In artillery no room for error

— Vladimir Mikhailovsky Military Artillery Academy has more than 192 years of glorious history, rich traditions. Let’s start with how it was created a unique university as it develops …

— The idea of ​​establishing in Russia a military artillery academy belongs to Count Peter Shuvalov, went down in history as an outstanding statesman and military leader. He proceeded from the fact that Russia is experiencing an acute need for personnel able to interpret the military science. About military science Shuvalov said that it is necessary «as the reasonable soul is the body.» These words are no less relevant today.

Shuvalov The idea was realized with the establishment of December 7 (November 25) 1820, in St. Petersburg the first artillery educational institutions of Russia. He founded his general feldtseyhmeyster Grand Duke Mikhail Pavlovich Romanov (after his death in 1829 his name was immortalized in the name of the university). The position of the Artillery School said that it was «established for the education of skilled officers of the artillery.» The school was originally distinguished academic characteristics: it was organized by the two-level officer training. That is combined with the training of basic and applied research of military theory and practice.

In 1855, the school was transformed into the Mikhailovsky Artillery Academy, which was to become the highest officer training school and the center of artillery science.

Initially, the main institution for training was for breech military industry, services, combat supply troops. The task then was very important because military affairs are entering an era of «machine guns» and Russia at that time was poor specialists capable to solve new problems.

In the early twentieth century, the War Department demanded from the Academy to train officers with higher education and to combat units. But only in 1932 for this task, a special faculty. Almost simultaneously transmitted Academy training for the military industry Military Mechanical Institute.

During the Great Patriotic War Academy graduates showed the highest professionalism, bravery and courage on all fronts. 92 of them became Heroes of the Soviet Union. Captain Flerov, the first to use in combat multiple rocket launchers «Katyusha», in 1991 was awarded the title Hero of the Russian Federation.

View MVAA with Arsenal embankment St. Petersburg

Another decisive event in the development of the academy has been associated with the need to train personnel for the wars of the fifth generation, which is the main nuclear missiles. In 1952, at the Academy, which at that time was already in Moscow, we established two schools: Academy of the Strategic Missile Forces in the capital and the Military Artillery Academy in Leningrad, returning to its historic walls.

In 1960, the Academy has adopted in its membership the engineering department of the Leningrad Higher Artillery Engineering School named after M. I.Kalinina and since that time has passed to prepare as a team and the engineering staff for the missile troops and artillery of the Land Forces.

In 1995, the year of the 175th anniversary of the university, academy President’s decree was returned to its historic name — «St. Michael», while maintaining all the state awards.

During the numerous reorganizations range of problems solved by the Academy has grown considerably. Thus, in its composition sequences include liquidated Leningrad Higher Artillery Command School (1993), Central artillery officer training (1996), Saratov Missile School (2001), Kolomenskoye

Lesson in Academy Graduate School of Artillery (2010), Tula Artillery Engineering Institute. In 2011, the Academy cadets took Yekaterinburg and Kazan Higher Artillery Command School.

Today MVVA — the only one in the Armed Forces of the school, which serves the whole range of shots and rocket artillery for PB and A Land Forces. Today, the institution entrusted with such a new and important task as the preparation of the sergeants of the high technology industry. Traditionally, the Academy is also a wide range of scientific research. We have 24 research schools, some of them are of world importance. Recently, we have completed the accreditation, licensing, confirmed the status of the Academy for all quality indicators.

— What about the faculty of the Academy? Are there enough teachers estimated their level of training?

— Today, staffing teachers with academic degrees and titles is more than seventy percent of them are doctors and professors — 16%. And those teachers who do not yet have scientific degrees, adopted the theme of dissertation research by job hunting and have already reached the appropriate boundaries for their preparation.

Among the permanent staff of teachers that train students and cadets of military-professional disciplines, 82% have higher operational and tactical training. Previously, they held positions not below battalion commander and higher. More than half of high school teachers are the combatants. Also, I must say that after the event within the framework of reforming almost all the permanent staff of the Academy renewed — 95% of the officers is in office less than three years.

The results of checking the status of professional training of teaching staff, the Board’s Main Command of the Land Forces, confirmed his quality growth — activity evaluated as «good».

— It is known that the Mikhailovsky Artillery Academy is a center of scientific thought in the field of missile troops and artillery. Please tell us about the contribution of the university in science, for scientific research …

— Of course, our school for many years and decades actively scientific research in the interests of building, combat use of missile troops and artillery of the Land Forces, development of artillery and missiles, improving the educational process.

