Ladies Confess!

To our secretary!

‘I gave a naughty treat’

MY FELLA kept asking me to dominate him, so one day I did just that. I bought a black leather dress that was slashed down the front and very short. When he saw me, he stood there open-mouthed. I grabbed his arms and handcuffed him, then dragged him to the bed and blindfolded him with a silk scarf. Climbing on top, I kissed him and nibbled his skin until he begged for more. I went down on him until I could feel him quivering and moaning. It felt amazing to have such power over him and I’d never seen him so turned- on. So there you have it — wishes can come true!

BBQ turned very rude’

MY FRIEND held a barbecue last weekend, and her hunky younger brother was instant so we took things up to his room, where he pushed me onto the bed, had my knickers aside in seconds and went down on me, licking and caressing me. I could barely breathe and when we wandered back down I couldn’t look my friend in the eye. I don’t think I’ll see him again now that he’s moved away, but I have enough happy memories to keep me going for a while!

‘Rugby do led to online fun’

I WENT to a do at my local rugby club recently, hoping to meet a fit, muscly guy. One of the away team was a stocky, blond guy and we hit it off right away. The way he kissed me sent shivers through my body. The night came to an end and, although we swapped numbers, the fact he lived so far away meant I didn’t imagine we’d speak again. I couldn’t believe it the next day when he started sending me dirty messages and a picture of him in his rugby shirt and nothing else! We moved on to phone sex, and the way he instructed me to do things really turned me on. We’re now into Skype chats and he loves watching me play with myself, dressed in just stockings and a corset. I can’t wait to meet up again!

‘My best taxi ride ever’

I WAS in a taxi, soaking wet from the summer storms, on my way to a friend’s house for dinner. The taxi driver was a hot local bloke who I’d been on a few dates with in the past. I noticed he kept looking at me and I couldn’t help looking back. He winced a few times and explained that his shoulders were killing him from the gym. I reached over and started to massage his aching muscles. I instructed him to pull over in a quiet spot and moved to the front seat. Within seconds we were kissing passionately. Realising how wet I was from the rain, he began to slowly undress me and my nipples stood to attention. We had a quick fumble in the layby and once we’d had our fun, he took me to my destination. I’m definitely making sure I get that taxi more often!

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