Lose weight is not harmful

Fighting obesity Julia TSIMAHOVOY assisted laser beams, vacuum and electric discharges

This summer, I realized that I can not go on living: none pants are not fastened on me without exhalation shirts treacherously stretched at waist level, unable to hide the growing «lifeline», the scales every day persistently crawling all right. Realizing that one diet does not save the situation, I rushed to the assistance of Mary Taranenko, our beauty director. «Nothing is easier,» — cheered me Masha and sent to the clinic «Lantan».

Having listened to my complaints and categorical refusal to resort to surgery, chief physician of the clinic Nina Rybinsk proposed: «Let’s imagine that in a week you have to go out on a luxury Mediterranean beach. We have a special program for urgent cases. But you have to try: all this time, you can not drink coffee, eat grilled meat and any carbohydrates. «

Frankly, to refuse to fatty sausages and buns, I was mentally prepared, but leave the coffee seemed incredibly difficult. However, it turned out that the drink will hinder the normal excretion of products of fat breakdown. Well, in order to feel safe under the gaze of swarthy macho (in fact, I’ll go to them ever really!), Will have to make sacrifices.


On the same day I went to the first procedure — a low-level laser Split Fat-system. Its action is fatal to fat cells: expanded laser beams pores in the cell membrane and fat «flows» into the extracellular space, from where entrained flow of lymph and excreted. That is why during the entire program (and after it) is very important to drink of water — at least 2-2.5 liters. Split Fat has become my favorite procedure of the three members of the program. I’m wearing sunglasses peacefully snoring on the couch and leaned over me with a tripod tetradigitate «spider», emitting deadly rays for fat cells. Feeling when there was no other than a sense of deep satisfaction the prospect of losing weight.

GYM for the lazy

The following procedure — machine Slim Up — I was reminded of the old experiments on electroplating with twitching foot frog. That’s it, I was like when the doctor, fixing my stomach and thighs 8 pairs of electrodes, including weak pulse current. «40 minutes Slim Up replaced by 4:00 a full workout at the gym» — optimistically informed the doctor, but I was not fun: not feeling his legs and abdomen compress powerful grip from impending me an infrared emitter (it helps to withdraw from muscle formed with loads lactic acid and has a slight anesthetic effect) came hot. From the immediate disappearance of the office kept me glued to the skin electrodes and the realization that the muscles are toned, the skin is tightened and hateful kilos go away.


Intensive anti-cellulite and lymphatic drainage therapy provided me a vacuum-roller massage on the machine Biogenic. The doctor poured me generously with special oil and began to vigorously massage the entire body of the vacuum nozzle with balls. It was then, when the nozzle with carnivorous smacking divorced from my skin, I was finally convinced that I have a very low pain threshold. Even pain and appeared the next day slight bruising not stop my desire to bring the figure in order.

After enduring six days, I was rewarded with a loss of 2.5 kg and 4 cm in the waist area. The doctors promised that the reduction in weight and will continue for a couple of weeks. Well, I’m in the beginning!


«6 days slimming» the goal of reducing weight, fight cellulite. COURSE 6 days. It takes about 30-40 minutes one procedure. PRICE LLC 55 rubles. The clinic where he conducted «Lanthanum» street. Barclay, d. 6, p. 5, ph. (495) 660 92 90, www.lantanclinic.ru

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