Artists countries — festival.

Moscow in festive attire preparing for the opening of the XII World Forum of Youth and Students. Moscow artists, masters of fine art of the Soviet Union developed the sketches of posters and banners, posters, souvenir badges, souvenirs, design projects of public buildings, streets and squares. After decorating the city should bear the ideological and political charge.

Particular attention is paid to the festive appearance of the Leninsky district of the city, its main thoroughfare of the Komsomol prospectus, which will be held on the column of demonstrators. Then — the Luzhniki sports center of the festival.

An extensive cultural program awaits the participants of the XII World in the Central House of Artists. Exterior and interior design of the building carried out a group of Estonian designers under the leadership of Honored Artist of the Estonian SSR X. Hans Toivo. Works are carried out and the Estonian Art Foundation Tallinn plant «Ars» in the best traditions of the Moscow design of public buildings during major national and international festivals. The decoration of the Central House of the artist and the surrounding area reveals the theme of youth, peace-loving policy of the Soviet Union, shows achievements in economy and culture, the creative power of our system.

The decor includes original engineering design, various kinds and means of visual agitation. Color palette is made in the usual festival of colors. And coloring is applied even on asphalt. At the entrance to the State art gallery stretched area of ​​rallies, meetings and demonstrations — with stands, pop sites. The whole area is surrounded by a green area, where are located many works of sculptors of the Union republics.

With great care of our Estonian colleagues have developed a draft of the interiors of the building. All designs are designed for long-term use. Exhibition equipment can be rapidly deployed, rolled, transformed for any exposure.

During the festival in Moscow held a number of representative shows of fine arts. In one of the halls of the Central House of the artist the exposition of the international youth exhibition, which will show the works of artists — the delegates of the festival. Formed the Soviet section of the International Forum of painters, sculptors, graphic artists, which will (within the 20 works from each participating country) demonstrate diverse art of our young people.

In the halls of the National Gallery will open a huge exhibition «Youth of the country». Her exhibition incorporates the best of what was created on the theme of youth in the Soviet period — from 1917 to the present day. Along with the classics in the works shown in the exhibition will reflect the present, issues of concern to all progressive mankind.

In the Moscow Central Exhibition Hall during the festival at the exhibition «40 triumphant years. For peace, social equality and humanism »are creative unions of the socialist countries, which will show the picture on the victory over Hitler’s fascism and Japanese militarism, telling about the achievements in socialist construction.

Part of the extensive work of artists at the festival will be the work of an international studio by young visual artists, headed by the secretary of the Union of Artists painter O. mules. In the Central House of Artists opened more than ten workshops on different types of work. The studio invited not only Muscovites, but also representatives of the union republics. Artists are provided with everything necessary for work in easel art forms. They will be able to make portraits of the delegates and guests of the festival, science, culture and art of the Soviet Union and foreign countries, to carry out full-scale sketches holiday in Moscow. An interesting form of joint creative work of artists from different countries will be a collective work on a large mural on the theme of «Moscow festival.»

The studio will be held discussions on issues relating to the role of the artist in the modern world, in the struggle for peace and disarmament. Before the Studio will perform art historians, poets and writers, veterans of the Great Patriotic War. For certain artists bring to the festival some materials with which it will be possible to meet in an atmosphere of creative communication. The studio plans — visit the workshops of young Moscow artists.

The festival of Soviet youth delegation will include such artists as Alexander Rukavishnikov — Lenin Komsomol Prize winner, sculptor; Lielā Datsan — a young artist from Riga, participant of many All-Union and international art exhibitions; Javlon Umarbekov painters from Tashkent and Dushanbe Suhrob Kurbanov — laureates of Lenin Komsomol, they head the Union of artists of their republics.

Active participation of Soviet artists in the preparation and holding of the XII World Youth and Students Forum — this is their contribution to the promotion of noble ideas, reflected in the slogan of the festival «For Anti-Imperialist Solidarity, Peace and Friendship!».

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