your kids, too, like my host Shreds, prepared mothers gifts?

Leading. And mothers and sisters, and grandmothers.

Spring (children). How shall I say «one-two-three!» — Give mom a gift! At a signal from the Spring to the music children give gifts to mothers and grandmothers.

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