In the seven years FINISH

Plodovinsovhoz «Almaly» Kurdayskogo district, organized in 1957. Before him was tasked to — during the years of the seven-year lay industrial garden area of ​​1600 hectares. This is a difficult task, but, as life has shown, it is quite doable.

Soil and climatic conditions of Chu valley in which the farm is located, as commissioned by the man created by nature to lay the garden. From the north and the northeast — the mountains, covering the flow of cold air masses; south and southwest — open valley with a rich and fertile land. Altitude 1100 meters. At this altitude fruit trees never suffer from low temperatures. The inhabitants of the village Mikhailovka where the farm is located, a lot of old plants

Workers of all countries, unite!

60-70 years. This giant, reaching 10-12 meters width of the crown and the same height.

In 1957, it held its first preparatory works for laying of the garden. At that time I did not have tractors and tillers. Therefore, tractor and bulldozer working around the clock. They leveled the mounds, raised Plantage, dug pit. By planting trees started not in 1959, as the scheduled plan, and in the spring


The pace Bookmarks garden grew with each passing year. Trees planted in spring and autumn for a total of 210-480 hectares per year. Their survival rate was 93- 97%. The heroic labor of the farm team was a success — a seven-year plan for the development of horticulture is made for 5 years, ie two years ahead of schedule.

Young trees in orderly rows were stretched along the beautiful river. Chew on the area of ​​1600 hectares. It is the largest industrial garden in Kazakhstan. His entire array is divided into blocks of 10 hectares, separated by windbreaks. Apple — the main rock garden. Summer varieties make up 12%. It — Pouring white Papirovka; osennie- 56%, leading a famous Almaty Aport (505 hectares). Also cultivated varieties Grushovka Verny, Parma winter gold, Reinette Burchard, Reinette Landsberg, and others; Winter 32% -Rozmarin white, Kandil synaptic, Pepin saffron, Bellefleur-Kitaika, Zailiyskoye, Pepin London, Calville snow, gold and others. All the plantings are developing well. Soon they will blossom and aroma of fragrant fruit gives to the air of the valley. Creator of this wealth is the farm team zes hotly fell in love with their offspring garden. Although the plants are still young, but more and more often we hear the words of Pushkin: «I love this dark garden, with its cool and flowers.»

At the farm, perhaps, there will be no person who would not participate in the planting of the garden. Especially hard in the early years of his favorites is now retired VI Puzikova, Makhovikov M., P. Panchenko E. Plastun, AT Pisarenko. They now help the farm. Good working Kastyrina Komsomol B. and J. Fried — now students of the Moscow Order of Lenin Agricultural Academy Timiryazev. We are confident that after graduation they will come to work in your favorite farm. A great help in laying the perennial plants had Kazakh Research Institute of horticulture and viticulture, in particular, its employees and VI Ponamorchuk MP Levin.

More labor invested and mechanization of the farm. For example, the tractor NV Borisov tractor «Belarus» mounted settling pit dug 70 wells LLC landing, replacing 1,000 workers.

The estimated cost of the works and planting material garden identified 472 thousand rubles, actually spent 359,000 rubles. Thus the farm team saved 113,000 rubles.

«Gardens — said Khrushchev — is our greatest wealth, and this wealth must be multiplied.» We will develop and multiply this wealth. Near the time when the fruits of our garden will adorn the table miner Karaganda, Balkhash metallurgist, farmer virgin land.

We develop and viticulture. Now the farm 130 hectares of vineyards, 50 hectares of berries and nursery. An important sector is livestock, which blends well with the development of horticulture and viticulture. Over the past 6 years, the state sold the farm meat in slaughter weight 14,100 quintals of milk 15600, 4378 quintals of wool. Who farm 645 head of cattle, 10,000 sheep, has a pig farm. Every year, we grow high yield crops and maize.

The farm is widely unfolded construction. In a relatively short period of time built: more than a hundred apartments, hospitals, schools, nurseries, cowshed. This year, 45 days built a new street, it is given the name of Moscow Cheryomushki. About 100 houses built individual developers. To construct water pipeline length of 18 kilometers. The next construction canning plant capacity of 4 million standard cans, fruit storage for 500 tons of fresh fruit.

Our work had a lot of difficulties and shortcomings, but the team has successfully overcome them. Due to this well-developed gardens and vineyards.

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