FRENCH CAMEROON delicacies Spanish

Cameroon. A land flowing rivers, where gold is washed and catch shrimp.

You are so good to be on the Hunting Baby gift. HUNTING IN CAMEROON that thin DISH French ARSENAL SERVICE gluttonous passion. HE NEED TO SMALL ripen satiety. It was then, and understand his true taste.

OF COURSE, colleagues, the extraction major trophy in the West African country the best approach, already being a mature hunter. CAMEROON HIS SAVANNAH that rain, rainforest, will require you to a fair share of self-confidence, a sort STATE SPORTS maturity. It follows that with a visit TIGHTEN CAMEROON also not worth it. IF YOU FORCE HUNTING ALLOW passion and life situations, meet in this wonderful country. YOU WILL NOT REGRET!

The main purpose of our trip to Central Africa was a giant eland or Hyland Lord Derby. Therefore, selecting a partner for hunting in Cameroon, I asked Oleg Podtyazhkina, president of the Moscow club «Ibex», pay special attention to this trophy, production of which has been particularly desirable. In the end, we settled on the Spanish company «Mayo Oldiri Safari», reputed one of the best, if not the best for hunting trophies of all savannas and tropical forests. The results of this safari, became on a combination of factors, perhaps the best of our African experience, it fell short of the high reputation of the Spaniards who have received, by the way, in

2013 exhibition in Reno a very honorable title of «Best Outfitter of 2012» according to the «Safari Club International».

«Mayo Oldiri Safari» long and successful cooperation with Russian augfitterami and hunters. In his time with the help of professionals, «Mayo Oldiri», the composition of which is very international, hunted trophies are known, our compatriots, Sergei Yastrzhembsky, Konstantin Popov, Pavel Sidorov, and many others. The company rents the most representative of the concession in the north of Cameroon, organizing hunting in five camps in the savannah: Djibao, Oldiri, Nduel, Vaimbo and Rey Bouba, on grounds of the total area of ​​more than 300 hectares LLC. In the south of the republic, tropical rain forests, which produces bongo, sitatunga, forest elephant, forest buffalo, duiker and yellow bushpig weighing ninety pounds, representative of the Spaniards even more extensive. It trofeyschikov six camps: Boumba North, Boumba South, Covaref, Dia, Lognia and Lokomo, with a total area of ​​equatorial forests 700 000 ha.

Well, perhaps, time to start, and the story itself is about the journey, hunting those people or circumstances that accompanied and helped me and wife Irina in our next African endeavors. For a smoother narrative I will take notes from the diary, which led throughout the trip.

Early in the morning of January 31, 2013, we start from «Sheremetyevo». Airplane at Paris the company «Air France» takes off at 8.30, but it is necessary to be at the port for four hours. After all, though the customs gives OK, but also takes time. In Paris, a very short joint in fifty minutes. And then Douala, Cameroon’s largest city and its commercial and financial capital. It was only the next evening we will have another flight north to Garrua. French to our numerous letters about the weapons on board in every way we have been assured that a short joint staffing situation and have no problems with congestion will not occur. Even the promised «to the tooth», all delivered in one piece. But never gave. Therefore, a backpack full of everything you need for stand-alone two-day hunt, including shoes, as always, took with them in your hand luggage.

Weapons in this time I handed over an unusually long time. Young customs, the habits resembles the asexual lazy panda in the zoo for a long time fiddling with paperwork, interspersing SMS chat service to your mobile phone. The plane took off on schedule. Transfer to «Boeing», «Air France», flying to Douala, he was quick and orderly. However, enough time and passion in dyutifri quartermaster. For the alcohol had to buy a bag with Eiffel tower on it. Fly to Douala long, six hours. Already in flight one of the stewards became interested in our carbines and confirmed that they are on board. Besides us, in the plane, according to the outfit, full of hunters.

