Soy sauce

If before this product has been popular only in the East, but now they gladly filled in their dishes, not only European, but also Russian mistress. What is the secret of this piquant product?

A little history

Just call home soy sauce is not easy. It is believed that it first appeared in China about the VIII century BC, and after some time became extremely popular in Japan. At the end of the XVII century the sauce first came to Europe, where Louis XIV called it «black gold». In Russia, this is a relatively new product, but it’s hard not to notice his growing popularity among fans totally different cuisines. After all, on the basis thereof can be cooked many sauces and marinades, salads fill them, to emphasize the taste of meat, fish, vegetables, pasta and mushrooms.

Traditional soy sauce is preparing for a long time. Soybeans connected with grains of wheat, are subjected to fermentation under the influence of a certain type of bacteria. The entire process can take from several months to several years. That’s why some companies embark on all sorts of tricks, spreading soy concentrate or soy processing harmful acids. In order not to buy a fake, pay attention to the appearance of the product — it can be dark or light, but always (!) Transparent. High-quality sauce is sold only in glass containers, has no preservatives and, alas, is not so cheap.

How useful

In the composition of soy sauce large number of essential body mineral substances, vitamins and antioxidants. There are also a lot of vegetable protein, soy sauce so perfect to anyone who wants to get rid of excess weight. It is believed that it can not only prevent but also treat certain diseases. They include diseases of bones and joints and the cardiovascular system, obesity, headaches and even insomnia. And this is an extremely useful product for women’s health! Remember, however, that, as with any product, soy sauce requires a reasonable use. It is not recommended for young children, pregnant women, and in some diseases.

Eating soy sauce, you can slow the aging process of your body and even prevent oncology!

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