Although in general, the dog — man’s best friend is a V, she — his assistant, but, drat! — Has become a dangerous neighbor. It’s scary when a pack of stray dogs attacking humans. But these dogs were not always homeless, because the aggressive-minded creatures once lived with their masters. Why did they become stray, street, abandoned? And, of course, angry and biting, dangerous to humans. Do we not ourselves kicked them out? ..

Dog terrorism

"When the dog want to go down, say it mad".

Armenian proverb

Hardly overnight will be to bring order to rid the population from meetings with stray dogs, and therefore still need to know some features of the behavior of dogs and how to behave when meeting with them.

At a meeting with other people’s dogs can not touch them, to try to stroke, ie, stretching her hand and even more so to threaten her, to frighten, to drive away and scream — all the dog (even sometimes their own) perceives as aggression. Dog handlers, that is, those people who work with dogs and practically understand their language — say that not everyone, even the well-educated, good-natured dog like it if someone else’s, being close, suddenly starts to scream or threaten. The dog immediately react may growl and grin like a Cheshire cat.

As a child I was bitten by a dog, but paid the price for their non-Parenting: took a stick and started to tease her. Lying peacefully otgavkivalas dog first, then he jumped up and hvatanuli my leg. The same thing happened with our neighbor: he went, trying to pass the way through a foreign yard. And there is a dog, which has its own functions and duties: it protects the yard! A neighbor also grabbed a stick. In any case, for the defense. The road cut failed …

Yes, I understand that these rules are completely ejected from the head, if you go out of the gate and suddenly deliv-nods huge dog! Right-eshsya tries either fled or cry — and this is what attracts the dog and provoke aggression.

After the case with me as a child was interviewed, and his father instilled in me — drove these rules to memory. And there are important points:

— the dog can not look straight in the eye — it is your gaze perceives as challenging as the signal for the attack: all animals, CPA ated instinct to attack first;

— you can not be afraid of the dog. Fear pas ralizuet man and dog — that’s a sensitive animal — it feels right. It is better to continue to move in its direction, saying that you are on business, and I’m going for my;

The dog will not tolerate if you are eat for her food. His bowl, bone, she will guard carefully and would not tolerate any of a number of third parties. Try a dog occupied meal, stay away.

Another case in my life when I was 35, I took up running. She started actively with the neighbors, and then once I started to run alone. One day, he saw me running, the dog ran after me. Hearing her barking, joined by several more. Barely alive with fear, I accompanied this barking pack ran to the door, and only closed the door, I felt safe. At this my run was over, though the husband explained to me how I had to behave. We had to stop and stand, looking to the side, not the dog. If you try to escape it, because of their instinct, rushes to catch up. And she would have liked, perhaps even sniffed be — is one of the obligatory rituals dog behavior — and walked away. Resume can be run only after the dog is out of sight.

But it’s all good just a theory-cally, I explained to my husband that I have something too, your instinct, and that in a moment of danger man takes off and runs, forgetting all the rules. Still, it is an iron rule works — you can not escape from the dog!

What to do if bitten by a dog?

I remember that when I was a child bitten by a dog, in my roar and jumped a woman she did not stop the blood,

"No ugly dog ​​- only the unloved".

Magazine «Pshekruy» but rather pushes the blood oozing and oozing. Indeed, it is better to not bleeding ostanav-Lebanon — it is necessary that, along with the blood from the wound washed out the saliva of the animal, which may be germs. This will reduce the likelihood of rabies infection and suppuration.

Then the woman took me home, and then my father washed the bite soap. It turns out, it kills the rabies virus. By the way, any good soap, even the toilet. This knowledge is passed down from generation to generation.

After we washed the wound, scrap, it can be treated with 3-inter- est hydrogen peroxide, but do not use alcohol, cologne — burned tissue will heal slowly. But you can walk around the bite with iodine.

Then, the wound must be imposed ste-sterile dressing and apply to the ME-care facilities. Firstly, it is a health worker can properly treat the bite, so you did not have scars, scars that will heal the wound. And secondly, it is necessary to get a shot against tetanus, rabies vaccination, because sometimes it depends on the timely vaccinations life of the victim. Do not neglect it.

Try to tell your children how not to behave with co-tanks. Do not join the ranks of stray dogs and do not throw the dog out of the house bothered. Pets revenge people for such treatment. Who has the means, and the dog can be put to sleep when she suddenly became old and unnecessary. And it will be more humane.

Another case will tell you, the family lived dog breed Doberman whether, or Rottweiler, I do not know. People gathered to leave, but the dog was already (canine passport) old, could not sell it, and people are just left her on the street. But she was not used to live, her aggressiveness was amazing — she belonged to the people angrily and their relatives. One hit a girl about twelve years old, and after suffering a shock that there was a stuttering, which is treated with the parents for a long time and almost no success.

But also of the families left something went wrong in distant lands, pomykalis- and pushed around — returned. A dog lived for three years, wandering, was still alive! She happily threw themselves to all family members, avoiding only mistress. When she re-sewed her pet, an animal grin elk and bite her outstretched hand. It turned out that the woman was initiated in order to quit the co-Baku: «She was old, his eyes watering, she won a ditch to die.» A few days after the return of the family dog ​​died. It Neva-think history — thirty years ago, I told her about my one-kursnitsa. It is sad and unfortunate incident, that’s why the classic wrote: «We are responsible for those who have tamed.»

N. Grandma

Song of the dog

In the morning, rye Zacuto where Zlata matting in a row Seven whelp bitch, red seven puppies.

By evening, she caressed them, combing language

And streams of snow podtaly Under the warmth of her belly.

And in the evening, when the chickens Obsizhivayut hearth, the owner went out gloomy, Seven in all poklal meshok.-

As she drifts ran to keep up with him to run …

So long, long time shaking Water unfrozen surface.

And when a little trudged back, licking the sweat from the sides, he showed her a month over the hut One of her puppies.

the blue heights loudly watched it, whining,

A month slipped thin and disappeared behind the hill in the fields.

Or deaf, as from the handouts,

When will throw a stone at her laughter,

Pitch eye dog Golden star in snow.

Esenin 1915

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