Douala Airport was completely devoid of air conditioning in the public part, but crammed with passengers, luggage and the police, especially female. To all this, add the moist air and real estate thirty-degree heat. Short conveyor belts can not accommodate large-mountains of suitcases and trunks, and as a result, there were regular hummocks quickly shoveled black porters. From time to time here and there flashed under the rubble Gun Case. Those who received the luggage were subjected to output extremely responsive and thorough Shmona without any discounts for the complexion.

Well, thank God, everything is in place. Then, very long and dreary decorations for imported weapons. Total flight hunters accumulated fifteen. A large group of middle-aged and older Americans with their wives and girlfriends, two Canadians, father and son, we still man from Moscow, Igor Gaidukov that flies in the grounds of the Russian company «Afrikamsafaris.» All weapons. As a result, correcting the papers took more than two hours, and even then not without adventure. Curvy black woman in uniform filled the necessary forms tedious, poking and shuffling the deck permits collected by the host from the hunters arrived. Then, very carefully checked against number rifles and cartridges individually recounted. As a result, it was found out that in Moscow, the embassy of Cameroon, officials have the wrong number of imported me blayzerovskogo barrel 375 caliber. On the introduction of amendments in place it took $ 150 and an additional twenty minutes. Then a short path to one of the few decent hotels in the city, the hotel «Le Meredian» familiar to almost all hunters who visited in Douala.

The next day we were killing time by all available means, and went ahead in the same airport, where they arrived the day before, in order to fly to Garrua local airline flight. However, to fly on schedule failed. Flight not transferred to just forget about it. For three hours we sat in the departure lounge, the only air-conditioned room Airport studying boarding passes. It became apparent that most of us fly a direct flight, and some with a stopover in Yaounde, the capital, and two hours longer. It was very interesting to watch the audience densely filled the waiting room. Cameroonians very different persons and body. And times like clothes stand diversity and openness of women’s dresses. Sometimes among black girls there are real beauties.

In the end, the liner came from somewhere and took us Garrua. On arrival in the baggage claim area we were waiting for our professional hunters Guy (Guy de Bohec) and Hervey (Herve Houdebine), are both low, attentive and polite. Trouble with guns, unlike Douala took a matter of minutes. From the airport, headed for another night in a very shabby hotel, kind of different, no doubt, the best of times and types, its lobby was decorated with numerous photographs of Samuel Eto’o with friends and without. All doors in the hotel were of iron, and the room showed surprisingly decent internet. The very same overnight, with the words «pieychey», was acquitted five-hour distance to Camp «Mayo Oldiri.» And also the fact that the night would go, while severe Cameroonian truckers. Coolness of the night reduces the risk of overheating the engine, but significantly increases the chances of an oncoming vehicle head-on with a truck appointment.

In the morning, after breakfast and calculate, we finally went to the final destination of our journey is quite long (two typewritten pages). We drove slowly. The people living along the route are vast. In general, for a couple of days in Cameroon, I have the firm conviction that the French influence acts on the black inhabitants of Africa, where as more beneficial than the Anglo-Saxon. Almost all villages have been electrified, and each school had. And the view from the local Negro was, by the way, much less of frozen than their counterparts in Zimbabwe or Zambia. After five hours finally reached the camp, quite simple but equipped with everything necessary for comfortable hunting life. Next zeroing weapons, took more rounds than I expected, and a gala lunch, gradually turning into dinner. Fumes and warm dry air quickly overcame, and we went to bed with Irene. Get up the next day needed four.

