JAPAN: The earthquake in the Pacific Ocean

Syndicate Mitsubishi Electric Group in March announced that two of its major businesses affected by the earthquake in the Pacific Ocean force 9 points on March 11 this year, but serious injuries to employees is not observed. Office branch of the company in Tohoku, located in Sendai, damaged but still functional. The plant Koriyama, Fukushima Prefecture, reportedly damaged the building. Manufacture of TV sets with closed-loop and communication equipment at the plant temporarily suspended.

Syndicate stated that he donates $ 500 million Japanese yen ($ 6.16 million) on assistance and support to the earthquake victims. Taking into account the needs of the affected area, Mitsubishi Electric Group will coordinate the issuance of the relevant program of donations, through which the company will coordinate the contributions and donations made by employees of different countries, and would consider donating the company’s products and other goods.

EHC Global company reported the devastation in the disaster. Its partners Hitachi Cable and Tohoku Rubber has not been able to put the NT handrails country. The company asks anyone who is looking for sources of supply hangers for Japan to refrain from contact with other businesses, Global on direct supplies. As of March 2011, stocks handrails Japan monitored and their implementation coordinated through wholesale partners.

Syndicate Toshiba Group announced that he, as a major supplier of energy systems and infrastructure in the affected areas, will make every effort to help preserve the integrity of the nuclear power plants and to restore the power supply in the disaster areas as soon as possible. The target strength of the company, which include at least 700 engineers working round the clock in the Tokyo head office of the company, its Nuclear Technology Center in Yokohama and other units were ordered to engage in nuclear power plant accident in Fukushima Daiichi.

The company has formed a task force of 150 people in the main office of Toshiba and relevant enterprises to expand support for the restoration or improvement of thermal power plants, to restore the transmission and distribution of electricity. Syndicate Toshiba Group will take part in the projects repair damaged thermal power companies Tokyo Electric Power Co., Ltd. and Tohoku Electric Power Co., and will help accelerate the commissioning of thermal power plants undergoing periodic maintenance and return to work enclosed thermal power plants. He intends to restore the damaged transmission and distribution of electricity, including substations and switching stations.

The epicenter was located at a distance of 231 miles to the north-east of Tokyo and spawned a tsunami 32 feet. Its effect has spread far beyond Japan as a tsunami warning has been done around the Pacific coast, including the west coast of the United States, the Philippines, Indonesia, Taiwan and Russia. The disaster led to the stop of the plurality of elevators, and they stuck a lot of people. Elevator World magazine reporter Masaru Matsumoto happily suffered an earthquake in the city of Ushiku, Ibaraki, and felt tremors of up to 7 on the Richter scale every 10 minutes for several days after a major earthquake. At the time of publication, there were 12,554 dead and 15,077 missing.

Ten things you can learn from Japan

1. Calm. Nobody beat his chest and did not express a wild grief. Needless grief was sublime.

2. Dignity. Disciplined queues for water and food. Not a rough word or a gesture.

3. Abilities. Incredible ability, for example, architects: buildings swayed but did not fall.

4. decency. People bought only what you need, so everyone something battered.

5. Procedure. No shoplifting, no attacks on the roads, just understanding.

6. Sacrifice. Fifty workers stayed to pump sea water into the nuclear reactor. How can you compensate for that?

7. Tenderness. Restaurants lowered prices unprotected ATMs nobody touched, strong cared for the weak.

8. Preparedness. All — the elderly and children — everyone knew exactly what to do. And all this is done.

9. Media. They have shown remarkable restraint in their newsletters. Only calm reportage.

10. Conscience. As in any store cut the power, people put things back on the shelves and left quietly.

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