Not many people in this country have the liberty of a huge, sprawling estate with multiple garden rooms, each in a different style with a different purpose. As such we have to compromise on what’s most important to us, whether it be an outdoor dining area, kids’ play area or a lawn for the dog, for example. We all have different priorities and combining some of those priorities may not be as hard as you think

The number one question I am asked as a designer is how to combine a great-looking adult garden with a kid-friendly garden without it

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Muled, colours

Make use of natural colours such as off-whites, creams, black, grey and earthy browns.

Crooked walls with layers and layers of centuries-old paint are just one of the imperfections that made us fall in love with this gorgeous home.

Giuseppe’s home near Reggio Emilia is a rural paradise of cultivated fields, old vineyards, centuries-old oaks and rows of mulberry trees. Giuseppe’s apartment was added to the compound at the beginning of the 19’h century to store crops on the lower floor while the farmers lived upstairs. This is the world where he grew up…

Life is a garden

It was

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Multi-purpose in Singapore anchor handlers

A significant delivery for the Cheoy Lee shipyard in Hong Kong was the completion of Teras Ariel, the first of a series of five 50m anchor-handling tugs for Teras Offshore in Singapore. Designed by Wartsila Ship Design Singapore, the vessels are intended for towing barges and rigs, ship handling, anchor handling, transportation, fire-fighting, maintenance and pollution control duties in Batam, Indonesia.

All five vessels will be powered by twin Yanmar 6EY26W diesels, each developing 2,610bhp at 750rpm. Power is transmitted to a pair of Berg 2,650mm diameter controllable pitch propellers via Twin-Disc gearboxes. A free running speed of 13.5 knots

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Mughal garden waterworks, pas and prospect.

It is exciting to see this new Mughal Gardens Initiative organized by Ameet Babar and Geert Robberechts, and supported by this Journal. It promises to build upon individual studies through a sustained program of investigations in which the whole becomes greater than its parts.

My special hope in this series is to learn more about waterworks associated with Mughal landscapes — from the aesthetics of fountain design to the science of hydraulics and social practices of tank conservation. Each of these has proven evocative and elusive up till now. Gar-dens were frequently sited and laid out in relation to water

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Moyes shouldnt just go for tried and tested!


This could lead many to suggest that Moyes is showing his limitations at Man United.

He may have had a good start — losing the Community Shield to Wigan was out of the question — and he overcame a tricky first fixture against Swansea, but it was very strange of him to moan about the difficulty of his first five games. For the manager of the champions to do that is bizarre.

The market Moyes is now in doesn’t have to be one where he only goes for his last club’s star players.

At Old Trafford, the

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MSI GeForce GTX N770 Lightning

A bit too extreme, as it turns out last month, we reviewed two GeForce GTX 770 cards from Asus and Gigabyte that were well-cooled and only slightly overclocked. That’s too boring for MSI, which de­cided to take its flagship GeForce GTX N770 Lightning to an extreme not previously seen.

This bad mutha costs $50 more than a stock card, and with its massive cooler, is designed for hardcore overclocking straight out of the box. This ain’t no 20MHz overclock neither, but 104MHz on the base clock, and 117MHz on the Boost clock. You could theoretically take it even further, given

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