I’m used to prove his profession, worth something!

Valentine Rubtsov everybody knows how cute Tanya A student from the series ‘Univer’. How many images have been created-not count the actress. But now its main «role» — a beloved and loving wife, a caring mother of Sophia little … and even Tanya from TNT series «SASHATANYA.»

— You appear in different images in popular television shows. And in real life, like to experiment?

Not really: my experiments and in the profession enough. For every image — it’s a new hair length and color, and clothing … So in my life I do not like innovations. At best, I can «refresh» the length of the hair for a couple of centimeters … so do not expect that I will soon become a blonde or a redhead. And make-up in real life I do not use — give the skin rest.

— Do you like high heels? Prefer life feminine studs, or allow yourself to relax?

That’s what I’m on «you», so it is with heels! Of course, when you need to put on a beautiful evening dress, go to the light, heels are inevitable. In addition, I do not argue — it is very beautiful, legs extended, become more graceful, but … more than 15 minutes, I can not stand. Therefore, in everyday life, I prefer the good, the beautiful, but comfortable shoes.

— You rarely talks about your family. The press wrote that your husband — the DJ Arthur Martirosyan, and you have been together for 11 children. It’s a long time for show business!

Yes, I can say for sure — my husband knows me better than myself. Maybe I’m someone Destroy, but my husband is not a DJ, he — a businessman. We had a very similar character, temperament. Many say that opposites attract, but in my opinion, the more you have common interests, the more chances to create a strong family. We are very fond of Arthur come together, go to rest and try to do it as often as possible. My husband is a native of Sochi, in the spring so we spent three months at sea. We love to lie on the beach, swim in the sea … However, when you have a small child, then just lie around doing nothing, it will not turn. But when you see the happiness deliver the baby sea water and fresh air — that’s priceless.

— Your daughter is still small, how to deal with the role of mother?

I walked on the set, when Sophie was only half a year. At the same time I set myself the task: in any case not to leave breastfeeding. And even when I was doing 15-17 hours, several times a day to pump milk and sent home for my baby.

— After the birth of Sophia was difficult to give a figure in the order?

During pregnancy I gained 20 kg, but only bore and began to breastfeed, extra weight quickly left. However, there are still 3-4 «spare» kilos, but to me they are just a joy (smiles).

— Do you have some way to vent negative emotions?

We are pleased to kick the ball. Generally, with the football in my special story. Several years ago I was shot in the film «Men’s a tough game,» goalkeeper played. Honestly, I never thought that football — it’s so hard! Of course, I did not become a master at some of the skills acquired. And now, when I need to get rid of unwanted emotions, I go out into the yard with the ball. I kicked him a few minutes s negativity disappears.

— Who appeared on TV series «SASHATANYA.» continuation of the «Uni». And you’re like her character Tanya?

In some ways, yes. My character I really like, it grows with me. Now Sasha and Tanya in the series live their separate lives, with all the funny situations: after the wedding does not end life, and often just beginning. I really like that it is not mythical, but a very real figure because these Tan in the country — millions. But, unlike her character, I graduated from the school with the «troika». It is therefore very pleased that at least on the screen can stay student.

— And what is more important to you — your job or the family?

I can definitely set our priorities: first — it’s family, the second — the profession and the third — the rest.

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