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Arriving in Leningrad after a long break, you see how to develop urban metro network. Metro in St. Petersburg is relatively young. Many of us remember a time when the diagrams, posted at stations and in trains Blue Express was designated only one line. Then it crossed the second, third … Today, underground railways connecting the center with many remote areas. Metro organically entered into a unified transport system of the city, it has become its integral part.

Here, on the underground routes, running a lot of great people. One of them — Leonid Vasilev, Senior Electrician Service signaling and communication of the Leningrad underground, the veteran team, a native of Leningrad.

There is a form of indigenous Leningrad something elusive that it is not always possible to identify and put into words. The nature of their deep inner culture, reliability, respect and loyalty to the traditions of the past are combined with forward-looking, ready to accept new, to develop it.

Vasilyev little more than fifty. He was awarded the Order of the Red Banner of Labor, and recently awarded the highest award of the country — the Order of Lenin.

When a person is so marked, you always want to understand what it stands out from the people around him, he deserved such a high award.

Here is what the deputy chief of signaling and communication of the Leningrad subway V. Mikhailov, who knows LV Vasilyeva almost 30 years:

— The main thing in it — a commitment to continuous improvement of labor, the early introduction of new technology. He looks far ahead and it often happens that his ideas are ahead of plan and the possibility of life. He managed to create a cohesive team, and this is not to everyone’s shoulder to the head. People want to work with Vasilyev, it is interesting to him. Leonid fully possesses the talent to lead and considers that the credibility of the people — this is the main thing in this important matter. In a word — a state he is a man more than such.

Made in team Vasiliev lot. In the wired relay diode blocks BDSH-20 by including them in the schemes, which previously used diodes are mounted directly to the outlet. Similarly blocks transferred BDSKSH resistors and capacitors of timing circuits. Now, to check diodes, capacitors and resistors, it is not necessary to unsolder them from the installation — Plug blocks can be checked in the workshop.

Anyone who has experienced service supply systems, know how uncomfortable and unsafe to feed plants to serve the type of voltage relay PH-53/400 system. Therefore, the area Vasilyeva panel power panel 380, these relays are replaced plug-type RNP, as is done in panels of PV-60.

Among the innovations Leonid Vasilyevich — control device works batteries. Alkaline batteries operate in a pulse charging from the front MVT. Rectifiers of rack monitoring work are not, and output rectifier failure the battery is not charged. There were cases when, due to battery discharge did not work the whole system of electric centralization. Now the station «Prospect Veterans» made security and reduce over-voltage on the battery, which allows maintenance personnel to respond to voltage changes in a timely manner to eliminate the problem, not allowing the system to complete failure, performance characteristic p ^ LV Vasilyeva is a phrase not very typical of this dry and often a document template: «… pays great attention to the introduction of new technology, sees the prospect of improving the operation of signaling devices.»

— What should be done today, based on the morrow? — It reflects Leonid. — Replace all lamp generators automatic driving semiconductor and bring them out of the relay cabinets in the tunnel at the relay station. On the cabinet instead of a single lamp can be installed three semiconductor generator that very important in terms of the deficit areas of underground facilities. But such a transfer apparatus is always associated with additional costs of the cable. We use the previously dismantled or redistribute the cable wires in the existing trunk. Laborious work, but we are already doing.

Many of the older electromechanical pans section «Prospect Veterans» — «Avtovo.» It is necessary to change the location of the signal point that near the station «Leninsky Prospect». There’s a bad waterproofing, operating manager for 9 years unsuccessfully fighting the corrosion of equipment and apparatus.

It is, it says Vasiliev, widely deploy software display device ISPs (Development Department Service signaling signaling and communication of the Leningrad subway) stations are used instead of hours ESICH type. The new device — an electronic digital clock. But apart from the usual timing, ISPs team with underground data center provides information about the performance of the operator to the timetable — shows the number of seconds remaining before the departure of the train, and in the case of delay the driver will know how much it behind schedule. In the future, the hourly display ISPs will be displayed the name of the destination of the train.

The idea did not remain merely intentions, wishful thinking. Preparations for the transfer of equipment to the signal point relay room. The stations «Prospect Veterans» and «Leninsky Prospekt» is already installed and has four sets of ISPs.

All these activities are aimed ultimately at improving the work of the whole metro, turn around at the high cost of labor communicators. And the question of how to work on, the head of the brigade are concerned.

— There is much attention paid to increasing the productivity of labor — reflects LV Vasiliev. — Belarusian experiment will also affect our economy. But how? Some years ago, when switched to guarantee maintenance method and device a comprehensive replacement of appliances, we have reduced the number of staff, expanded service area, we began to combine some jobs. However, under the current system are now servicing our reserves have already been exhausted.

But there are other ways to increase real productivity.

What are the ways of seeing the senior electrician?

— Everyone knows that the maintenance of traffic lights and hitchhiking is necessary third of all labor costs. Here lies a significant reserve increase productivity if existing and under construction subway line equipped with an integrated automatic train control KSAUP.

