I fish spinning for a long time, but even four years ago never thought about such things as «balance tackle» chchuvstvitelnost «and other subtle matter. Pike I caught quite satisfy my harsh tackle, at the end of which hung no less severe, time-tested bait — rusty spoons, turntables 20-gram head or permanent silicone «Relax Hoof» is completely replaced my lures of all types and recessed, Which I sincerely considered expensive toys for the rich. My arsenal is enough to occasionally catch something, usually oblavlivaya met on the banks of more dense «tourists» and consider themselves very advanced angler.

The main advantage of the fishing line, and later — the cord all these years I thought strength: it’s also great — not to worry, that the line can break even the biggest fish! And if she does not bite — that in fact a thick cord is always useful to tear the lure of driftwood, sometimes together with the snag, as a last resort, broken or straightening the hook. Pull any other requirements for this component tackle me, to be honest, even had not occurred, why? Pike, in my experience, do not pay much attention to something that is bound bait — whether it’s fishing line, wire or thick metal leash — so fine.

«Terrible evil» of the modern world — the Internet. It was there I learned that, it turns out, there are people who are caught not only spinning pike and other fish, catch a lot more and I regularly catch some «perverse» ways — jigs, twitching … The most important thing (about horror!) — they fish in those places and situations where I myself never did catch did not succeed, and therefore had to go on a fishing trip to distant lands, in amazingly beautiful, but hard to reach places, getting to, at best, a couple of times in year,

What was particularly surprising to me — it turned out, many anglers get some sensual pleasure from their gear and the process of catching, not only on the natural environment and those rare episodes when someone managed to still catch and pull out. Of course, I immediately wanted to be one of those mysterious and wonderful people to buy a joint

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