So, for the past five years MVAA presented to customers and prime contractor of more than 300 accounting materials, more than 100 reportable materials prepared in the framework of the action research. In addition, the Academy carried out more than 100 operational tasks for scientific work, written and published about 5,000 scientific articles prepared and sent 8,000 reviews of abstracts, dissertations, monographs and military-theoretical works, as well as reviews of articles. All this shows the high demand of the scientific potential of the Academy. For example, we have been developing draft guidance documents for the Ministry of Defense, Missile Forces and Artillery of the Ground Forces, textbooks, manuals and recommendations for their implementation in combat and operational training of troops and the government.

The scientific school of the academy, as already mentioned, is at a high level. The academy has three doctorate dissertation councils, which provide a welcome to the defense of dissertations on eight specialties. They are protected by more than 100 doctoral dissertations and master’s theses in 2000.

Our team created the concept of fire destruction of the enemy in operations (combat), focused on current and future conditions of the organization and conduct of warfare. It was approved by the Minister of Defence and has been tested during the exercise «Center-2011». We also participated in the development of guidance and statutory documents on the formation of new forms and methods of fire destruction of the enemy and combat use of PB and A in operation (combat).

Great importance is attached to the inextricable link between theory and practice. Our teaching staff participated in all the major events of operational and combat training of troops, especially such as «West-2009», «Ladoga-2009», «Vostok-2010»

«Center-2011», «Kavkaz-2012» in the research exercise. Teachers constantly go to the army to organize and conduct classes, competitions, tests, and in all regions of the country.

— Mikhailovskaya Military Artillery Academy has long been famous for its graduates. I wonder, how many professionals it is released, one of the graduates is particularly famous for?

— It so happened that after the reform and optimization of the structures of universities MVAA became the legal successor of all relevant military schools. So called after a specific number of such transformations of all graduates impossible. But if we take the concrete Academy, then in 1953, when it was returned to its historic building on the banks of the Neva River, there were produced 60 editions of the officers with higher military operational and tactical training, and it is about 42 thousand people, plus 16 editions of officers with full military and special training — 4.5 thousand professionals. Thus, all produced over 46.5 thousand people.

In addition, over 18 years carried out retraining of more than 5.5 thousand officers.

Of course, the name of St. Michael’s Military Artillery Academy praised its graduates. Many high school students became major generals. Among them — Marshal LA Govorov, Chief Marshal of Artillery NN Voronov, M. Nedelin,

B. Tolubko, S. Varentsov, Marshal of Artillery Nikolai Yakovlev, Mikhail Chistyakov, V. Kazakov, K. Kazakov, Yu Bazhanov, Kuleshov, D. Odintsov, Peredelsky G., E. and W. Boychuk Mikhalkin. Famous figures of science, culture and art are such our graduates as P. Klodt, NA Yaroshenko Yu Bondarev and others.

We are proud that the names of a number of world-famous scientists, discoverers, gunsmiths directly related to the history of our Academy. This is primarily D. Mendeleev, K. Konstantinov, M. Ostrogradskii. E. Lenz, G. Hess, N. Maievsky, D. Chernov, V. Shklarevich, J. Grave, B. Grabin, Langemak G. and S. Mosin.

— Traditionally say artillery — is «the god of war.» Is it relevant for today’s time?

— This name was assigned to the artillery after the Soviet-Finnish war. The Great Patriotic War fully confirmed the crucial importance of artillery on the battlefield.

The formula of «god of war» did not outdated today, because 80% of the tasks of fire destruction of the enemy in the modern battle falls on the share of missile troops and artillery. This is a very high technology, intellectual arm, which is not only a structural element of the Ground Forces, but also interspecies fire weapons. Artillery necessarily present everywhere: in the Airborne Troops and the Navy, the Marines and the Interior Troops of the Interior Ministry.

So for us, it is gratifying that our graduates are in demand everywhere, they are in different military branches, and I must say, the reviews about them overwhelmingly good. We can say this with confidence, because every year we conduct a careful analysis of training students and cadets in the academy, reports on the work of the state certification committee and, of course, feedback from commanders of formations and units at the graduate MVAA. All these data suggest a fairly high level of training. This is also reflected in the increased number of orders for training foreign military academy. This year, we have trained professionals from over 30 countries near and far abroad.

