A contemporary approach, a roster of warm materials and an enduring connection to its natural environs provided the foundation for the landscape design of this Montecito abode. To create the scenic display, which is nestled within the Santa Barbara Mountains landscape architect Tavi Perttula says he chose to «seamlessly blend the sight lines of the premise’s natural foliage into the property.» To execute this goal, he embraced a diverse palette of greenery—such as olive trees, agave and coast live oak—and embraced the industrial-style architectural elements of the home by integrating concrete and sandblasted cedar for the hardscape. «My decisions enabled


NATO & USAF Sentry changes

AS A RESULT of the decreasing world threat, the USAF has cut back overseas deployment of its 552nd ACW Boeing E-3B/C Sentries at forward operating bases. The single Sentry of the 960th ACS at Keflavik, Iceland and one of the three stationed with the 961st ACS at Okinawa, Japan, will return to the USA and join one of the 552nd’s four squadrons at Tinker AFB, Oklahomo. Approximately 234 personnel will also return home.

A long-awaited contract to upgrade NATOs fleet of 17 E-3A Sentries is finally expected to be awarded in May to Boeing Defense and Space Group. The first

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Look out of the huge floor-to-ceiling windows of Anna Mossberg and her husband’s contemporary Swedish villa and you’ll see a scattering of islands and the occasional deer. It’s hard to believe that Stockholm is less than 20 minutes away by car. ‘This island is so close to the city, yet it’s completely rural, with meadows and pastures sloping down to the sea,’ explains Anna. ‘That’s why we were so keen to build a house that makes the most of the beautiful landscape.’

The peaceful setting was already familiar to Anna. Before they met, her husband was living alone on the

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Where you’ll find notable member achievements, quotes from Twitter, and inspirational work from your fellow members

The East Coast Photoshop World event in Orlando was a week of inspiration, education, and entertainment, and above everything else, it let NAPP members connect with the industry and one another. The show was absolutely great and the expo was awesome, too. There were contests, industry announcements, and all kinds of news that came out of Central Florida. But most importantly, there was training in classrooms and in expo theaters that filled the brains of all our attendees to their maximum


National Pro Fastpitch

The Comets have no home field. They practice at Rutgers and play their local games at four minor league baseball stadiums scattered between Pomona, New York, and Allentown, Pennsylvania, in order to reach die maximum word of mouth audience. Fans wishing to save on gas can listen to radio broadcasts of the games online, as I sometimes do, dirough the Web site of the Christmas City Broadcasting Network. A word of warning: Barry Eisenberg, the play by play man, doesn’t sugarcoat. «I am not making this up, folks: a bunt double», he said, in the middle of a dispiriting onslaught

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Четырехдисковые NAS-серверы — серьезные решения. А потому критерии выбора данного устройства должны быть взвешенными. И если ты надумал приобрести такое хранилище, то наш сравнительный тест тебе в помощь!

Для того чтобы узнать максимальную производительность четырехдисковых серверов, мы установили винчестеры в режим RAID 0. А вот массив RAID 5, в свою очередь, продемонстрировал нам, насколько быстро система справляется с чередованием и «невыделенным диском четности».


Внешне AS-604T выглядит лаконично, устройство спокойно впишется в рамки любого интерьера. Передняя панель пластиковая, но имеет матовую фактуру. Из примечательных особенностей отметим наличие USB 3.0 порта с клавишей быстрого резервного копирования,

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