On the morning of February 3, up time, and taste good, but as usual breakfast, popping still hunting. Our «Toyota Ka briolendkruzer 76» served as a replica of Zambia. That is, no windows and no doors, but with a full black body trekkers. Here are just a usual wheel is on the left. The French, after all. On the way to the intended places of compact settlement Hyland Guy told a lot of useful and interesting addition to the fact that he managed to tell me on the road from Garrua. Himself Guy de Bohe fifty years living in Cameroon and is going to die in it. Although he was born and spent his early childhood in Brittany, which, along with the flag of Cameroon and is decorated with Spanish entry in the «Mayo Oldiri.» Mister de Bohe, former paratrooper and sniper managed to war across sub-Saharan Africa as well as Cambodia and Vietnam. After the war and about the military art (Guy worked for some time as an instructor, and served as a bodyguard for the President of Gabon), he finally settled in Garrua. The need to find a substitute for war adrenaline in the form of hunting. The need for otbyvshey France has found a substitute for his wife in the face of a dark-skinned girlfriends. And Guy is quite happy. Being an intelligent and tactful, he got among other things the wonderful connections in local government and in the feudal establishment. In addition, Guy was probably the key figure, the most important representative of the Spanish company Outfitter dedicated to many sensitive issues. But he did not tell me. Similar conclusions I did much later, to hunt with him for ten days, and after listening to a lot of fun and useful. Fortunately, the English, which communicated Guy was clear to me ninety percent, and he probably due to lack of communication, loved to talk.

Path to Hyland we had a not a short, and Dawn met on the road. With the dawn of a Cameroonian bush immediately visible to the eye filled with animals from the list W. Antelope was frankly a lot. Muscular, with a large body hartebisty bouncing gait, Western Koba, redunki, Oribi and scurrying hither and thither duiker, looks like a pretty overfed birds. They met us and Marsh, whose population grows in «Mayo Oldiri» from year to year. My mentor is very pleased with this circumstance. Giant Swamp, looks like a cession is endemic and found only in Central Africa. Price for mining giant Marsh trophy is very high and amounts to ten thousand euros. However, those wishing to take a rare beast enough. In the past year, according to Guy, a Russian hunter-collector shot him once two goats. For one day. Shoot Marsh uninteresting. Too easy. But the pay is probably very interesting.

Actually, the purpose of our trip was a fresh review Hyland crossings on the roads. They are something we were looking for. Pokolesit few hours at the far cordon and not finding anything interesting, back for lunch. However, both had to be roasted in the sun after a morning cold, flavored with the wind. The second crew in the camp was not. Apparently, they found traces of buffalo and persecuted. It is for them in the morning going to go with Irene Hervey. We also saw a herd of twenty heads. But the mothers of bulls was not in it.

For lunch we had with Ki sit together. Radio communication with the machines here. Prevents hilly terrain. For the exchange of information are satellite phones, «Thuraya». I do not have time for ostakanitsya colleagues as he heard the sound of gunfire and horn. Then, on the territory of Camp triumphantly rolled into «Toyota» Hervey full of shiny black and white face. At the back of a pickup was already lying oshkurenny good savannah buffalo trophy. Hunters are not without visible pleasure told us how to obtain his trophy, saying that on the road, in one of the distant corners of the most extensive hunting grounds they saw on Hyland shot flock, among which stand out its views captured two old black bull. Giant eland produced at all impressive impression. Even battered Oleg Podtyazhkin was excited. The program Irina Derby does not. But after such Smotrin we had to ask Hervey calls to Madrid for the acquisition of additional licenses for the eland. What he gladly did.

After lunch, tired and sun buffalo miners remained in the camp, and we decided to Guy poryskat the surrounding area to soak through. After hours of searching a decent Western cob was found and deprived of his life. Near Camp tried to look vaterboka Defassa different copy of which lives in the neighborhood, but did not succeed. Over dinner, he heard from his wife the story of mining savannah buffalo. All anything, but that’s bull ammo Irina already exhausted six. Given perestrela on zeroing it gave some concern. Ammunition for the trip I took limited. In the future I will not be greedy and lazy. Of course, it was necessary to Irina back in Moscow to train with new weapons for it, «Blazers-R 93» .375 caliber. Familiar to her zauerovskaya «nine» stayed at home because of the extension of the authorization. And the aluminum brace on an injured right middle finger did not create extra comfort while shooting.

