Breathtakingly ESSEN

Passing in April exhibition Techno Classica Essen this year broke all its previous records for the number of car manufacturers have taken part (25), visitors (193 400), automobile clubs (230) for sale of cars (2500) and exhibitors (1250)

Prices for vintage cars are growing each year by an average of 4.2%, which means not falling interest in this topic. Anton Leon France-sen, Managing Director of SIHA, organizes exhibitions in Essen, he commented on the situation: «The market yangtaymerov and vintage cars is continuously increasing over the past ten years and will grow further. Because more people are captivated by the charm of the models of the past. «

So, we have 125 thousand «squares» of exhibition space, 12 huge pavilions, 20 halls. Most of them are occupied by cars, the rest — private collectors, restoration workshops, stands of clubs, museums, selling antiques, tools, literature, clothing, rental retro appliances, spare parts, collectible models, art, and master classes. Do you want to imagine a figure of an eagle with a radiator Voisin — please, there she is, between Packard and deer hare Alvis. Do not know how to upholster leather interior Delage — the choice of 40 rolls of different colors and dressing! It has long wanted to hang in his office with a picture of the 917 th Gulf Porsche at «Le Mans»? She, too, there is the size of 2×1 m, two thousand euros, and it’s yours! Here you can find almost everything.

By coincidence, this «Tehnoklassike», which became the jubilee — the exhibition was held for the 25th time — noted a lot of anniversaries. Audi celebrated 25 years of its first model with a V8 engine and 80 years of the engines themselves V8.

A major player in the German market — Volkswagen — it took almost the entire 7th pavilion. Its main thematic exhibition were 25-le-ment vehicle Volkswagen T1 California and seven generations of Volkswagen Golf GTi.

Components of the current «empire» BMW -Mark BMW, Rolls-Royce and Mini — also occupied one room and celebrated the 90th anniversary of BMW motorcycles and the 50th anniversary model Mini Cooper S. Ford said the 150th birthday of the founding father of Henry Ford with focus on the history of Ford Motorsport. Lamborghini — the half-century anniversary. There were also other interesting events.

Attraction Museum at folksvagenovsky plant in Wolfsburg Autostadt brought an interesting exhibition at which it was possible to compare the most powerful and compact cars, large-circulation and unique, and so on.

Included now in one giant Volkswagen Group brand Bugatti and Bentley held a common stand, which exhibited their masterpieces from the Bentley Speed ​​Six to the last Bugatti Veyron.

Mercedes Benz has brought all the predecessors of the current S-Class, from the first years of the XX century. A Opel exhibited his historical convertibles.

Traditionally, the organizer, the firm SIHA, presents its own small exhibition in the center of the main hall of the creme de la creme — automotive masterpieces of classic design period of 20-50 years of the last century. And this time there was only beauty: Delage D6-70 Grand Sport, Bugatti 57 Cabriolet Gangloff style Saoutchik, Delahaye 135 MS Coupe, Bugatti Type 57C Atalante and Talbot Lago T 150 C Teardrop coupe with a body of Giuseppe Figoni and Ovidio Falaschi.

Soviet automobile theme in Essen was once represented very poorly, we can say that it was not at all, but from time to time to catch the eye is the Soviet-scale models, the kind of heraldry, and this time managed to get copies of unprecedented export avenues 21 th «Volga» and periodicals firms Konela description of Soviet cars, comes in 60 years on the market in Scandinavia.

In general, the Essen — a place where you can find even the fact of the existence of which you had no idea. Year after year, the participants demonstrate the all new old cars, so it makes sense to come here every year to relax the soul and bring along some new souvenir.

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