Max Payne

Everything you wanted to know about Max Payne, but were afraid to ask.

Today the exhibition is especially animated. Happy, but tired, visitors learn almost everything you dreamed of, but the soul still requires, and the legs themselves are in another booth — take a look at the new items and pull the nerves developers. Although some benefits of gab.

One group stands out crowds dancing to something dynamic girls in bright dresses. They advertise prefixed (so — bogomerzky, but somehow this cute heart) Space Channel 5. On the other crowd a mile away bears, sorry, silicone implants and some recyclable materials. Feels heart Eidos going to announce a new Tomb Raider (and in fact announce sramniki!). And here the spirit soars sinister film noir, periodically from the assembled crowd (specific) dealt intemperate polukriki-moan: «The Matrix!" and slightly less often, but more weighty words fall: «John Woo", «Remedy" … and even «Max Payne".

On the questions of those who have not had time to fall into ecstasy, responsible representative Remedy — pretty chelovechische named Yarvilehto Petri (Petri Jarvilehto), whose face, as it strained to recall fails. First interest stout, bald and holding a bag of popcorn. And, apparently, poorly versed in the subject matter:

— What are the cheese boron something differently? It Che, such as «The Matrix" or «assassin"? Che there with this dude with a white scarf? The salary that you do not give?

— Salary does not give — smiles dish. — But it is not the point. Perhaps we should put into the swing of things and tell the story of those who are with us for the first time. So. Max Payne — a policeman. Former policeman three years ago bereaved when a gang of thugs, drug addicts deprived of his family. Until recently, Max continued to work in the police, investigating pathways in New York of a new drug, but recent circumstances that led to the deaths of his friends at work, and juggling of facts incriminating is it in these killings, forced Max to stand on the other side of the law, to to administer justice. And revenge. You do not find that this man dangerous? Mafia bosses agree. Now Max is hunting for the whole New York police and bandits all offspring, povypolzavshee from their rat holes. This complication in the game.

— Not bad … — starts was a fan of popcorn, but it interrupts the young man in the green jacket:

— Peter, and who served as the prototype of the protagonist? I mean, that since the last public display of the characters faces have changed a lot …

— Yeah, we switched to the new technology, and now the face of all the characters reproduce real people. You know, we played once all office in Quake 3, and suddenly our main artist in the hearts cried out: «lt; censoredgt; I will, if not done in «Maxi" real person!". As you can see, I did. As far as the prototype of the hero … So unless it is not exactly like me?

Surrounding disbelief considering Petri, who brought to the screen a picture of a grinning crookedly couple Max and his opponents. The fact that the comparison is complicated by the fact that most of those present had forgotten what it looks like the Finnish developer, so you have to strain your memory. Someone points out the apparent similarity with skinheads bully in a leather jacket, someone pokes a finger into a man with strong Japanese roots. But from the living, human faces are delighted everything. No less respected figure caused people who perfectly legible even little fingers, without which, according to some futurists, mankind will do well through what some 100 years. When the game comes back on, you hear a friendly sigh people drew attention to the clothes, «independence" which would envy any Nocturne, — any movement of the main character is a real war between polygons responsible for drawing jackets, shirts, pants and other clothing Max. Several mouths are already forming in a question mark, but ahead of all fan of «The Matrix":

— Hey, Peter … There’s like it … There’s «The Matrix"-That will or finally?

Smiling Finn had no qualms in silence turns to the demo computer and makes a few magical passes mouse (the spectacle itself psychedelic, and in this situation produces completely damning effect). The display begins a rapid action, periodically passing in slomo-mode (that is, «Slow Motion"). Max maketh tricks worthy of a John Woo film: shooting with two hands in a fall back, equally as a professional using a conventional gun, and a little more exotic for the ex-cop «Uzi"; «Falls" because of the angles, stuffing thugs lead; dot the neighborhood of corpses and piles of spent cartridges; carelessly omits one hand with a gun that had fallen from the second to finish a «criminal element". Weapons shaken by gunfire, sending tremors that its owner — amazing how Max manages to keep a normal sight — in such a vibration!

In fat rolls his eyes, he faints. Came to the rescue doctors lay motionless body on a stretcher and carried away by the lively voice Petri:

— You have seen slow motion mode is present in the game. Sometimes the time will be slowed down artificially — usually in the most «beautiful" moments, but we will give the player the opportunity to «make like a movie". How? Let me is silent on this. It is better to look at the two episodes, which will show you the quality of textures in Max Payne and shortchanging damage from the use of weapons.

The camera catches the lens of Max, which beats down to someone with a pistol. Increase. Closer. Even closer. An evil grin occupies almost half of the screen. But no one pays attention to his own affairs Payne. All concerned by viewing the gun, which is very clearly (and in small letters!) Says «MIAMI Mod 92" and visible to each recess and the bulge. Some have wrinkled foreheads in an attempt to at least roughly estimate the resolution of the textures used in the game, and the dish between the camera switches to a different panorama: Max shooting a shotgun. Pause. Focus on taking off from the trunk pellets. Everything is in place, drawn well, no schlock. The show goes on. Balls reach their goal, and the jacket has got a shot at the bandit breaks in several places — just there where and got shot. Dumb. Loud applause, women’s exclamation: «I love you, Petri!". Some guy asked out loud, trying to outshout the crowd:

— Last year, you were talking about a fully interactive world around. Say it is implemented?

— Well, you have seen how Max handed one of the doors. In principle, nothing is impossible to destroy the wall or any other obstruction (of barrels, boxes and crates, even out of the question). It’s already there and it is already working. By the way, complete with the game will be delivered three editors: MaxED, ActorFX and ParticleFX, which will allow even this early master who left us with popcorn to create a full and arbitrarily subjected to the destructive influence of the world.

— What about the progress on the plot?

— Oh, it’s hard to describe in words. First, the story is told between the levels — in the form of stylish comics. Secondly, there are many NPC-characters who will either help Max, or interfere with, or in some other way to interact with the world around him, and for the further development of the plot. Sometimes you will be helping yourself Max. For example, seeing ran on rails underground spark, he thought aloud that it would be necessary to cut down the electricity is to hell.

People are animated. Dreamy eyes raised to the ceiling, and in the air is only one question. Well, two. Three.

— You want to ask, when the game will be released? — I guess dish. — When it’s done, itself. Yes, I understand that three years — is too much. But listen a minute … It is our sincere opinion, the quality and deep the game should not be to develop at least two years. Otherwise, it turns trash. But we are doing engine, is testing the game and creating a great single player-mode. Do not be forgiven for this small delay in three years?

I heard the screams of the crowd: «You can! Yes, even five years! Yes, even ten! We’ll be waiting! And I will not, I want to WarCraft III! Over WarCraft answer! He answered! And now I’ll … "

I watch the dish. Under the guise he takes out the CD-ROM, and then formats the hard drive in the lower level, turn off your computer and deleted. I go to him and confess that I have about this CD is not good intentions. I liked the man, but for the hot material (you know) will go to any journalist. Petri turns a corner and disappears into the men’s room. I unkindly smile and I go there, strangers and releasing the young man in glasses. I look around the room and notice near the washbasin something formless. Ups. It is a mask — a mask of Max Payne, also known as «pseudo-Petri Jarvilehto"It is not clear who. Nearby lies a piece of paper with a scrawled «Support T&L, SSE and 3DNow!" Well, thank you and on this one. But the failure is better to remain silent. BB learns — head lift.

Game: Max Payne

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Publisher: Gathering of Developers

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