Early in the morning of the fourth of February again we went for the trophy fish. Each to his own. We decided to check out the Guy place on the eve of the crew saw a herd of Hyland. In place of my professional trekkers with its deep in the bush in search of fresh tracks. Their task was to localize single or groups of animals for further prosecution on the trail and on the approach shot. The problem, quite frankly, not easy, because Cannes always in motion. Grass Derby do not wish to eat, apparently because of aristocratic origin. Tearing green leaves, choosing only the most juicy. But trees do not eat around, and simply break them, only then gnawing branches. These creases are an important factor in the presence of animal and bitten on the leaves can define a meal. The localization problem was solved the day. Guy and trackers and then went into the bush to watch. I spent all this time in the back of a pickup truck, trying on the bench U Mosta and sunbathing. Only in the evening, combed vast areas, it was possible to determine for themselves the task for tomorrow. In the search turned up under the arm very well-fed type hartebist with good horns. My «pieych» confidently gave the team a shot. After a short photo session, clouded clouds bothersome but not biting midges Cameroon, rangers threw the carcass in a heavy body and pokolesit for an hour, noting on the roads as promising transitions Hyland, we went to not a short, two-hour path to the camp.

The next day, to optimize the process of the camp grabbed another crew, headed by Pedro. Pedro — the young Spaniard, a cross between a disciple of a professional hunter and the Camp manager. In the camp he was, apparently, under the patronage of the Spanish side. He likes to sleep until lunch and a fan of Madrid «Real». Notebook in which I’m hunting diary, painted in the colors of «Barcelona» and is its emblem. So it called — «Barsabuk.» Well, I certainly did not miss the opportunity to show it in the case of Pedro.

The ride in an open car in the morning cold. You can even catch a cold. I hunt in shorts and bare feet so wrapped up in camouflage fleece blanket, specially bought for this purpose. It turns a sort of skirt. Scottish kilt maximum length. Blacks fun, and I was relatively warm.

Almost at the same place, where the day before shooting hartebeest, is the lone Hyland. We see it from the road. Bull retires, trekkers find the trail and we get to it. Harassment not fast, against the backdrop of increasing heat. Hour and a half, it is clear that Hyland joined the herd. Groups of animals easier to prosecute, but to approach it as much more complicated. Judging from the fresh manure, animals very close. We slow down and see females with children three hundred meters. And then is heard whistling cob, suddenly found himself between us and Hyland. Cannes immediately gathering pace and we see among other animals two dark trophy bulls. I shot them because of the distance and speed dial not allowed. Getting cut by a herd of large arc, catching not the best wind in the hope that the animals calm down and continue feeding. Again the long, more than an hour approach. This time prevented Rohan, who raised panic and spugnuvshy Cannes. Once again we are trying to cut antelope, so go for a shot. Noon lunch and have long had passed. The temperature of the sun surpasses forty. Go hard. All the time it is necessary to drink water. Add to that the soil pitted with myriads of worms in a short rain season. Then, all these traces of life solidify and walk on them painfully difficult. Well, we use shoes with rigid fixation of the ankle. In these soils in the bush, they are absolutely necessary.

Again, we approach the stage, but this time on the lookout stood kongoni. Up the road, where we will select the «Toyota», still need to limp. Crossing the river dried up, notice oxbow lake with a relatively clean and cool water. Black trackers her fill their bottles for drinking, well, I take this opportunity to wash the sweat and urine through a cotton T-shirt with long sleeves. Immediately it becomes easier. Already in the car volley I pour a bottle of warm beer and Coca-Cola. Gradually restored. Again, we are going to set out to check the tracks and prepare the base for tomorrow. Guy said that in the afternoon to approach the animal easier because the wind is more stable than in the morning. Not trails, but is widely cut land in the hope to catch a fresh trail, but all in vain. As a result, today the sun and the heat went through about twenty kilometers. The first day of this work was given the habit hard, and not only me. But before they leave the station, we made one more useful thing. Tied to the car a small tree with a rope in the manner promeli border PCB all around the perimeter of the road to the next morning did not spend much time searching for tracks. Already on the way to the house notice Pumbaa with stout bodies. Warthog in these lands a bit and shoot it every season. But in the camp we are always happy boar, primarily due to the excellent taste.

