London 2012

The London Olympics are under starter’s orders. On 6 July 2005 it was announced in Singapore by the International Olympic Committee that London would host the 2012 Summer Olympic Games, from 27 July to 12 August. The capital is the first city to host the modern Olympic Games three times, having previously hosted the sporting spectacle in 1908 and 1948.

The past seven years have seen the Lea Valley and Stratford in London’s East End transform into the Olympic Zone, with a melange of venues – some permanent, some temporary – that will host the sporting action (see next two

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Whole and part — two sides of the same system

Round table discussion on mixed martial arts turned out not less hot than some fighting in «the octagon» …

Ed .: Dmitry, in the last issue we talked about Dmitry Leonidovich mixed martial arts. Since You are not only a representative of the Russian Union of MMA in the Far East, but the director of the Far Eastern Federation of Modern Pankration, I want to ask you is how Pankration Federation helps or perhaps, on the contrary hinders the development of amateur MMA? DA .: skates more than 10 years in the Far East, there is Pankration Federation, and during

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Blooming gardens Kulunda steppe

Kulundinskie steppes are known for high yields, but less well known here and enemies of crops — dry winds, against which the collective and state farms lay shelterbelts.

Tree saplings of forest trees for this purpose grow Chistoozernoe plodopitomnichesky farm, Novosibirsk region. Initially, it was nursery. But since 1948 its staff grow trees of fruit crops. They reasoned: if there are growing elm and maple, why can not bloom and bear fruit apple tree?

Enthusiasts were among workers and professionals. Agronomists Koenig MD and ND Romanenko gave new cause of all the free time. Many have made tireless hands of

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Artists countries — festival.

Moscow in festive attire preparing for the opening of the XII World Forum of Youth and Students. Moscow artists, masters of fine art of the Soviet Union developed the sketches of posters and banners, posters, souvenir badges, souvenirs, design projects of public buildings, streets and squares. After decorating the city should bear the ideological and political charge.

Particular attention is paid to the festive appearance of the Leninsky district of the city, its main thoroughfare of the Komsomol prospectus, which will be held on the column of demonstrators. Then — the Luzhniki sports center of the festival.

An extensive cultural

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What you need: A thick natural yoghurt — 250 ml, curd cream cheese without additives -150 g Garlic — 2-3 cloves, herbs — 50 g, cucumber — 1-2 pcs., Lemon — 1/2 pcs., Salt and spices to taste.


1. Cucumber wash, dry cloth and finely chop. You can grate cucumber grated. If gorchat cucumbers, cut them from the skin. Put the shredded cucumber on paper towels and blot to get rid of excess juice.

2. Green rinse under running water, then pat dry and chop. It is best to use aromatic herbs (basil, cilantro, mint).

3 cloves

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‘London topped Paris to win the 2012 Games with a promise to deliver the greenest Games ever,’ said Hattie Hartman last year. The promise wasn’t unfounded, even though such a mega-event delivered at breakneck speed to a tight deadline, seems incompatible with a sustainable agenda.

Hartman, an American architect and an expert on sustainability, reveals that the London Olympic Games are surprisingly green, with environmental thinking underpinning each and every project. Quite rightly Hartman sees sustainability not just in the aesthetic design of individual buildings but also in the social and economic benefits for the wider community. Her book is


Artists’ Murzilki. «

Journal For October tend to receive a letter from October. But I read a letter from a correspondent already Komsomol age: «I am eighteen years old, I write to you, since recently learned that the artist V. Losin — a member of the editorial board of» Murzilka. » One day I picked up a book with his illustrations of Malchish-Kibalchish and was pleased to see that the artist loves Kibalchish just as I love this glorious, brave boy. Give him my admiration. «

Frankly, the letters readers have grown up in a special account. They often contain expensive recognition.


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Everyone can be an honest-to-goodness flmmaker thanks to Lomography, that champion of analogue film. Fancy making a movie for Blueprint? Read on…

In these all-encompassing digital days Blueprint has decided to look in the opposite direction for a while and celebrate the warmth and humanity of the analogue age, when the letter ‘i’ was just another vowel.

Lomography has long-championed the world of film, keeping its eye focused on the world of sprockets and emulsions. A few months ago it launched the Lomokino, a hand-cranked, 35mm movie camera, so we grabbed some and passed them to a hand-picked group of

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Artistic Ceramics in the Moscow subway.

A year ago solemnly marked the 70th anniversary of the Moscow Metro. Moscow Metro — a unique underground museum, which contains works by the most talented artists working in a variety of genres, styles and techniques. In the early 30-ies of XX century, young architects, designers and artists have managed to create an unprecedented synthesis of three different styles. They combined classic architecture, rationalism and modernism in art system stable. Later, a new style incorporates sculptures and mosaics, paintings and ceramics, metal and glass from their rich palette of possibilities. In the metro imprinted life, dreams and aspirations of several

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Logology. Fascinating Fasteners.

Logs take a stand against nature’s worst.

Old World Origins.

Log cabins built on the frontier or even in later settlements didn’t use fasteners. Logs supported themselves at the corners, which were formed where walls intersected. Although these early American dwellings weren’t erected with any intention of permanence, corner-supported log walls provided durability. They were the premise of log building and had been such long before Scandinavians introduced stacked construction to America.

In his 1942 work Der Blockbau (translated into English as The Craft of Log Building), German architect-scholar Hermann Phleps observes that log walls «derive their structural strength primarily

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