In recent years, we have significantly improved the technique, with special emphasis on action-oriented teaching students and cadets. Thus, in the Academy organized and conducted additional training for combat and the daily work of the shooting and fire control. Weekly training center Academy held tactical exercises with live firing battery of artillery. In October and November of each year we hold tactical exercises with missile launches and rockets. Moreover, all military posts at these events take our listeners and cadets. In short, our goal is to release a universal stress that word, professional, and we are doing everything possible for that.

«God of War» can not make mistakes, do not have such a right gunner. Any mistake can result in our loss of his troops and the failure of the problem posed. Therefore, the responsibility of training in our academy is extremely high.

a private matter, to pass the exam in three subjects: mathematics, physics and Russian language, pass a medical examination.

— What qualifications obtained in the military academy?

— Based on the license, we are trained for 6 specialties of higher military and 3 field of vocational education. All of them are listed on the website of the Defense Ministry, so there is no need to talk about them.

Form of study — full-time, on a budgetary basis. Training is provided by the federal state educational standards of higher (average) vocational education. The duration of training programs of higher education is 5 years, and secondary vocational education — 2 years 10 months.

Students are on full state support. At the end of high school graduates receive a state diploma of higher (secondary) professional education with a full (average) military and special training, are assigned to the qualification of «specialist» («techniques»), the rank of «lieutenant» («Sergeant»). All graduates are appointed officers (NCOs) in military districts.

It is gratifying that this year all of our educational opportunities are used to the maximum: the set is considerably expanded, we recruited about 800 people for all the specialties of both higher and secondary vocational education.

— What should a potential entrant to enter your university?

— For this purpose any special young man heroic deeds do not need. The main thing is that he was motivated by a desire to learn military affairs and become an artillery officer, a good performance and good health. He must submit to the military commissariat application form, an applicant must pass a psychological screening and pass the physical training.

More on this as it is written on the website of the Defense Ministry.

— Over the years the Academy she has accumulated rich tradition. As they are used in training and education Mihaylovtsi, if not forgotten the experience of veterans?

— Experience of training and education of artillery officers learned at the academy, is carefully stored and used purposefully. Successfully carried out awareness-raising, cultural, recreational and military-patriotic events. And certainly with the support of the council of veterans and the public council of the Academy, headed by a retired colonel, respectively V.Tischenko and Major General Retired B. Chernigelem. Both are veterans of fighting in Afghanistan. Veterans Council of the Academy brings together more than 900 people. It is gratifying that in this work are actively involved war veterans working for us. Among them are promoted to major general, retired, Anatoly S. Krukovskiy and Yuri Fyodorov, complete HIV Yunovidov Adam Trofimovich Gerashchenko, a resident of the besieged

Leningrad Galina Ishekova and others. All are witnessing landmark events in the history of our country. For our students and cadets is pois- mud-men legends. Imagine, for example, is already a veteran of ninety years, and he holds a lecture! Such are the people we have one word — Mihaylovtsi. It is necessary to see how attentively they listened to future officers.

Our veterans take part in all the ceremonies to mark significant and memorable dates in history, in the next issue of officers, on the adoption of the military oath.

Status and high prestige MVAA urban educational circles cause a keen interest in pupils and students of the city. Needless to say, the prestige of the academy is high. At regularly scheduled open houses and tours of the Academy we see on a visit pupils of Suvorov military schools and military academies, high school students. Some of them later join our ranks.

We have a solemn ritual

Bringing the military oath of freshmen to carry out its mission, it will save all suppress the enemy fire and will save lives. That’s why we are very strict with our trainees. Artillery — an exact science.

In general, we set ourselves the goal to release not only a good specialist, but also an intellectual, educated man with a broad outlook, and what should be a real officer. Therefore, we designed the academy program mandatory review of our students with all the major historical, cultural values, the brilliant sights of St. Petersburg. This program is designed for all five initiations of freshmen in Mihaylovtsi. Two years ago, we have developed and adopted a set of moral rules, called code of honor. It contains 12 items, following which all MI-haylovtsy must faithfully serve and live honestly. And it is not just words. We are in fact in the whole of our daily activities are making targeted, and quite successfully implement this code into practice. We educate our pupils so that they comply with the code of honor of conviction.