Camp eve dinner exchanging impressions about the day. Irina also yesterday shot warthog, but the search, unfortunately, has not ended transoms trophy. Then their whole day the crew was engaged in search and localization Hyland, but in doing so, they have not succeeded. We cook with lard canapés at Borodino bread with mustard and horseradish to choose from. Bacon and bread cut into thin, cold vodka spill in the stack. Hervey watching our preparations with caution. In the past year, he has had a chance to have a drink «on the blood» of vodka with Russian hunters after extraction trophy. It ended with the words Hervey, at the time it is quite deplorable. For Hervey, of course. Hence fears. But this time there were no frills. We drink quite a bit. First: «On the field!» And Guy and Hervey already well learned this toast to us. Then for Cameroon and for the love! According to the logic of the process for the fourth time would be worth a toast to love in Cameroon, but we restrict ourselves to toast to a narrow circle of trofeyschikov, professional hunters and outfitters. The evening was a success. Tomorrow again rise at four.

Morning sixth of February began as always. Then charges. We should check it out for himself, and for his wife. Breakfast. After a short training chef has quite independently and passable brews coffee in the morning. Then the «kilt» on their feet and «on the car!». To the point where we were yesterday, such as localized Derby, drive more than two hours. While dark, I am sitting in the cockpit. Since warmer. As soon as dawn is breaking up of the edges, are transplanted into the body to be ready. And then, as the sun climbs, performs Gypsy striptease, pulling off the layers of clothing.

In place of Ki sends Pedro again join us, check marks on the road in the same direction, and we ourselves are going to another for the same purposes. After passing some time, we see a sudden, right out of the body of excellent two herds of bulls is probably just clicked our way. Dismounted quickly and try to cut the beast. But the herd is they are very careful, and the wind is not on our side. Then the phone rang, «Thuraya». Pedro told us that his rangers found in the bush old bull-alone, exiled from the herd males younger. In the words of Pedro Hyland is close to acacia and scratches on her horn. At full speed fly to Don. We catch the wind and begin to conceal. Close afraid to approach, go away. 180 meters to stop, and noticeably excited senior tracker gomno me stick sets. After the shot the bull falls on the ground, but tries to climb. I shoot again. Then run to close the distance. While running, I remember my misadventures with the Cape Hyland in January 2011 in Limpopo. Again, stick, and two more shots, more room for complacency. All the main trophy bagged.

Slow photo shoot after the production the coveted trophy — one of the small pleasures of hunting. Emotions are still vivid and my heart calm and cozy on a job well done. Then remove the skin on the full-sized stuffed animals, and heavily laden horns, hooves and a pile of meat, starting at the camp. All are very satisfied, especially me. Along the way we meet a second car. Seeing the trophy in our board and its crew is clearly winding. In the eyes of such determination to get.

After an hour left in the direction of the movement «Toyota» rangers noticed a group of Roanne. Guy points out to me the oldest bull that is lagging in the rear. The distance a little more than two hundred meters. I am bursting as I can, in the back of the car and wait until Roan come at a relatively clean place. Beau in the shoulder blade. Touchet. Roan stumbles, folded in half and ten meters falls backward.

Over dinner first fish. Very bad taste and resembles a walleye, only fatter. That’s right, this is the Nile perch. Despite the fact that the local deep-water river only during the rainy season and its oxbow lakes full of fish. This tilapia and catfish local. As well as a fairly large-Tiger Fish and Nile Perch. And the latter is achieved respectable size. I found an album with trophies and thank you notes from hunters Photo Nile perch to twenty-five pounds in weight, caught an hour’s drive from the Camp. At the point where the river forms the border with the lands of the Russian company «Afrikamsafaris» of control that, Michael, Guy always complementarily withdrawn. Photo Guy perch gave me for the story. I promised to bring him back next year when I come into the forest elephant and bongo.

