I want to school! Preparing for school season

The closer the September 1, the greater the stress on the parents: «How to collect the child to school, so do not forget?» Not in a hurry to grab his head — we’ll explain how to plan the purchase to go on line with high spirits!

With needles. Secrets of the choice of school uniforms

Health First! Choosing a school uniform, carefully read the composition of the tissue. Cotton, viscose and wool percentage should prevail over synthetic materials. Inspect welds products: they must be strong, because you’re buying clothes for a long daily wearing. In addition, it should be quite free and not hamper movement.

Do not wear!

You should not go against the child’s wishes and to buy clothes that you like, but it is the student’s antipathy. It is possible that children’s tantrums, «Mom, I do not want to wear it!» Will continue throughout the school year.

Wardrobe little gentleman

School uniforms for boys shall consist of 2 pairs of pants, 2-3 shirts festive shirts and tie or butterfly, a jacket, vests, sweaters or turtlenecks 2-3, 2-3 T-shirts, sportswear and footwear (daily and sports).

Clothing for excellent pupil

School uniforms for girls should include 2-3 blouse and skirt sundress, pants, jacket, sweater or sweatshirt 2-3, several pairs of tights, tracksuits and footwear (daily and sports).

School backpack: how it should be?

Choosing the main accessory for the student, pay attention to the following criteria:

The back of the school to be an orthopedic portfolio — a rigid frame and soft podkladka.Zapah vented from the backpack does not have to be unpleasant, «toxic» .Lyamki on a school backpack must regulirovatsya.Ryukzak should be functional. Numerous pockets, spacious main department and the department for notebooks meet the needs of the child.

• Podiatrists recommend choosing a backpack, which is located on the back of the line within the shoulders to the waist.

Stationery Set

What is needed student in the classroom:

1. Notebooks in a cage, in a forward line (1-2 cells) or large line.

2. Foam: 2 handles, 2 Pencils, eraser, ruler, triangle, pencil sharpener, compass, colored pencils.

3. Folder for notebooks.

4. Pencils.

5. Paint: watercolor and gouache.

6. Several brushes.

7. Glue: PVA and pencil.

8. Plasticine.

9. Scissors in case.

10. Coloured paper.

11. White and colored cardboard.

12. Portfolio.

13. Covers for books and notebooks.

14. Album for drawing.

15. oilcloth, napkins.

16. Diary.

17. Stand for books.

If your child is in first grade, do not rush into buying! Suddenly you do not buy what you need! Visit the roll call and check with the teacher that probably will need your student in the classroom.

How to turn on the feast day of knowledge?

For some students September 1 — not a happy day: the summer has ended, and with it the holidays. To the student does not lose heart, arrange him a real celebration! The first day of school has to be associated with positive to set up a child in the positive emotions associated with the start of classes. To the Day of Knowledge to avoid the morning rush, everything you need to cook in the evening. Before you wake the baby, decorate the apartment balloons, turn the cheerful music to in the morning was an atmosphere of celebration. For breakfast, prepare his pupil his favorite dish. Along? Do not forget to take a picture before going out, after all, a historic moment!


1. Start your training at the beginning of August.

2. In advance make a list of needed items. Go shopping — perform monitoring of prices and assortment.

3. Going out shopping, be sure to take the child with him. Let him choose school supplies. Follow the selection of the student and, if necessary, explain why it is better to buy that and not another thing.

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