Or here’s another suggestion Vasiliev. Now the current repairs of equipment, which accounts for about 80% of all types of repairs, do workshops service. If you move this work in a relay, is equipping the workplace regulator, it will significantly reduce transport costs, equipment will not be damaged during transportation, reducing the need for replacement fund, one is a linear regulator could serve several sites.

Production activity Vasilyev noted significant achievements both in terms of increased productivity and traffic safety, and to improve the quality of service devices. With his personal involvement and his direction is adjusted and ready for trial operation at two stations area system remote control — remote signaling — telemetry (TC — TS — TI) devices supply STS. Thanks to the initiative of the Vassiliev and his proposed technical solutions have been developed and involved duplicative programs KSAUP brake.

The team, headed by L. Vasilyev, an unwritten rule that appeared in the box — do not be lazy, check whether all the instruments, tools, spare equipment in the manner and under the arm. After the sudden call to eliminate failure or malfunction of thinking about it will be too late, and once: very expensive then every second.

There is a free moment — think about what can be done to improve the performance of devices, or do something that the relay in the duty room electrician has become easier, more comfortable. And so it is created in a small group atmosphere of creativity, thought, action.

Their workplace, their underground house team members equipped to work and was comfortable and pleasant. Technical documentation on each cabinet is in plastic folder in a specially fitted to the cabinet pocket. On the remote electrician brought elektrosekundomer to measure the temporal characteristics of circuits with delays. Now, for the measurement of parameters is not necessary to go into the tunnel during the movement of trains.

Above the table hangs duty electromechanical detailed color scheme served double-track section of the image. The diagram to indicate where and what kind of equipment located in the equipment, the transitions from one tunnel to the other slopes and lifts in the area, pickets, number and length of track circuits, the distance between the signal points, types of traffic lights, painted automatic driving program.

There is a kind of an information sheet called «Fulfil on time according to the schedule!». On one of the tables is a graph of the complex replacement of protective equipment and measuring instruments. Placed a table where for each worker the dates of annual leave, medical examinations, examinations of PTE and safety shown in part in the work at the farm, on a vegetable base in DND.

In a small room equipped with individual duty electromechanical locker cabinets are the grinding tool, vise, tap water. In the relay station «Prospect Veterans» underground, green flowers.

Perhaps the main result of the activities of Vasilyeva, the head lies in the fact that people in the area feel themselves masters of production. And it appears a sense of ownership in everything, both in large and important matters, and it would seem, is in the details. Probably, the reasons of occurrence of such trifles and we must find the key to high performance team.

In the state, prudently thinks Leonid. He sees the problem not only private and treats them not as an observer but as an active participant in a general restructuring, as the expert, the head.

What distinguishes a good leader, he knows not only work, but also the people with whom he works.

With warmth Vasiliev said about his team. Veterans Brigade Electromechanics N. Belyaev, VS Zinoviev, Nikolai Kulikov, A. Petrov, GN Vikent’ev begins with renovation Kirovsko-Vyborg line. He was moved to the central control position AP Ovchinnikov, but returned s team. Very Leonid regrets about leaving the team for health BM Ivanov, with whom he worked for many years.

Not far behind the veterans and the youth brigade — electricians SN flower and VE Kalachinsky. Senior electrician sure that they become highly qualified specialists.

— Handing me the award — said a senior electrician, — belongs to the whole area, it is the recognition of the merits of all labor collective.

And it’s not ostentatious modesty is not an understatement personal contribution and its role, and deep conviction.

In his comrades Vasilyev was not wrong: a sense of responsibility not to take them, have a perfect case in manuals do not need. Team members know the nature and habits of each other, who was capable of. Over the past ten years, the brigade has changed a lot. Of those who started, there were only three, but the spirit, «leaven» remained unchanged.

On Labor and honor. The team, headed by L. Vasilyev, the winner in the socialist competition for 1985 in 1986, constantly won prizes.

Not a year, not two, spent his adult life working honestly, conscientiously, with the initiative of Leonid Vasilev, Senior Electrician, a veteran of the Leningrad subway.


Honorary railwaymen

For the best results in their work and a great creative contribution to the development and improvement of railway operations were awarded «Honorary railwayman»:

Bolotov Raisa — the operator station of the Far Eastern traffic mashinoschetnoy road.

Generalova Vera — Art. Engineer Computing Center Kuibyshev road.

Duplij Ivan Illarionovich — Electrician Apostolovo distance Dnieper road.

Rodionova Valentina — Engineer MPS Central Communications Station.

Rizhenkov Albert A. — Art. Expert Main Directorate of the Ministry of Railways signaling and communication.

Vladimir Sokolov — leading engineer of the Main Control Ministry of Railways signaling and communication.

Tishin Alexander — Art. Electrician Haymarket distance Privolzhskaya road.

Feoktistov Valentin Tihonovich — Art. Electrician Krasnoyarsk Krasnoyarsk road distance.

Congratulations to the best workers with high reward!

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