Today, only the fifth day of our hunt. We have, traditionally, before dawn start our way in the last Group A trophy that will get me, buffalo. It is slightly smaller in size Cape, but less regularly, usually every four or five years with hunting and gathering «pieychey» bloody tribute, periodically killing somebody, usually during the transoms. Just a week before our arrival on a safari in one of the hunting areas in our neighborhood, belonging to some of the French company, the tragedy happened uniform. However, it was not associated with the buffalo and lion. Professional via «komyunikeyshen Tube» called out a lion from the bush on his head. Client bad shot. Launch an attack cat and terrible vanity. The result more than sad. «Pieych» shot skull hunter leaning on the line, and then get the lion. So they were in the back of a pickup truck. The hunter and the lion.

We head to the north lands, to the green, overgrown forest longline ancient volcanoes, lava flows which form the local topography. Sami volcanoes emerald hills towering above the surface, forming a chain linked probably to deep crustal faults. Suddenly, the road passes us ryzhekrasnyh herd, savannah buffalo. Seeing us, they were divided. Those that managed to cross the road, slowly went to the high dry grass roadside. Others look at us, not daring to continue their journey. A quarter of an hour to observe and listen. Then we dismount and go over the part of the herd that crossed the road. Five minutes later, all the buffalo at a glance. Guy points out that fire. The distance is small, one hundred and twenty meters, not more. I shoot the bull falls. By and large, the hunt is over. Although, what to do in the rest of the week is definitely there. There’s more to look for in the list of B and C.

A couple of days we did that helped Irene Hervey, and look Hyland, carried out anti-poaching activities along the river and tried to catch Nile perch. Along the way, looking for a hole with a python, producing at the same time on the occasion of Cameroon for the excellent bushbuck. The fish we catch are not possible, but lucky bait. Huge, 526-centimeter python at all impressed, and the taste proved rabbit. In Irene’s case with Kannoy ladilis. Daily trips to the sun taken away from her more forces. Yes, and sometimes just plain unlucky. On the recommendation of Hervey, we again had a satellite communication session with Madrid and for a very reasonable price got the green light to move to the land «Mayo Jiabao», considered the best for the production Hyland Lord Derby and Roan. So it is still possible because the hunters, paid a two-week safari in camp and did not come.

Moving to «Jiabao» took place normally, except punched and with great difficulty the replaced wheel in the «Toyota» Hervey. The new Camp arrived in the evening, but had time to notice that he would be more interesting than the first. The fact is that in every land, and the service in the camp meets the professional hunter, for which they are attached. In «Jiabao» hosted Hervey. His father, himself a former «pieych» accompanying customers in Senegal, insisted that his son was certainly a civil profession, able to feed the child. Hervey Povarskaya chosen specialty, but otmuchilsya four years and receive a diploma, followed his parents into the bush. Nevertheless, the education received a very positive impact on the service, the bar and the kitchen balcony. Like Guy, forty Hervey citizen of France, but was born and raised in Senegal. There’s also a kid started hunting with his father. Hervey borrowed from him the ability to imitate the voices of animals and birds. In northern Cameroon, Hervey considered one of the best specialists in entice the lion from the bush by means of a pipe. In my view, this tactic much more exciting prey lion and fairer than the one that is used in Zimbabwe, when it is a matter Dolby Mobile-syurraund. And from a predator hunter fences off a large camouflage canvas umbrella. Two weeks before our arrival to Hervey with kpientom Garrua-American took this way korotkogrivogo large cat.

The next morning rolled the usual hunting track. We whiled away the time, Guy rather than the hunted animal, but nevertheless have a very well-fed and rogastuyu redunku. Camp caught lunch at a small celebration on the occasion of extraction Irina Roan with a 36-inch horns. But in the evening, when discussing the results of the day, it became clear that these parts will have to run for Hyland. Derby Derby there. The next day again went to Irina wasted. I decided to join his wife in order to help her morale. Guy is very pleased such a convenient opportunity, zasobiralsya a couple of days in their land, the fight against poachers.

