In the summer issue, we allowed ourselves to relax a little and forget about the important things to think about and something bright, beautiful and pleasant. For example, a decorative lamps which are not very functional, but pleasing to the eye with fresh ideas and original design. Like jewelry and other fashion accessories, these lamps create intriguing accents complement the image of the interior and emphasize the individuality of style.

Lamp Seed Cloud, created by design studio OCHRE, consists of 112 cascading elements, forming a shimmering cascade. Suspended elements resemble flower buds and are made of bronze, and tempered glass, illuminated by LEDs.

Hanging lamp from the Dodo CARLESSO manually Murano glass. The smooth curved lines of glass pendants with different shapes are a reflection of plant motifs. Dodo model is available in different colors.

The sun’s warmth and cheerfulness of Jamaica implemented the new hanging lamp from Jamaica FOSCARINI, created by renowned designer Marc Sadler. Housing made of parchment, swirling around a central axis. Moreover, the light source is outside, well-lit surface underneath. The luminaire housing is another hidden fluorescent lamp is illuminated from within Jamaica.

The design of the new collection of Ray FABBIAN ILLUMINAZIONE inspired by typical Mediterranean shutters. Especially for this collection it was developed a special module of polycarbonate, which forms a repetitive spiral.

Figurine with internal illumination of the collection VAN DER VAALD. This collection of accessories is the result of a creative rethinking of the various objects found on the exhibition of independent designers, artists, museums of modern art and flea markets throughout Europe.

The form of wall and ceiling lamps Laine of LINEA LIGHT is associated with ripples radiating from a thrown stone. The model is made of white glass, enclosed in a metal frame.

Touching the wall lamp from factory Marnin KARMAN set designer Matteo Ugolini. Model of white matte ceramic is in the form of a deer head fairy, with a lamp instead of a nose.

Model Le Soleil by FOSCARINI made of asymmetric bands, which give a sense of movement spherical lamp and each time it represents a new form from different points of view. Due to translucency band play a role lenses and reflectors, creating a soft glow effect. The lamp Le Soleil is also available in white and red colors.

Translucent glass spheres in a series of 28 from the Canadian factory BOCCI. Within these areas can be seen from molded glass vials and other areas are made of an opaque milky glass. Due to the manual production of each lamp that resembles a water balloon floating is unique.

Designers brand STEEV VALTORI are in constant search of new forms. This lamp is of modern companies range features innovative design and a Suprematist composition from chrome squares.

Floor lamp FLOS Chrysalis from the shape of a vase, amphora. Its author is the famous Marcel Wanders. Thanks to the original play of light and shadow gives the impression that this vase of flowers bloom glowing. The diffuser is made of synthetic material cocoon, which is sprayed in layers over a frame.

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