Vascular anomalies of the nervous system — one of the most common causes of stroke in young children. Establishing the causes of stroke in adolescents and children causing considerable difficulties, and therefore cerebral strokes in childhood of 20-30% of the cases take place under a variety of misdiagnosis. Contradictory information on the incidence of stroke. There is no complete picture of the nature, frequency of recurrence and outcome of stroke in different age groups. The incidence of stroke in children, according to the literature, and generally different amounts to 2-7 per 100 000 per year. Especially severe hemorrhagic strokes in young children: during breast feeding in an apparently perfectly healthy baby suddenly appear general tonic convulsions with loss of consciousness, episodes of apnea, repeated vomiting, further increases in intracranial hypertension clinic.

Visually determined bulging fontanelle, and a large voltage to the divergence of the cranial sutures and the absence of pulsations, the severity of subcutaneous vascular pattern on the head.

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