Sunrise from the end of the third day of the hunt we met Irene in the back together. Then the statement on the trail and exhausting eight-hour chase the herd, which is seen from the road at dawn. With a short break for lunch. After the next, I do not know what the account approach Hyland Irina fell almost perfect chance. A huge black bull with big horns came out from behind a bush in full at a distance of not more than one hundred meters. As the wife of obnizila his shot, neither I nor she still can not understand. But fact is fact. Apparently, all the affected exhaustion.

The next morning, again we took the trail and on it went. However, moving much slower than it should be. And the reason for it was a powerful diarrhea, which went into liquid grip of the whole composition trekkersky polls and in particular the chief ranger Amado from the team Hervey. The fact that the day before, for that matter, and for the last week, events were taking place against the backdrop of a temperature above forty degrees in the shade. Organisms are all participants in hunting desperately needed in the moisture. But unlike stocks have relatively clean water from the Camp at Rangers ended, and they had to fill out oxbows and puddles. Here today and there was retribution. Our «pieych» distributed to all the suffering of the tablet, but only a couple of hours, giving a hefty handicap Antelope, we were able to take the right pace. It arrived in time for lunch, and it became clear that to continue to chase Irina will not be able. Pathfinders built her «gorilla bed» lay branches with succulent leaves, and hung the curtains of fine mesh, saving from annoying mosquitoes. Near the makeshift bed set Thermobox with beer and cola, left the car with a driver and oruzhiem.A themselves continued persecution. Carbine wife, «Blazers R-93» under the .375 H&H with three cartridges, and its 202-th «Sauer» .416 caliber with the last charge, I took with me. By the penultimate day I was a little poobvyk under the sun and expenses. To have their say and vitamins with abundant drinking. We went for the next three hours, sometimes approaching the giant Hyland on one hundred and fifty meters, but a decent shot at the trophy seen. Then the herd and released again gaining on it, varying tactics, depending on the wind. The wind in the afternoon in the north of Cameroon is indeed stable, which facilitated our task. Already at the dawn of the evening, again drawing close to Cannes, we saw what you were looking for. Tanned solid bull with horns standing in profile, facing away from the muzzle of other animal groups as if offended by them. The distance was decent, two hundred and forty meters, but to reduce the chance of it was not. And the goal was in full view. I put in stick, put his shoulder in addition to the substituted «pieycha» and fired. Hyland collapsed dead. All. Now really it seems to «Alley kaput!». For a long time, but quickly ran to the trophy. I once even pulnul him in the spine of the «blazers», but the need for it was not. Interestingly, the wife, who arrived soon on photo session with the car, said it was her Hyland. I did not argue. Its her so.

The next morning, formally the last hunting day back troubled Guy. His raids revealed the invasion of land Nigerian nomads with their herds korov.Gi earnestly preparing a military operation involving the gendarmerie and special forces, negotiated a helicopter. We Hervey left him in the camp with a satellite phone at the ready. And have gone to explore the area to water trekkersky composition of beer for a good job and lime baboons last two rounds.

In the evening, the short-lived fees, distribution of tips and small chores. Last sunset in a favorite of place always brings lyrical mood. Already in Garrua and Guy

Hervey fed us a delicious lunch in the only decent restaurant in the city, and given to drink wine. Then he passed the time in the office, while Guy handed over our luggage and weapons in luggage and register for the return flight to Douala. Seeing and hugs at the airport were sincere and a little sad.

A week after returning from Cameroon, on display at the «Crocus» I was able to personally pay his respects Rikvere Antonio, the owner of «Mayo Oldiri Safari», with whom we had a nodding acquaintance even in the savannah, in the first camp of our hunting trip. In addition to wasting compliments to the land and the professional hunters, I booked for a second half of next May, 2014 in one of the best camps of the equatorial forest with Guy de Bohe and two weeks in January 2015, hoping to get a lion with «komyunikeyshen Tube» . Well, Hyland, of course. Where without it.

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