As already mentioned, we have a very high responsibility of teaching. We will reward those who achieve success in school and sports. But if the student, for example, did not receive a positive assessment of the shooting, fire control and other subjects, he is deprived of dismissal, while not pass the subject. This is true, and learners perceive these requirements for granted, no questions about it arise. We have no right to let experts from the Academy of undereducated, contentment triple. Because they just do not perform the task. Or worse, imagine if some ignoramus suddenly makes a mistake in the calculation, and artillery fire by mistake will cover its troops … Price error, as I said, is extremely high. But when the artillery is clearly years of study. This does not mean that we force students to layoffs definitely go to a museum or theater. No of course. But there are a number of places in the five years of training simply can not go. And in this respect we show demands: a five-year cultural program always goes one of our graduates.

— Artilleryman profession requires not only high intelligence, but also excellent physical shape. I’ve heard that in the academy of physical training of cadets and officers paid special attention …

— Yes it is. Artillery combat work related with critical moral and psychological and physical activities that will sustain only a very prepared person. So sports really paid attention.

Mandatory requirement for every student — become pervorazryadnikom to release one or several sports. And we achieve this goal. The department of physical training and sport, led by Colonel Vyacheslav Gorokhov, implement special addition to the basic training program, which has proved its effectiveness in the academy. All our graduates receive a level of military-applied sports, someone does better. For example, in the last issue had four masters of sport and nine candidates for the master. That’s because in addition to the routine we have held extra classes, people are actively involved in the sections, being sports-mass work.

For example, the traditional tournament was the army fighting in memory of Hero of the Russian graduate MVAA 2004 Senior Lieutenant Sergey Shevelev. He died August 8, 2008 in Tskhinvali, showing courage and bravery in battle during the Georgian-South Ossetian conflict. This year we will hold a tournament for the sixth time. I must say, it has become an international, it is not the first year participating troops from other states.

Traditionally for the university were also family starts in the fall, winter and spring, which are lively, interesting, with the participation of people of all ages, including children. They actively promote team building, enhance mutual understanding and adoption of it among the people a healthy lifestyle.

Our academy is famous for its high achievements in sports among the universities of the Russian Defense Ministry in the Western Military District, in St. Petersburg and North-West region. Other pets and go global. For example, Honored Master of Sports of Russia, world champion in combat sambo senior lieutenant Ivan Davidenko.

— High level of education graduates of the Academy, of course, presupposes the existence of a developed and modern requirements appropriate training facilities.

— Absolutely. I must say, the Academy is stationed in the two garrisons of the Western Military District: St. Petersburg and Luga, and in both educational facilities meet modern requirements. It consists of several components: weapons and military equipment, teaching Other laboratory, field, training and simulator database. And our ability to master almost any enable samples of artillery weapons and military equipment, including promising. During the training on our field base, at the gym has all the conditions to create an environment as close to real combat.

The Academy uses an extensive network equipped with means of training facilities: over 220 classrooms and classes, including computer and exercise classes, language laboratories, uchebnotrenirovochnye complexes. To conduct training sessions are widely used multimedia and interactive learning tools. Departments are connected by local computer networks. The training process uses a total of more than 500 personal computers.

A big help is a specially organized system of collection, storage, processing, storage and subsequent use of a certain set of information. The elements of this system are the library, including electronic algorithms and programs, reading rooms, computer and internet classes, local area networks, relevant information resources. All this taken together is indeed a storehouse for both teachers and for students and trainees. You can get almost any information on a particular topic of study, do research, learn combat experience, in short, all the necessary materials at hand. Thus, the Academy has a library funds: basic, training, for official use, special and rare.

With confidence I can say that the combination of skills of teaching staff, and developed training facilities enables us to provide training of highly qualified specialists. For our Mihaylovtsi we are not ashamed.

— Vladimir, let me express my gratitude to you for the interesting interview. We wish you head illustrious Academy broad and clear the road to the future.

Interview conducted Nizamidin KAINBEKOV, correspondent of the magazine «Landmark».

Lieutenant-General Vladimir DYATLOV born May 30, 1958 in the village of Starobogdanovka Mikhailovsky district of Zaporozhye region. He graduated from the Moscow Suvorov Military School (1975), Khmelnytsky Higher Military Artillery School (1979, cum laude), Military Artillery Academy after MI Kalinin (1990) and the Military Academy of the General Staff of the Armed Forces (2000). He served in the Far Eastern Military District, where he rose from platoon commander to chief of artillery and rocket forces, FEB. Since October 2009 — Head of the St. Michael’s Military Artillery Academy.

Candidate of Historical Sciences. Assistant professor. He was awarded the Order of «Friendship of Peoples,» Merit, the medal «For Military Merit» and other medals.

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